Rare criticism in Iran of Ahmadinejad rhetoric on Israel
Published: 27.02.08, 21:26
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1. The Ape of Teheran.
Jean Van Daem ,   Metula   (02.27.08)
Since many centuries megalomaniacs wanted and tried to eliminate the Jewish people. The Ape of Teheran dreams also to destroy Israel and exterminate the Jewish people. No chance. He will be gone and long forgotten while Israel and the Jewish people will still be there , living and prospering. Today, the only people who suffers from his megalomania are the Iranians. The Ape of Teheran is simply insane as explained at :
2. Deal with it and leave us alone.
Ypip ,   Canada   (02.27.08)
3. Rafsanjani also called to wipe out Israel
Logic ,   Israel   (02.27.08)
Be careful who you call "moderate".
4. Saddam said of Jews, Persians, and flies...
Jake   (02.28.08)
that these are the three which God regrets having created. Israel was one of the only countries in the world which supported with armament Iran (even the Israel-villifying Iran under the Ayatollah) in its war against Saddam, the self-described successor of Nebuchadonosor, 2500 years after the Persians rescued the Jews from the clutches of Babylon. It is clear that the mad buffoon Ahmedinejad is trying to fly headlong against history, like his predecessor Haman. Once this miscreant is dispatched on the the very gallows that he himself prepared, Israel and Persia can return to their natural historic state of amity, mutual respect, and cooperation.
5. Cleric
zznhl   (02.28.08)
I think a certain Mulim Cleric will wake up in heaven one mornnig pretty soon!
6. I know why
Daniel ,   Hasharon   (02.28.08)
Iran want to destroy Israel because Shas imitate them too much and steal their ideas
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