Rocket explodes near clinic in southern kibbutz
Shmulik Hadad
Published: 18.02.08, 18:04
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1. Just one of those military installations the UN identifies
Reality Check ,   BaGolan   (02.18.08)
2. Rockets against Children
Dan ,   Titusville, FL USA   (02.18.08)
It will take the deaths of hundreds of children from the rocket attacks before Olmert finally wakes up. He will cry and declare this a terrible crime and blah...blah...blah...Harumph...Harumph but in the end Olmert is no Ariel Sharon, he is Neville Chamberlain.
3. People under attack should defend themselves
Squalid Ibn Harman ,   Qtir   (02.18.08)
The strongest message possible to Gaza and to the world is the achieve parity in attack strategies. They shoot Qassams and mortars, we shoot back cheap inaccurate Qassam like rockets and mortars. They miss 99% of the time because Israel is sparse. We will hit targets the majority of the time because they are a dense target. Don't waste money. Don't risk IDF lives. Use the terrorist strategy of terror against them with the simple message. You stop - We stop. You fire - We fire. It doesn't get much simpler. It is the easiest supportable defense that the Arab world and the entire world will understand. No more "David and Goliath" stories or "We almost never hit our targets so it is okay for us to try to murder you and terrorize your citizens". PARITY ALONG WITH USING THE TERRORIST STRATEGY AGAINST THEM. What answer would they give? 1. Go back to using helicopters and aircraft with laser guided missiles. 2. Go back to sending in IDF elite units. If necessary, we can claim it was a rightwing group that is unaffiliated with IDF or the govt. Or it was the self-defence groups of Sderot that organized it, etc. as we turn a blind eye. But we can't control all of these groups. And as the Gazans demand that we control the groups, we remind them that they never controlled their terrorist groups and even supported them. IT IS TIME FOR NEW STRATEGIES NOT THE SAME OLD STALE THINKING OF POLITICIANS WITH DIMENTIA. Young minds with new fresh ideas.
4. now!, out of your hand; Davids and Goliath story
observer   (02.18.08)
Since the first rocket hit Israeli twon in the early 2002, Qassams has been incessant, wether Israel was out or in gaza. When Israel left, there was marked decrease in rocket number in 2005, to have its surges in 2006,2007 when Israel resumed the incursions into Gaza. About a visit to a Gaza rocket factory, Spiegel's reporter wrote: He studies by day, but at night he builds bombs for the Islamic Jihad. He and his fellow militants can produce up to 100 per night. "The TNT comes to us from Sudan via Egypt." Other elements arrive by boat across the sea to Gaza. ((while the IDF is blocking access to the less than 40 Km Gaza's shore)).,1518,531578,00.html How many of these factories are there, How many trained young-men ready to sacrifice their lives in return for incurring heavy losses on Israel IS NOT known. It's so many Davids, but only one Goliath.
5. still ??
Siege , JAF , IDF , assesinations and still you can not stop them ... their strong will is much stronger than your war machines
6. Rockets hit that Pretty Location in Israel. What would I do?
Roy c. Hudson ,   Pittsburg, USA   (02.18.08)
For every one Rocket fired into Israel it would be easy to take out FIVE square miles of Gaze from the air..! until Gaza was a desolation & let it lay Idle. To fire a rocket on a Nation should be same as a declaration of war.Israel don't have to put up with all that . What Israel needs now, in a Leader to take charge of their own personal Business, No offence ,it's just business after 60 years of warning the nations of the earth, ! ! ! Roy C. Hudson USA 2/18/08
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