2 rockets hit building near Nahal Oz
Shmulik Hadad
Published: 21.02.08, 08:23
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1. Two Quassams r two to many!
lea ,   usa   (02.21.08)
2. Israel cannot tolerate the rockets on its territory
Jean Van Daem ,   Metula   (02.21.08)
The principle of self-defensive pre-emptive strikes are legitimate, as are targeted killings. That applies to heads of states who support terror, as are any and all heads of terror organizations, including religious and/or political leaders. Unfortenately democratic countries have traditionally been unable to agree on a definition of terrorism, a fact that has hindered efforts to fight the phenomenon on an international level. This new kind of war is explained at :
3. Does Israel have hobbiest that are 'rocket spotters'
Like the UK has 'train spotters'?
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