13th IDF Chief of Staff Dan Shomron dies
Published: 26.02.08, 14:17
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1. We lost a great man..He crushed the first Intifada
Al   (02.26.08)
and was a true mench. However once he got into politics that became his undoing. The Hebron accords are a black mark on the government of Netanyahu. I really wish that talented militay people stay out of politics and stick to the things they know well, namely the military. May his family be spared further sorrow.
2. Sir, we salute you & send you on your final journey!
Condolences to ,   the family   (02.26.08)
3. Toda Raba
4. Condolences to all your loved ones.
mother of four ,   Israel   (02.26.08)
You are greatly missed.
5. Another heroe leaves us - Sad day for jewish people
Eric ,   Paris, France   (02.26.08)
6. may he get peace there ...end
soso ,   jerusalem   (02.26.08)
7. I remember Dan Shomron's speech
Jared Jenkins ,   Tampa, USA   (02.26.08)
I was working on the kibbutz of General Shomron's birth at the time the Entebbe Raid took place. Two weeks after the raid, he came and spoke to us. Two of the paratroopers spoke before he got up. They said basically that Israel had done it that night. Then Dan Shomron moved to the mic. He said simply, "I was also there that night and Israel didn't do it. That night, God worked overtime." I never forgot that. As an American volunteer, I experienced thanks that I could experience just a bit of history being made.
8. HOW would Peres recognize a Great Soldier?
hymie zoltsveis ,   NYC USA   (02.27.08)
What is a great solfier to Peres?? One who follows orders from Olmert and Peres? One who is a putz? Peres should leave NOW. He has done years of damage to Israel, and is unwilling to keep us a strong and feared nation, among the arabs Words from Peres the putz only draw attention away from Shomron, a fine man and great soldier..
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