Homosexual activity cause of earthquake, Shas MK says
Amnon Meranda
Published: 20.02.08, 17:53
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61. Great ! Even a Belgian paper
charles ,   petach tikva   (02.20.08)
reports Benizri's smart performance . Now they can also laugh [ GVA 20 feb ]
62. amen
63. AAH! That explains the Great San Francisco Earthquake
Alan ,   SA   (02.20.08)
64. hubris
tom ,   toronto, canada   (02.20.08)
god made the world, and god makes earthquakes, but it takes more guts than brains to proclaim that you know how to control god. surely the authors of the gemara were a lot smarter than mk benizri. and their morals weren't corrupted by party politics.
65. Just sent Benizri an e-mail
Chaya ,   Bat Yam, Israel   (02.20.08)
I wrote: "And maybe the earthquake was caused by the fact that Shas is still in the government!!"
66. homosexuality
sigmund   (02.20.08)
homosexuality is preventable and shas should concentration on prevention and celibacy education rather than curses
67. Cause of Friday's earthquake
Jim Agnew ,   Rocklin, CA, USA   (02.20.08)
The magnitude 5.3 earthquake on Friday was a naturally-occurring phenomenon having nothing to do with the sexual preferences of humans living in the area. To suggest such a strange connection proves the scientific ignorance and extreme prejudice of Mr. Benizri. Earthquakes have been occurring in Israel for millions of years and will continue to occur for millions more. - Jim Agnew, M.S. Geophysics (married and hetero)
68. No No No # 63 that was my gf passing gas
69. Is it me or have many Haredim skipped over the Book of Job?
Sam ,   NYC, USA   (02.20.08)
You'll recall that when Job asks G-d to explain his suffering, G-d responds, "Do you understand everything until the breadths of the earth? Tell if you know it all," (Job 38:18). The point of the text is that the universe is a very big place and it is quite presumptuous of a mere creature of dust to assume that everything he experiences is on his own account. G-d then scolds Job's friends for insisting that he must have committed some sin to deserve his suffering. I suppose we're somewhat luckier in the modern age. When G-d asks who has ultimate understanding of the world, the Shas party can raise its hand and explain the cause of earthquakes.
70. Are you serious?
Kev Man ,   USA   (02.20.08)
I wish my sex life had that type of effect, even if only with my partner. She usually says, was that it?
71. we forgive you both
San Fran USA   (02.20.08)
72. oops, uh, sorry.
Daniel ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (02.20.08)
Wow- i thought that orgasm I had last Friday was intense! Sorry everyone- next time, I'll point South towards Gaza...
73. Shas in Knesset
val   (02.20.08)
Real democracy - cretins have broad representation in Israeli parlament
74. Hahahahahahaha, what a nutjob!
lol ,   u.s.   (02.20.08)
75. senh him an e...
daniella ,   ashdod   (02.20.08)
This is Benizri's email address. I suggest we all write him and tell him what a credit he is to our nation. I know I will.
76. what chutzpah
Yisraeli   (02.21.08)
The biggest whores are staying in the government and supporting the division of our people and capital, these treif whores have the chutzpah to say what they say when it is they who bring calamity to eretz yisrael. All shasniks should be put in cherem including their sheik yassin with sunglasses.
77. Earthquake
Shlomo the Homo ,   Tel Aviv   (02.21.08)
Homosexuality feels like earthquake but do not cause one.
78. Mazuz To Indict Benizri For Bribery
lucy ,   Gan Yavne   (02.21.08) maybe he's trying to take attention away from his own earthquake? what an idiot!
79. Shas makes the Taleban look civilized!
martyrmaker   (02.21.08)
80. To # 72 and #70
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (02.21.08)
You guys are funny and honest. It's all a matter of some days you got it and some days, well, you might as well have another sandwich. Your sense of humor will be appreciated long after the "earthquakies" or lack thereof are a distant memory.
81. Shas, an embarassment to Jews
Sidney ,   USA   (02.21.08)
They are utterly stupid and yet decide who will be the government. Is there a greater indictment of Israeli political structure?
82. MK Benizri
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (02.21.08)
The real earthquake is taking place in Jerusalem and here you are busy bothering people that have never done anything to you. Are you totally stupid? We are being attacked in the South, North and East and this is what is important? Get a life and leave the gays alone and do something about Olmert!
83. what did you expect
joe   (02.21.08)
from someone who's religious leader wears a dress?
84. Everyone Knows it is Godzilla that causes earthquakes
Mr. Knowitall ,   Frostbite Falls, MN   (02.21.08)
I think Japanese scientists have proven already that it is Godzilla awaking from his slumber and preparing to attack that causes earthquakes. Well perhaps that's not right either, but I'm pretty sure it is not the Gays that cause the Eath's plates to shift. I think ol' Shlomo is just a wee bit slowmo in the braino..
85. Take a lesson Shlomo
Mrs Benizri ,   Tel Aviv   (02.21.08)
You might learn how to make the earth move for me!
86. Shas: God's Mouthpiece
Dr. Dave ,   NYC   (02.21.08)
How 'bout another slice of Olmert's pork , guys?
87. Benizri u caused the earthquake
yaakov ,   canada   (02.21.08)
Benizri maybe the earthquakes happend because hashem isnt happy with Shas for supporting an idiot like Olmert. Your threats to leave the government are bogus. I guess money and power mean more to Shas then the safety of the state of Israel.
88. Gay Shas
PlanetQ ,   Portland M   (02.21.08)
typical queer responce to Homosexual oposition... Do you have any original thoughts of your own?
89. earthquake
epiphany ,   portland or   (02.21.08)
One doesn't have to go far to understand why G-d has turned his back on Israel and why enemies surround her. Just reading this board sheds a light in a very dark place. It's very clear that "truth is hate, to those who hate truth"!
90. aren't gay's powerful!? wow who would have thought?
ralph   (02.21.08)
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