Qassam lands near Sderot school; child seriously injured
Shmulik Hadad
Published: 25.02.08, 16:50
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1. sderot - why the world is silence
sam sweiry ,   england   (02.25.08)
just imagine if israel is to fire random Qassams everyday toward Gaza - would the world stand silence?
2. Enough Already!
Donna ,   USA   (02.25.08)
Olmert, get off your ........ Enough already!
3. I feel your pain Sderot
Ehud Olmert ,   Tokyo   (02.25.08)
Now where are those geishas?
4. Enough
Richard ,   London UK   (02.25.08)
Hussam Abu Hieen was killed when Israeli jet fighters shelled residential areas east of Gaza city on Monday at dawn, medical sources reported. Meanwhile Hani Abu Salah and Tha'er Misbah were killed when Israeli drones, fired missiles at a group of resistance fighters in Khan Younis city in the southern part of the Gaza strip. Midhat Awad, 20, was found dead, on Monday near the Gaza international airport located east of Gaza city. Local sources reported that Awad was killed by invading Israeli troops that attacked the area on Sunday. Israeli tanks and bulldozers invaded the Gaza international airport area and attacked Palestinian homes , during an attack that started Sunday morning and finished on Monday at dawn. Israeli troops snatched around 15 Palestinian civilians and moved them to unknown locations.
5. Do not fight with one hand chained behind your back.
Jean Van Daem ,   Metula   (02.25.08)
The failure of Israel and the United States, as well as Europe, to see that the world is in a state of war is characterised by the seasonal birth of "peace initiatives." That Israel has convinced itself that "peace is an option," even "the only option," in spite of the fact that its enemies are actively engaged in preparing its destruction, is one of the astonishing phenomena of our times. The Arabs read the signs coming from Israel correctly, and act accordingly. On the one hand, they are arming themselves to the teeth and preparing for war and, on the other hand, they talk "peace" and occasionally release "peace plans," which aim at turning Israel into an indefensible narrow strip of land that can be conquered in a single attack. We should have the courage to face reality. We should go to war and fight with one single goal – a total victory on the terrorists. We will have to fight in order to rebuild our deterrence. We will have to fight for our survival. The medias should be kept away from the battlefield until the army has finished its job. The civilians collaborating with the terrorists, the “human shields”, should be treated as soldiers without uniforms. The war should be short and cruel to the enemy. Victory is at that price as explained at :
6. Olmert Doesn't Care
Jerry ,   NYC, USA   (02.25.08)
He says Sderot residents are "sacrifices for peace". They are expendable. As are residents of Ashkelon and Tel Aviv. All will be sacrificed for peace.
7. Collective Punishment! War Crimes!
ny ,   usa   (02.25.08)
8. drop mohammed cartoons on gaza to protest qassams
10. Every city has had its time to deal with the troubles
Ehud ,   Olmert   (02.25.08)
“Every city has had its time to deal with the troubles they are dealing with today.” Tel Aviv has been the site of attacks on coffeehouses and public buses.
11. Olmert must hurry
Dana Olmert ,   Cremieux, Jerusalam   (02.25.08)
Olmert must hurry and remove the Jews from the West Bank. As long as the settlers are living there, Israelis in Jerusalem, Netanya and Kfar Saba cant enjoy the pleasures of peace like the children of Sderot.
12. I feel your pain
Richard ,   London UK   (02.25.08)
Israel is practising medical warfare At a recent meeting with Dr Ala Alwan, Deputy Director-General of the World Health Organisation, European Jews for a Just Peace called upon the WHO to insist that Israel lifts its blockade of Gaza. Gaza and its population are being subjected to the most vindictive and dangerous measures. Ehud Barak has vowed that no food, fuel or medical supplies will cross into Gaza without his authorisation. Barak is the Israeli Defence Minister. There can be no clearer indication that the blockade of Gaza is a military siege. Dr Paola Canarutto, for the EJJP Executive Committee said “The use of disease as a weapon of war is unconscionable. Lack of power means clean water cannot be pumped, nor sewage treated. The consequences are diseases such as typhoid and cholera – no respecters of political boundaries. Isolating Gaza because of Qassam rockets means that residents of both Sderot and Gaza are victims of a stupid and vicious policy.The WHO and the international community cannot stand by and wait for the first cases of preventable disease to occur.” This call has been supported by Jewish and other organisations and by doctors, nurses and other health professionals around the world.
13. Dissolve UNRWA .
Ypip ,   Canada   (02.25.08)
14. Israel send the Arabs Aid, Arabs show gratitude with rockets
15. Where are the anti-Israel Human Rights Groups? Did they Die?
Are they resurrected when an Arab child who is in the fire gets wounded?
16. Israeli govt, scum leaders
eddie ,   London UK   (02.25.08)
only 3 weeks ago was another child seriously wounded by terrorists,a nd the Govt mad ea lot of noise, btu did NOTHING. This scumbag regime inIsrael cares not about Jews or Israelis, but only about its short term political interests. They will do nothing in the future, even tho Barak talks a lot of nonsense.
17. #12
joseph ,   israel   (02.25.08)
Why aren't you condemning Egypt for the warfare they are waging against Gaza? Why the hypocrisy?
18. Richard...
Yaron ,   USA   (02.25.08)
you really are a mental midget, aren't you? Why don't you go live with your brothers in arms in Gaza? To morally equate Israel's defensive actions with offensive and intentional acts against civilians is deploarable. You are as culpable for the result for your defense of them in a public forum. I can not wait till you are a dhimi in your own backward country... you pretentious ass!
19. Again Richard...
Yaron ,   USA   (02.25.08)
all your brothers in Gaza have to do is stop violating the Geneva Convention by purposefully targeting civilians. I noticed you don't mention anything about that. Your bias is so evident only to be outdone by your ignorance. The worse thing about your patronization is your blatant and utter lack of care for the cause and effect of what is occuring. This can only mean that you are not an honsest observer. Your posts indicate your brain can not process the facts properly...mental case!
20. Geneva Convention
Richard ,   London UK   (02.25.08)
21. Yaron
invicta ,   Europa   (02.25.08)
well then clever boy, why don't you explain the 'cause and effect' and see if you can do it without secuming to name calling or prejudice. Let's hear your neutral, intellect at work on the 'cause and effect'
22. Time for random rockets to fall on gaza.
David ,   Hartford USA   (02.25.08)
The IDF raids are too orchestrated- we need to frighten the bejeebers out of the average Mohammed-in-the-street by randomly sending over rockets, just as the 'resistance fighters' in Gaza send them to Israel. Since they don't have a 'Color Red' system, they will really be in for some surprises!! I call this a proportional response. Fair and square. And the world won't be able to say a word about communal punishment by israel because they didn't say a word when the Gazans were doing it TO Israel. Win-win situation.
23. Richard and Geneva Convention
Ben ,   Pennsylvania   (02.25.08)
What don't you get Richard. This is a war! Hamas is at war with Israel. That any humantiarian aid & services come across at all is in indicator of just how nuch Israel does care about the so called Gaza civilians. Do you really think The allies supplied Italy and Germany or Japan with electrictiy or food during WWII? Who are you kidding? Sorry to say, but having read your posts I thought at first you were concerned about Palistinian civilians, but it is becoming apparent you just hate Israel period. Gaza has two borders being blocked and one is not by Israel. You fairlure to address the other half marks you as a nothing but a hater. I would have liked to challenge you as to your proposed solution, but now that it is crystal clear as to what and who you are. I already know what it would be.
24. Invicta
Yaron ,   USA   (02.25.08)
Very simple...Pals shoot Qasams at civilians from civilian population centers and then you EUROS complain when the Israelis retailiate and accidentally harm innocents (if they are in fact innocent). How's that...clever enough for you?
25. yossi
syrian ,   syria   (02.25.08)
this is what's happening to the palastinians children since 1948. HAVE YOUR SHARE in THE CAKE
26. not found on BBC news
u.s.   (02.25.08)
All the "peaceful" protesters from Gaza gained the media attention of the BBC news. Yet the anti-jew BBC did not mention ONCE anywhere on their site that while news reporters and the "peaceful" people of Gaza mingled, a Qassam fired from north Gaza practically blew off a child's arm in Sderot. THIS IS THE REASON WE ARE CHOKING THE PEOPLE OF GAZA. I wish all the people of Gaza to be choked until they leave Isarel.
27. To #12 : Richard the Lyin'-hearted from UK
Disgusted in ,   usa   (02.25.08)
Firstly, your remarks fail to explain why Israel's control of its borders with a hostile territory justifies haphazard rocket attacks against civilian targets. Secondly, you seem only to be concerned with what you perceive MIGHT be an imminent humanitarian crisis in Gaza without expressing any concern at all for what ACTUALLY happened, namely, the reckless endangerment and injury of a ten year old child. Human rights apply to ALL humans, not just Palestinian ones. Do you honestly tell yourself that you care about human rights? Do you really think that you can convince others on this site that you care about human rights when you can't show the least bit of sympathy for an innocent victim of conflict, no matter whose side they're on? It is very clear to me that you have a very cynical attitude indeed. Stop writing about human rights. Nobody believes your lies and obfuscations.
avrom ,   bet shemesh   (02.25.08)
why do you support the anti semitic palestinians bent on exrerminating Jews
29. Why is Hyena still alive? Why Hamas offices not in rubble?
Ricko ,   Israel   (02.25.08)
30. 12- Egypt does not supply anything either
gabriela ben ari ,   jerusalem   (02.25.08)
and blockage is a result of Muslim Attacks , and not the other way around as you paint it
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