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LA benefit salutes Sderot's children
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 27.02.08, 08:46
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1. Why they do not do the same for the gazan children?
basel ,   jerusalem   (02.27.08)
The Gazan children are dying on a daily basis using american weapons donated by american tax payers with israeli hands...I gues no one yold them that?!!
2. The people of Sderot will not abandon Sderot.
Jean Van Daem ,   Metula   (02.27.08)
Reinforcing homes in Sderot is not the answer. What will the government do when the missiles start falling on Ashkelon - a city of more than 100,000, already within Kassam rocket range from northern Gaza? or on Tel Aviv? The peoples of Sderot want to live in Sderot. They are fighting so that the city doesn't collapse. The war is not over Sderot, but over the Land of Israel. Lets hope the government succeeds in solving the problem before a tragedy occurs in Sderot. The government should act with courage as explained at :
3. Tear jerker...
Talula ,   Israel   (02.27.08)
I was deeply touched to read this article. Doesn't happen often I can tell you!! Well done to everyone involved.
4. Sderot to be part of greater Gaza
Chalanau, Tova ,   London, UK   (02.27.08)
In the proposed peace deal what's left of Sderot is going to be swapped for Maale Adumim. Don't expect any govermnent investment in the town; it is already on its way to joining Gush Katif, Netzarim, Kfar Darom those other remnants of the Zionist project in the area.
5. media biased
Rimon   (02.27.08)
wow, as usual Israel does the killing and Palestinians are blamed for that, well this is a typical of Israeli influence and way of life, always crying and crying. well it is about time that the world to see the truth as is, the truth Israel left the grounds of Gaza but electronically besieged it from land, air, and sea. the so called rockets or qasam's did only kill a handfull of Israelis, unlike the day and night killing of Palestinians and I believe one should check out international figures and then one can judge who is suffering from what and who. it is time the world opens the eyes on reality stop folling the world and stop the usual tears of corcodiles
6. This is a crazy world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Zeus ,   Greece   (02.27.08)
how many ppl died in sderot from those "rockets"????wat about the 102 innocent sick ppl who died in gaza coz the kind state of israel did not allow them to be treated , i think those stupid hollywood stars need to get some facts
7. Sorry, Paula Abdul was a no-show. Epic FAIL.
yiftach ,   LA   (02.27.08)
8. Attacks on Sderot are attacks on ALL Jews
Nannette ,   London   (02.27.08)
Gaza had it's independence and chose to pursue the path of terrorism instead of peace and prosperity. They spend billions on weapons and other armaments, but won't spent money on hospitals, education, an infrastructure, or any viable business plans. Instead, they attacks Sderot and specifically target children. The people of Sderot are inside Israel's green line. but the continued attacks on Sderot by Gazans just prove that the Palestinians aren't interested in peace.... they want ALL of Israel, and if they had it, would let the country fall into disrepair while continuing to demand aid from the international community. The worlds welfare queens... starring in another Pallywood production to be released soon.
9. Hey #1, you're right
Yehuda ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (02.27.08)
You're 100% right, the Americans should do the same for the gazan children. They should help by telling Israel to go into gaza and kill out every low life, good for nothing, hamas animal, which would result in no more missiles landing in Sderot, which would result in a situation where Israel doesn't have to defend it's innocent citizens and thereby letting the people of gaza to live there merry life in peace.
10. Nos. 5 and 6
Kenny ,   Michigan, USA   (02.27.08)
Hey, no. 5, it seems to me you are doing most of the crying here. If people like you would stop supporting terrorists, peace would reign and you would be able to dry your tears. And No. 6, you're right, it is a crazy world when people like you think an enemy population deserves something good from the people they are trying to kill. Again, stop the terror, peace will reign, and the people you cry for will be OK.
11. #1 basel
Mae white ,   Tel Aviv   (02.27.08)
Because Israel is not randomly firing missiles upon innocent children. Israel is acting in self defense when Gaza hails rockets on Israel; Gaza provokes retaliation by Israel when it rains down rockets. Get the difference?
12. Benefits for suicide bombers?
petra ,   usa   (02.27.08)
I thought they did that with the welfare aid they send to the pals for rockets and insurance payments to the survivors parents. LOL, would be great to see that on TV.
13. Incorrect Information on Concert
Need to check your facts about the concert. It was a moving event benefiting the children of Sderot. However, Paula Abdul did not host (Noah Tishbi did) and Elliot Yamin did not perform. It was a lovely evening, but you need to update sources before going to print.
14. Paula wasn't even there!
Ynetnews, please stop sucking.
15. # gee - i wonder why?
lisa ,   israel   (02.28.08)
When the kassam rockets stop flying into Israel is when there will be peace and no more tragedies but as long as Israel are getting bombarded by Kassams then those sending the rockets do obviously not have consideration for their own people and it is up to them to stop - the Israelis are just defending themselves as they should be and if it takes retaliation, there's no choice but there is a choice - stop the Kassams!!!! You will see instant improvement in the situation!
16. #2 - life or sderot?
lisa ,   israel   (02.28.08)
If you weigh the pros and cons of lives getting claimed as opposed to not abandoning sderot - what is the problem?! If there even has to be a choice as to whether to save lives or sderot - I would hope and imagine that a life would take first priority. No-one wants to abandon Sderot but does it help to abandon ones life?
17. #6 - get your own facts straight!
liza ,   israel   (02.28.08)
The people in gaza died because the rockets are coming from there! Israel are purely defending themselves. Israel treat the palestinains all the time and the hospitals are full with palestinian patients....go into any palestinian hospital and find me an Israeli patient....what does that tell you? Sitting pretty in Greece does not give you the reality of what is really going on! Spend a month in Sderot or Ashkelon and believe me, the rockets will not be sympathetic to you either! It's easy to talk when you're far away from the situation and not in it!
18. # 5
Joe   (02.28.08)
No crocodile tears need to be shed. The Arabs have this belief that they can fire rockets onto civilian populations and then run into their own homes and civilian centers as a safe haven. Sorry, but it doesn't work that way.
19. # 1 palestinian children
Sheldon B. ,   Cleveland Hts.   (02.28.08)
Because palestinian children are terrorist, you idiot!!!
20. Dirty microbes keep killing!
IRAN#1   (02.28.08)
And the bottom feeders keep cheering them. Nothing is new!!!!!!!
21. To, #6, humanitarian assistance and Israel
Jake   (02.28.08)
I remember during the Greek fires of 2007, Israel was one of the biggest contributors to the firefighting, with 55 firefighters, and medical teams with burn units on standby. With the exception of one firefighting plane from neighboring Turkey, there was no aid from the Muslim world. The poor Arabs you pander to did not even send someone to piss on the fires.
22. Paula wasn't there??? Why not???
Chaya ,   Bat Yam, Israel   (02.28.08)
But Elliott Yamin was there!!! But he wasn't born here - his father was. When can we expect some You Tube videos of the event/?
23. I found a video!
Chaya ,   Bat Yam, Israel   (02.28.08)
24. #4, again, is your name Chanalau or Chalanau
Jake   (02.29.08)
25. Los Angeles Sderot tribute
Lauren Helfand ,   Alameda, US   (02.29.08)
It's not only the LA Times that is biased against Israel, the San Francisco Chronicle is too. Everyday there are pictures of Gazans upset about something, and meanwhile, not one picture of Israeli's lives being shattered by the Gazans bombs! Am Yisrael Chai!
26. Israeli Leadership Club kept something for themself, too??
Olej Gamur ,   Israel and USA   (03.04.08)
Anyone checking how much Israeli Leadership Club is keeping for themselves and how much is actually going to deliver services in Sderot?
27. to #26 Israeli Leadership Club
Shoham ,   Los Angeles   (03.12.08)
Israeli Leadership Club does not keep a penny and actually paid for most of th eevent. Close to $300,000 will go to Sderot directly!! The peopl ebehind the ILC are all with clean record that only did amazing deeds for Israel!!!!
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