Ahmadinejad: Zionist regime - a dirty microbe
Dudi Cohen
Published: 20.02.08, 12:41
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1. Mughniyeh...then Ahmadinejad
aj ,   California   (02.20.08)
Iran has shown clearly that it is a terrorist state. Terrorists can be safe nowhere.
2. Mr. Ahmedenijad
Nathan Rai ,   Bangalore   (02.20.08)
I personally think Israel should stop reacting to every rant of this loony. He is banking on past history to try to get the world to agree to "anything to keep the peace". Like it was with Hitler. Israel should highlight to the world the danger of nuclear power in the hands of this intemperate nut and also prepare for the day after, both with equal fervour and urgency.
3. If U have a million more Mugsys,why the fuss over him
Alan ,   SA   (02.20.08)
Just like Muslim land -they have zillions of square kilometres of land BUT would make Nuclear War over a piece that is size of Wales or New Jersey. This piece of land is mentioned nowhere in Koran!But is mentioned thousands of times in the Bibles(Old and New Testament)
4. This is no joke ....
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (02.20.08)
We sometimes laugh at the rantings of this maniac & if such rantings were confined to only words, laughing at him would be the correct response. But this lunatic translates these words into acts. Eventually, we will understand he isn't kidding. This is how Hitler started - his threats against Jews were not taken seriously. We know the result. Literally tens of millions in the Muslim world agree with Ahmadinejad's speeches. They are completely serious about killing us. When Iran has nuclear weapons, attacks against us will escalate under cover of Iran's nuclear umbrella. It will then be too late. What ever the consequences, the Iranian regime & it's nuclear program must be destroyed.
5. The stupid puppet speaks again.
Johnson ,   USA   (02.20.08)
6. HA HA HA HA!!!! it really comes to something
Talula ,   Israel   (02.20.08)
when the head of a state (we’ll call it that for now) reverts to name calling and obscenities. This man must either have sand in his ass – which is why he's so irritated all the time, or maybe he has a severe case of Tourettes syndrome. How can such a little country, such as ours, make him so crazy? - LOL
7. Ahma - who?
Eldar ,   Israel   (02.20.08)
The guy is clearly running out of analogies. He must have a room full of advisers sitting around each day thinking up new ones - "ooh ooh, boss, I got one, the Zionists are like flies feasting on a rotting corpse in a cesspool on a planet of rotten saurkraut." Do I get the job?
8. Iran will have the bomb soon and will use it.
Scott   (02.20.08)
Its coming. There will be plenty of time for regret that nothing was done to stop these loonies.
9. Daily fix or diversion?
Sidney ,   USA   (02.20.08)
Does Ahmadinejad need a public outburst against Israel every day like a drug user? Or is this just a shell game to divert attention from his failure as leader of Iran, a rich country with a bad economy?
10. how funny....
Igor ,   Munich, Germany   (02.20.08)
When will he finally shut up? Everytime I read articles about Iran or Ahmadinenjad I just have to laugh. Nobody shold take him seriously. He is good comedian and nothing else. He made a fool out of himself at his performance in his NY speech and many times before that as well. come one people don't take him seriously. This is no real danger, this is an agry dog, which can only bark but not bite!
11. He is a puppet for the NWO
Mark ,   Boston   (02.20.08)
12. Why do you give him the "oxygen of publicity"?
Said ,   London, UK   (02.20.08)
This guy is on some sort of hallucinogenic drugs! I know, I've tried them and my behaviour was equally bizzare at the time! Even as a critic of Israel's policies, I'm ashamed that this lunatic is portrayed as being on the same side! I do not wish to see Israel destroyed, but I do wish to see her change her policies - this guy does nothing to further that cause, he merely tarnishes those who wish to see change!
13. Just Another Anti-Semite
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (02.20.08)
We've seen them before, and they all suffer the same fate in the end. So will this guy. People like him must come to learn one basic law of G-d's nature: You may be able to injure the Jewish people, but they are indestructible and will live forever.
14. 12 What bothers you ,there in london,about Israel's policies
Keren ,   Israel-SP   (02.20.08)
What and why do you think Israel should change?
15. I vote for #12 Said for the new president of Iran
Talula ,   Israel   (02.20.08)
16. where's me cancer?
israeli ,   israel   (02.20.08)
the other day an Inranian general said we were a cancerous microbe. I am offended, Ahmy, you forgot my cancer!
17. it takes one to know one
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (02.20.08)
18. Persian culture
Robert ,   LA   (02.20.08)
It is famous for its politeness. There is nothing polite about this guy. He destroying any goodness and history of Persian culture.I do not care about their politics but Iranians must save Persian culture. Speck up people.
19. We must not become desensitized..NEVER AGAIN!
LEE ,   NY, USA   (02.20.08)
Reading such headlines everyday our minds start dismissing this guy as just a funny raving lunatic, but we must not fall into complacency. A very real modern Hitler is on his final steps of preparing for a real Shoa, may G-d protect us. This generation has been instilled since its youth with the words "WE WILL NEVER FORGET... NEVER AGAIN!!!"... The dismal fact that we have no real leaders, that the world constantly tries to weaken us, that WE STAND ALONE, should never cause us to become numb and bury our heads in the sand. We must prepare NOW. On the practical level, it seems that the following election in the US and the next elections in Israel, may they come soon, will play a vital part on how we respond to this Hitler. Every Jewish American voter and every Israeli must weigh their vote specifically on how the candidates will react to protect the world against this Hitler. Obviously ,sanctions and diplomacy will never work. Whoever takes the boldest stance against this Htiler should be the one to get our votes. If there were only more candidates of the personality of the likes of Moshe Feiglin, who outwardly advocates the assassination of this Hitler (imagine if we assassinated the first Hitler before 1938), then we would be in a better position. Left with whatever other choice we have in Israel and in the US, the Jewish voter must make this his/her core issue when voting at the ballots. And as much as many good secular people hate to hear it, the only things that will truly protect us in the period ahead of us is Teshuva, a turn back to our roots and back to the fundamental Jewish concept that in all the things we do our eyes should be turned upwards toward heaven and our acts must correspond to His will. It will become abundandtly clear (as if it hasn't already..) that we cannot rely on ANYONE except for our Father in heaven. As such, we our we are instructed by our Sages to greatly increase our Gmilut Chasadim (loosely translated into Acts of Kindess). Every single one of our actions on a personal level must be invested with a heavy dose of Ahavat Israel and unity amongst brothers. Its time to put all differences aside (e.g. religious vs. secular) and display an unprecedented show of unity within us. This Hitler is not joking. This thing is very real. WE MUST NEVER FORGET... NEVER AGAIN!!!!!
20. #14
Talula ,   Israel   (02.20.08)
You think it's OK for us not to extradite wanted pedophiles back to the USA. So, really, you are not even in the running to talk or even understand anything remotely human.
21. bla bla bla this talkbacks are garbage.....
Ahmed ,   Egypt   (02.20.08)
Iran is nuclear already.Israel and America don´t dare to attack Iran.Israel fears Iran.Iran is the new nuclear power on middleeast.
22. The Ape of Teheran.
Jean Van Daem ,   Metula   (02.20.08)
Since many centuries megalomaniacs wanted and tried to eliminate the Jewish people. The Ape of Teheran dreams also to destroy Israel and exterminate the Jewish people. No chance. He will be gone and long forgotten while Israel and the Jewish people will still be there , living and prospering. Today, the only people who suffers from his megalomania are the Iranians. The Ape of Teheran is simply insane as explained at :
23. sick language; they scare away potential sympathizers.
Gideon   (02.20.08)
24. Here's what you do
Steve from Raleigh   (02.20.08)
Exterminate all Iranians world wide. Every man every woman every child every dog. Kill them all. There, are you happy now President Amajihadjihad?
25. The big baby of the Middle East
Michael ,   USA   (02.20.08)
When Iran gets nervous, they start calling Israel names. What a nation of cowards.
26. I just love this man .......
27. Simply get him (infected).
Daniel ,   Israel   (02.20.08)
A very very simple task! Job of a few minuites.
28. #21 Mahmoud? is that you?
Talula ,   Israel   (02.20.08)
Don't forget Israel is also nuclear and has been for some time. Never hear us threatening to wipe anyone off the map, do ya? We dared to wipe out Iraq's nuclear capabilities, what's to say we won't do it again? or did you forget that one little point in your haste to rubbish all the talkbacks. Get a life man.
29. Ahmadi Nejad
Mohammad ,   Jordan   (02.20.08)
I cannot understand the purpose of these speeches as it has been always manipulated by the Israeli media to serve israel 's intrests and to show the world how savage muslims are. By being so stupid you serve your enemies more than a close ally and this is what Ahmadi Nejad has been doing since he became the president of Iran
30. ahmadinejad
ehud ,   herzliya   (02.20.08)
he is a dangerous circus monkey that needs to be hang just like sadam huseain..... the sooner the better
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