Man murdered in Tira; residents say he was a collaborator
Raanan Ben-Zur
Published: 25.02.08, 16:20
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1. Why would the residents be sad?
Mike from P   (02.25.08)
They are members of a cult who worship death. They love this stuff.
2. Seems that YNET is collaborating with the murderers
Ilan ,   Ariel   (02.25.08)
How does this story do justice to the man who was murdered? Because he is dead has his family been deprived of their privacy and respect? When a Palestinian helps prevent Israelis getting killed is this what an Israeli paper should do?
3. great journalism
amos ,   canada   (02.25.08)
Wonderful to see that ynet has stood firm on describing the dead man as a 'collaborator', using inverted comma's. When will it apply the same principle to all the 'terrorists' killed by the Israeli army, many of whom are not even teenagers?
4. New Speak, Israeli Arab-Style
Matthias ,   Berlin, Germany   (02.25.08)
So in Arabic a man who is somehow loyal to the country he has chosen to live in is called a "collaborator". And of course deserves death. And probably these are the same people who lament about Israel being an Apartheid state.
5. Tira
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (02.25.08)
The article mentions that Tira is close to the Green Line. For those who don't know geography, Kfasr Saba is closer to the Green Line than Tira. Isn't peace wonderful.
6. To 3
Shai ,   IL   (02.25.08)
When Palestinian newspapers start referring to "collaborators" as "peace activists", that's when.
7. What made him a collaborator for the residents of Tira?
Arent they themselves collaborators by enjoying the rights the Israeli state gives them?
8. #3 That would happen when Muslims will stop terror attacks.
The Doc ,   Haifa, Israel   (02.25.08)
And regarding those "not even teenager terrorists": it is the responsibility of the "mature terrorists" to stop sending drugged kids with knives, bomb belts and handguns in the first place. But it seems that those "brave Muslim warriors" do not care if Palestinian kids are killed when they send them for suicide, intelligence gathering and Qassam launchers salvage operations - right into the IDF line of fire. If somebody comes to kill me I will shoot the SOB without ANY REGARD to his age, sex , ethnic beckground or religion. How is THAT for "political correctness", you moron?
Jorge ,   Tegucigalpa   (02.25.08)
Your article is justifiying his murder(Lynching) by the appreciation that he was a "collaborator", since when is a person living in a country a "collaborator" for helping authorities combat crime and terror-.SHAME ON YOU YNETNEWS, you are helping murderers and terrorists, justifying their crimes.
me ,   here   (02.25.08)
We cannot speak freely for peace in our villages... And you keep blaming us for not standing up sufficiently for our beliefs... The only way we have to work for peace is through the general elections.
11. Jewish collaborators
Raphael ,   Netanya   (02.25.08)
of the arab ethnic cleansers were never hurt up to now. What would Ynet's comment be if Uri Avneri or other leftist fake peaceniks were laid cold?
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