How will Kosovo affect global politics?
Roni Lifschitz
Published: 18.02.08, 00:17
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1. Fe! Some 'independence'!
Gail Gold ,   NY, USA   (02.18.08)
Albanians from Albania settled on ancient Serb land, stole it & now will join mother-Albania under albanian flag they display. They defiantly broke all international laws & norms. Sad is that regime in Washington armed & nurtured them, just like it stupidly nurtured BinLadin during USSR Afghan War. Just like than, today these albanians are "pro-west" but in a short while they'll change to support other jihadists. Hello, 9/12, again made by stupid U.S.State Dept. Beware, American People, what that crooked regime in Washington does to us, to our country & to the rest of the world. Stars & Stripes American
2. Congratulation to Kosovo!
Aharon   (02.18.08)
Congratulations for your independence!
3. Hypocrites should be humble.
Jankovic Nikola ,   Sydney Australia   (02.18.08)
In Kosovo, by UN information, there were 10,000 people killed. Mostly guerilla soldiers (similar to those that fire rockets into israel or kidnap israeli soldiers), were killed, although there were some civilians also. Many non-Muslim Albanians and Gypsies were also killed by the Albanians, as Serbian Collaborators. 800,000 people were forced to flee their homes,1,100,000 returned - these are fact as there are now officially 300,000 more Albanians on Kosovo than before the 1999 war. At the same time there are now 220,000 Serbian refugees from Kosovo in Serbia. Serbia does not want the world to forget, Serbia wants the world to remember. What is funny is how Israel forgets the Serbian priests and Nation that sheltered the Jews during WW2, and forgets the Bosnian Muslims, Croations and Fascist Albanians that sided with the Axis powers during WW2. The children and grandchildren of those people are now the grateful Israelites that print this untruth, and launch wars killing many thousands of Muslims in their own country - over 2 soldiers. Hypocrites should be humble.
4. Good for you!
Ypip ,   Canada   (02.18.08)
5. Will see, what U sing, when Hamas make same in Gaza...
Bob ,   Moscow   (02.18.08)
6. Shame on US and UK
Stan ,   JHB RSA   (02.18.08)
Standing up for islamic invaders against Christians to the point of causing a war that has seen many loose their lives or property.
7. gail gold
kelvin ,   nyc   (02.18.08)
It always makes me wonder at how people are ready to open their mouth about things they know nothing about. Albanian settled on ancient serb land?!!! really?!! In what fantasy world do you live in? Do humanity a favor and open a history book. Or if that hurts your pea-sized brain, research the origins of the words "Albanian" and "Serbia". Educate yourself before you look foolish
8. Clinton-Olbright legacy
Nelly ,   Israel   (02.18.08)
Too bad. Serbs were the only people in Europe to resist Nazi occupation during the WW2, -that's why they are punished now by Vishist Europe for resisting the Islamic agression.
9. Kosovo, Eurabia
Ari - Jakarta ,   Jakarta Indonesia   (02.18.08)
And yet still more land being incorporated by the Islamist Jihadist to their Caliphate expansion and Sharia implementation. The west needs to read and learn and ask more before identifying one side is good and the other as evil. This is a sad day.
10. Even a stuck clock is right twice per day
Ran   (02.18.08)
And Putin is absolutely right - this is illegal, and it's an outrage.
11. Where else can we apply self-determination?
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (02.18.08)
The list is long. The Russian Federation is a great example. How many nationalities form the Russian Federation? Then there is China. Tibet, Taiwan, Uighers, & Mongolia are candidates for political independence. In most of Africa the artificial countries formed by colonial powers are a hodge-podge of tribes causing much conflict & violence. Nigeria & Sudan are good examples. The Middle-East has it's share of candidates for self-determination. If we apply the "Kosovo principle" then the creation of a Greater Kurdistan composed of territory from Turkey, Iraq, Syria, & Iran is a logical step. Then there is Pakistan, which could easily be de-composed into several new states - and Afghanistan as well. While we're at it, a Berber state could be formed out of parts of Algeria & Morocco. Europe too has a few excellent candidates - Spain immediately comes to mind. There are many more examples I didn't mention. The possibilities are seemingly endless. However you look at it, this "Kosovo principle" is a real can of worms.
12. Kosovo/Albania
Dror ,   israel   (02.18.08)
What they may not want you to know isthe Albanian mafia is among the most active in drugs,prostitution,illegal arms sales and murder for hire. You also must know that this particular area was the starting point for WW1 and WW2. This is not a coincidence. Tread lightly with these gangsters. Why do you think Russia is angry? Follow the illegal money, that's why.
13. Follow the money
Dror ,   israel   (02.18.08)
Russia isn't making money on oil,it makes it on illegal and legal arms sales to warring countries.Look at their stance vis a vis Iran,Syria and Lebanon
14. Professor Avineri needs to start reading papers
I.N. Cognito ,   NY, USA   (02.18.08)
Georgia has already been independent for almost two decades.
15. Kosovo's Independence and its Moslems
Chayim Phillips ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (02.18.08)
Now that the U.S. Government and the European Union have just created another Moslem state, then it is time to leave us Israelis alone. The last thing the world needs is two new Moslem states. After all Al Quaida's whole point to to advance Islam against the West. Two new states will just prove to Al Quaida's followers and fellow-travelers that they are on the right track. Especially, when in the West the Anglican bishop in Britain is saying they should adopt Sharia.
16. Another Jihad State
neny ,   belgrade   (02.18.08)
I wonder why the Israelis are so naive and believe in all the rubbish propaganda.Serbia did nothing like an ethnic cleansing in Kosovo. The Albanian population was on steady increasy due to high birth rate, illegal immigration from Albania and terrorist actions agains the Serbs. After 1998 Albanian terrorists, similar to the Hamas, killed dozens of Serbian civilians and policemen. The situation became intolerable for the government in Belgrade. After appropriate reaction from the Serbian military the Albanians have created a mass "exodus" similar to that recent one in Gaza. A lot of tears for international TV cameras. After a few weeks followed by the NATO bombing all, I repeat all, Albanians returend to their homes, bringing some 200000 Albanian illegal settlers along, while almost the whole Serbian population was forced to leave. Thats ethnic cleansing. In the meantime hundreds of new mosques and quran-schools have been opened with "some friendly help" from Saudi Arabia and Iran, while many Serbian momuments have been burned down. Its a shame that Israel did not support their most loyal friend in Europe. The small Serbian nation stood up bravely against the Ottomans, against Hitler and now against the Jihad in Bosnia and Kosovo. We are on the same side- remeber!
17. Free Chechnyans and Basques
Free Chechnya ,   Democracy at Work   (02.18.08)
I am so happy Kosovo is now free. Now let the winds of freedom, liberty, and democracy soar into Chechnya and the Basque areas of Spain. Let those freedom loving people break free from the Russian and Spanish persecution and slavery. I thought Russia was now a democracy, but it's threats of nuclear bombs and high gas prices shows us what it's really about. This is as bad as what CHINA is doing in DARFUR. The Russian and Chinese communists only want their blood money! BOYCOTT THE COMMUNIST OLYMPICS AND RUSSIAN GAS. Free the Chechnya and Basque home lands.
18. Belgrade, we are whith you!
Nelly ,   Israel   (02.18.08)
Most Israelis are whith you, and Israelis of Post-Sovietextraction are hundred percent whith Serbs. Unfortunately we have unpopular , immoral elites and prof.Avniery is one of those US-dependent intellectuals.
19. Serbians don't believe what you read!
Forrest Gump ,   Bubbaland   (02.18.08)
Although I am not sure how many Serbs read Ynetnews (probably very few...) I just want you to know that you do not have to believe the BS of the left wing Israeli elite. We remember WWII and we stand with you!
20. int´l recognition will be the legalization of terror methods
tomkrishan   (02.19.08)
int´l recognition will be the legalization of terror methods, the kla has practized since the independence movement was initiated in the 90s until nowadays. - there are 240.000 minority refugees without any rights to return - staying minorities like the roma people are held like animals under albanian & unhc rules - there is no damage compensation for the refugees or for the serbian entities as serbia is the successor of former YU - the independence movement was financed through criminal acts like human trafficking, drugs and weaponery organized by the albanian mafia & kla - ex-kla fighters where threatend to death & murdered, if they would talk about any of the leads behind these structures - kla threatened the own people for pull them out in 98 for giving reasons for the nato bombing in 99 and so forth etc. pp ... THIS INDEPENDENCE WAS CARRIED OUT UNDER CRIMINAL FACTS AND RULES. ANY RECOGNITION WILL LEGALIZE SUCH METHODS!
21. to Kelvin
Radka ,   Athens, Greece   (02.19.08)
Well...Kosovo is short for Kosove Polje, meaning Blackbird Field in Serbian. It used to be all-Serbian territory until the Ottoman era and is still chock-full of Serb medieval churches and monasteries. Maybe crack open a tourist guide, if history books displease You?
22. #14: Right, but...
Damir ,   Russia   (02.19.08)
You are right in spotting the Lifshitz's mistake, but what was meant is Abkhazians (generally the same Georgians, no offence meant) might think that time is ripe to part with the state of Georgia and seek to join with Russia in some way. This will pose Russia in some awkward situation on international laws arena because there is no other economical or political objections to the matter. I see is as Russia going the Amreican way. Shall we break the law for our own (and the Abkhazians) benefit? The Georgia is weak and Russia is strong, it won't take a genius in Batumi to decide what is better. This leaves Russia facing a choice which is always hard. Next move is ours. Right of might, or right of law already broken? In case one wonders why Russia is so concerned with a Kosovo, I shall say Russia actually consists of dozens of Kosovo and Chechens. These names just ones known widely. The others are, generally speaking, a snakes nest just making a good face and going along for a while. A hundred nations who hold a tangle of age-long mutual grudges against each other! (Jews, by the way, also). But somehow we manage together, making us stronger united even if it means shooting down a hundred or thousand hotheads. Any slack from that, any weakness by government or society and things start falling apart which has happened in nineties. Thus we perceive what is going around Serbia and Kosovo is all wrong.
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