IDF says al-Qaeda operatives entered Gaza
Amnon Meranda
Published: 26.02.08, 14:03
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1. Differences hamas and al quaida???
trumpeldor ,   eurabia   (02.26.08)
Terror for both -local jihad for hamas -global jihad for the other
2. Shock!!
Invicta ,   Europa   (02.26.08)
WMDS in Iraq. Saddam Hussein in league with Al -Qaeda. Let's attack! Oh, sorry we were making it up. Iran: about to launch nuclear war on the West. Let's attack!! Oh, sorry we made that one up also. We've heard it all before.
3. Palestinians must shun al-Qaeda...
Bilal ,   Leeds, UK   (02.26.08)
...or al-Qaeda will kill them like they kill Iraqis, Shias, Pakistanis and Afghanis not to mention the innocents of 9/11, 7/7, madrid and bali bombings etc. But the news about the trained Hamas operatives returning is good - they might be able to act as some type of deterrent against Israels massive military might.
4. Invicta ..........Europa
smash them up, better safe than sorry
5. terror operations in Palestine
Richard ,   London UK   (02.26.08)
Israeli forces killed 51 Palestinians in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip since the beginning of this month. (Feb) Seven children and two women were among the casualties. The Office stated that most of the casualties were killed in the Gaza Strip as the army killed 46 residents. Most of the casualties were killed during air strikes that targeted civilians areas. Five members of the same family were killed in an Israeli air strike to their home in Gaza, and three other civilians were killed in a nearby house in the same strike. In the occupied West Bank, five Palestinians were killed in Qabatia town, near the northern West Bank city of Jenin. One of the casualties is a mentally disabled resident.
6. #5-The only justification needed is the Qassams
Squalid Ibn Harman ,   Qtir   (02.26.08)
So long as the Gaza terrorists continue to shoot Qassams at our children and maim them, no other justification is required. PALs are solely and fully responsible for the terror and the required counter-terrorism to supress their terrorist capabilities. They target our innocent civilians while we target the terrorists. Although I question how many innocent civilians there are since they "democratically" elected the terrorists to represent them in govt. They often lie about the targets being civilians and more often stage casualties for the media. When they aren't trying to murder us, they are either murdering each other, destroying holy places, stabbing, kidnapping, etc. All the PAL suffering is their own fault and destructive behaviour. Instead of trying to build Gaza, they destroyed the hothouses, the synagogues we left, and everything else. We have built Israel from desert into a major thriving country. The quality of life of Arabs in Israel is FAR better than PALs and even many if not most Arab countries. Kfar Kassem has applied to be part of Israel and another Arab city is planning major celebrations for Israel's 60th birthday. In the meanwhile the PALs who uncompromisingly seek our destruction are suffering and deservedly so. And the terrorist are constantly being assasinated which is absolutely wonderful. We have not killed enough terrorist and I hope IDF increases the pace until there are no more Qassams launched at Sderot and the children can sleep and play without fear. As for the PALs, so long as they continue the terror, they deserve EVERYTHING they are getting.
7. What are the chances of peace?
Jean Van Daem ,   Metula   (02.26.08)
There will not be peace with the Arabs living west of the Jordan because the Arab leaders in the Middle-East are afraid of peace. We should understand why the leaders in the Arab world do not want peace with Israel. Peace and closer relations with Israel means democracy in the Arab countries, improvement of individual freedom for all, freedom of choice as to religion and education in other words the end of the dictatorship, the end of tyranny in the Arab countries first, and then, in the Muslim countries. Can the Saudi King Abdullah accept this ? can Basher al-Assad accept this ? can Mubarak accept this ? can all the petty tyrants of the Arabic Peninsula accept this, or Mahmoud Ahmadinejad ? …so let’s be realistic: can peace, indeed, be more than just a dream ? Peace with Israel means, also, the abandondment of Jihad, the abandondment of the conquest of the world by Islam. In order to understand what that means you should consult :
8. #6
FEB08   (02.26.08)
You sound like a spokesperson for Al -Qaeda. 'As for the PALs, so long as they continue the terror, they deserve EVERYTHING they are getting.' What's a PAL? Is it the same as a YID?
9. #6
Invicta ,   Europa   (02.26.08)
And what was the 'justification' before the Qassams existed? was it land grab, or just ethnic cleansing?
10. # 7 I am not buying their version of peace
ivri   (02.26.08)
so.....chances are exactly ZERO !
11. #6
FEB08   (02.26.08)
We have built Israel from desert into a major thriving country. really? Is that the same country that needs the US to finance its weapons spending and the EU to give it billions in loans and trade agreements and without the EU's permission Israel wouldn't even be able to join in with international events like football. So what does this 'major' country contribute to the world pray tell? (please don't give me all that spiel about bits from telephones)
12. Bravo #5, right on the money
Ted ,   UK   (02.26.08)
All those european PC brigades. have selective hearing and vision... all they can see is what Israel doing.. they never say a word about PALs terror activities.
13. terror in Palestine
Richard ,   London UK   (02.26.08)
Aid officials working in Gaza say the reality of life here is barely understood abroad. "You must be on the ground for days and weeks to begin to appreciate the full horror of the situation," said John Ging, the Gaza director of the UN Relief and Works Agency which works with Palestinian refugees, in a speech in London last week. He said as many as 800 patients needing treatment abroad were waiting permission to leave. "By what other definition or name can these sanctions be described, other than arbitrary collective punishment of a civilian population, helplessly caught in the middle of a conflict?"
14. Richard....
Kev ,   London   (02.26.08)
Those helpless civilians almost unanimously voted Hamas in. They know exactly what they're doing. Cry me a river.
15. #9 and #11
Yaron ,   USA   (02.26.08)
Invicta, don't forget who underwrote your defense and protection for the last 60 years...that's right the GREAT U S of A. While you spew your vitriol on this talkback keep in mind that you losers would be speaking German if not for us Americans...and # 11 in particular, your comments hold no basis as Israel is the most innovative country on the face of this earth per capita.
16. #7-We're in a state of emergency
Ypip ,   Canada   (02.26.08)
And the world has its thumb up it ass.
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