Anthrax tests on troops to be conducted ‘strictly under supervision’
Aviram Zino
Published: 24.02.08, 14:19
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1. This is ABHORRENT!!!
Talula ,   Israel   (02.24.08)
I cannot believe that they are still going to experiment on soldiers!! What sort of sick and warped government would allow such a thing and why does this remind me of the concentration camps? I feel sick to my stomach. If anyone should be experimented on, it's the ones who shirk the army not the ones that give 3+ years of their lives to serve their country. Sick!!!!
2. Stop this now!
keren ,   hatzafon israel   (02.24.08)
Gabi Ashkenazi must stop this testing or step down! We know that anthrax kills - so who cares how much it takes? He just needs to google "agent orange" to remember what happens when troops are used as guinea pigs. Furthermore,as a Jew I am begging the Army which defends us, to refuse to use chemical warfare It's for killing civilians, so how can it's development ever be justified?
3. #2 - answer to your question
Henry ,   Netherlands   (02.24.08)
Testing the safety of vaccines against Anthrax is NOT because Israel would ever use Anthrax as a weapon. Israel has NEVER used chemical or biological weapons, even when attacked by enemies. Intelligence reports have shown that Arabs have developed weaponized Anthrax to use against Israel's civilian population. Therefore, an effective vaccine to protect Israelis from terrorists who disdain human rights is an imperative. Nevertheless, medical experimentation must never be conducted without the consent of the subject!
4. The military grade anthrax vaccines given to US troops
Rivkah   (02.24.08)
were so toxic, some troops got M.S. like symptoms from it which means it is neurotoxic. If I were compelled to have such a vaccine I would buy two quarts of Fluorescence or Essiac tea and drink one quart after the vaccination and then four ounces three times a day on an empty stomach until gone to pull out the toxins from the vaccine after having the shot. I would also insert a Detoxamine EDTA rectal suppository every other day for a week to pull out toxins, too. Both are available over the counter on the Internet. Chemotherapy and radiation treatment is very toxic, too. People who drink Essiac or Fluoriescence tea after those toxic treatments have fewer side effects and do not even lose their hair. So I would think that would be a good thing to do when one has military grade anthrax vaccinations, too. If the vaccine causes a fever, take 2cc Vitamin O stabilized liquid oxygen in 8 ounces of filtered but not distilled water until symptoms are gone.
5. 1 Talula: I don't know about Israel, but in America
Rivkah   (02.25.08)
anyone who goes to jail or prison and signs a medical treatment authorization form, has signed away his/her right to refuse to be used in medical experiments with investigational new drugs. Historically, Seventh Day Adventist Church members and others who avoid military service during a draft or wartime ARE used in medical experiments with investigational new drugs and other experimental research to help the war effort. It usually breaks their health. Draft dodgers and military duty shirkers who think they are doing so for religious reasons should read what Exodus says about the Lord: He is a man of war. King Solomon said the primary occupation of ancient Israel should be warfare. Experimenting on soldiers instead of on those shirking military duty is awful. The vaccines probably will not work, anyway, since the warfare labs are WAY ahead of the vaccine business. The Russians have biological warfare agents that combine things like anthrax or smallpox with brown recluse spider venom or cobra venum according to Dr. William Campbell Douglass II. So the armor of God has now become essential in warfare since only the Lord can protect mankind from the awful things to be used in future wars.
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