Olmert: Sderot fortification won't be extreme
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 24.02.08, 10:52
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1. The rockets on Israeli territory cannot be tolerated.
Jean Van Daem ,   Metula   (02.24.08)
The principle of self-defensive pre-emptive strikes are legitimate, as are targeted killings. That applies to heads of states who support terror, as are any and all heads of terror organizations, including religious and/or political leaders. Unfortenately democratic countries have traditionally been unable to agree on a definition of terrorism, a fact that has hindered efforts to fight the phenomenon on an international level. This new kind of war is explained at :
2. Ineptitude
Vince P ,   Chicago   (02.24.08)
I live in the City of Chicago. The size of the city itself is 606 sq km (237 sq miles). The entire Gaza Strip is 360 sq km (139 sq miles). I cannot believe that Israel permits this problem to go for so long from such a tiny tiny area. I can see why the Muslims are attacking you and the boldness of the attacks escalate... they are using your values against you. You enable your own peril. (The United States is guilty of this too... )
3. How can you be too "extreme" in protecting the citizens?
Aviva ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (02.24.08)
Olmert is a disaster for this country.
4. How do you define extremism?
Eliyahu   (02.24.08)
Is it extremist for a citizen to expect his government to defend him from daily rocket attacks? That means that Olmert feels a "Normal, non-extremist" approach is to calmy accaept and expect ongoing rocket attacks. I think Olmert is mentally ill.
5. More BS from Olmert ...
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (02.24.08)
There is an article in Israelinsider on the ineffectivness of the Iron Dome anti-missile system as protection against Kassams. So, as usual, we were lied to by the PM, by the DM, & our ever-vigilant media. Now we get more BS about fortifications. Meaning, of course, that we can expect Kassam attacks continueing for an indefinite period of time. Also meaning, of course, that there is no real intention to do anything meaningful to stop them. Our political system is chock full of inept, incompetent, corrupt, deceitful, self-serving hacks. Daily, we hear gov't. officials advance the most outrageous ideas bereft of any merit, many down-right detrimental to our security. Among the many screwball ideas floating around is paying Jews to leave their homes, an international force in Gaza, freeing terrorist leaders, & negotiating with Hamas. We are indeed governed by fools.
6. Making promises he has no intention of keeping!
freejay ,   Israel   (02.24.08)
As terry said in #5.....the proposed defense system for Sderot is a complete sham!. It is utterly useless for short range incoming missiles, and Olmert knows that . This is another scam by Olmert to try and hold office! Olmert says it will take 3 years to fortify sderot houses, but he has no problem spending millions on his own bomb shelter in Jerusalem! Elections now and make this crook stand trial!
7. Does this mean that olmert is resigned with this situation?
Keren ,   Israel-SP   (02.24.08)
Does this mean that he thinks that this situation can last forever? Or does this mean that he is making money out the despear of Gaza's vicinity habitants? Yes because building a "multilevel system " must cost a lot of money ,therefore fabricants ,intermediaries,etc,will have great profits. Frankly,this man is sick. Any normal PM would resolv this situation and not perpetuate it by paliative means,and beyond-throw contribuints' money in to the bin. It is revolting. Israel should build a police station every 2 kilometers,althrough Israel,inclusively in Gaza ,(west bank and east yerushalaim),since Gush Katif worth nothing,and spread Jews all over,while being protected by the police.This way arabs would have no chances,that's for sure. olmert should have the same courage as the Jews who want to settle all this land and are fare more intelligent than this stupid olmerd. This man is worsing the situation up to a point when it is going to be very difficult to control. It is not time to make money out of war,because Israel is at risk with the imensely savages that arabs islamists are. It is impossible olmerd can not see.Or he thinks theat he will live in Paris while Israel goes to hell?-G'od forbid.
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