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Russia to mark Israel's 60th anniversary?
Roni Sofer
Published: 22.02.08, 09:03
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1. The PLO was the KGB’s most enduring achievement.
Jean Van Daem ,   Metula   (02.22.08)
As Ion Mihai Pacepa, onetime director of the Romanian espionage service (DIE), later explained, the PLO was conceived at a time when the KGB was creating “liberation front” organizations throughout the Third world. Others included the National Liberation Army of Bolivia, created in 1964 with help from Ernesto “Che” Guevara, and the National Liberation Army of Colombia, created in 1965 with help from Fidel Castro. But the PLO was the KGB’s most enduring achievement as described at :
2. Best way4Russia to celebrate is to stop Uranium Fuel to Iran
Alan ,   SA   (02.22.08)
3. Welcome!
Damir ,   Russia   (02.22.08)
As the yom haAtzmauth falls this year to the VE-day, the week preceding it would be excellent time for a week of Israel in Russia. It is time to recall the brief period in the history when J.Stalin, mostly to spite the Britain, helped to found the state of Israel. Even supplied with arms at the beginning of the War of Independence.
4. What R those Russ ships in Tartus & Latakia celebrating?
lublu ,   USofA   (02.22.08)
Russian navy spending some quality time in Syria these days..... are they planning a victory party? Arms, technicians, maybe short range nukes? Tell Russia to return to the Black Sea. Damascus won't be the only city bouncing rubble.
5. Celebrating Israel's 60th in--Russia?
Jakov   (02.23.08)
I have really mixed feelings about this. I think it's really progress that someone in Israel is able to organize a public celebration of major Jewish iimportance on this scale in Russia. A generation ago, such a celebration would be next to non-existent. On the other hand, Russia is still a complex and dangerous place to be Jewish. The anti-semitism in that society is still widespread, and it still is prudent to keep it low key. Then, there are diffuclt economic conditions, which Jews may be blamed for. Not to mention that Russia has home-grown terrorists of its own. While it doesn't specifically target Jews, the potential always exists. Additionally, there are the fairly new controls on organizations in the country that help Jews. They have been put into place during Putin's tenure, These laws create environment where Jewish organizations can be subject to interference by the government. I'm all for celebrations of the 60th there, especially as it's an opportunity for the communities there to celebrate this along with the rest of the Jewish people. I'm just concerned about the precarious conditions under which it takes place in today's Russia.
6. Israel:a product of WW2
Nelly ,   Israel   (02.23.08)
Great idea! Hope our politicians will not reject it out of paranoya. Israelis of Russian-Soviet extraction have established a tradition to celebrate Israeli Independance together whith the Day of Victory in WW2(May). Its only natural that the state that contributed the most to this Victory stage Israel Independance festivities. Whithout this Victory Israel would not exist.
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