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Rabbis to battle smoking in haredi public
Neta Sela
Published: 28.02.08, 18:57
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1. Yeshiva Smoking
Michael ,   Toronto, Canada   (02.28.08)
Mazel Tov! Yasher koach! I believe this has started to really take hold in North American yeshivot in recent years., so it's about time it came to Israel too!
2. C'mon...Haredi kids have to find SOME way to be COOL
Dr. Dave ,   NYC   (02.28.08)
3. Hope that this campaign will be succesful
charles ,   petach tikva   (02.28.08)
For once i can only fully agree with those Rabbanim , and hope that this will followed in the whole country .
4. And please ban them smoking outside shul on rosh hashona!
dave ,   uk   (02.28.08)
5. No. 1 Killer?
eddie ,   London UK   (02.28.08)
if Haredim have the highest smoking statistics in Israel, and they agree that cigarettes kill more israelis than kassams and car acidents together, then it means several things: a) The so called Haredi "poskim" or great Rabbis, who permitted smoking for the last 50 years were wrong, and have blood on their hands. b) The claims of the haredi rabbis that secualr or gays or any other sector are the cause of all israel's ills are not correct. The rabbis are the biggest "killers" themselves in this issue. They perverted the Torah for 50 years, and sacrificed many lives, just for their own pride and vanity. Now they are learnign the error of their ways, but have nto banned smoking outright, only inpublic. Again, it shows how backwards these "wise" men are .
6. #5 you are just full of hate get over it
yoni ,   jerusalem   (02.29.08)
grow up
7. #5: Thanks, Eddie. That needed to be said.
5th generation ,   Israel   (02.29.08)
File 'smoking' in the same bin as modern kashrut practices that would make Leviticus cry. Nevermind the millions of secular taxpayer shekels that go to cancer care for these subsidized 'scholars'...
8. at least they can speak coherently
izzy d   (02.29.08)
ur talk back sound like you were stoned when you wrote it. not only the grammar but the logic. are still learning how to add and subtract? you logic doesnt make sense. 1+ 1 doesn't = 3. and by the way, you inability to congratulate the charedi sectors obvious battle with a negative habit lays waste to any theory u might hold considering their intellectual ability's.
9. no smoking anywhere ever by anyone! good for the rabbis.
debra ,   usa   (02.29.08)
10. Stop teens from smoking
SL ,   New York   (02.29.08)
The key factor in preventing the onset of addiction to nicotine, a substance even more addictive than heroin, is to stop teens from starting to smoke. Someone who reaches age 21 and has never smoked is extremely unlikely to start. This public campaign is a long-awaited necessary step in preventing a pernicious addiction which claims the lives of 1/3 of smokers.
11. Killjoys!
C McCoy ,   Canada   (02.29.08)
Isn't it already depressing enough? What else will they ban? Do you suppose this sort of pressure will lead some Haredim to become secular?
12. My son joined me here in Canada after having been
Al   (02.29.08)
in yeshivas for 6 years and having been hooked on cigarettes. Well here in frozen Canada a pack of smokes runs close to 6-7 bucks. As a result he stopped smoking coz I wasnt going to support him smoking. I stopped smoking after close to 30 yrs and I put on some weight..I am not worried for when I meet my maker I will lose the weight I am sure. Smoking is not a good idea.
13. On a lighter note:
petra ,   usa   (02.29.08)
two Jewish Ladies were talking. One asked, "do you smoke after sex"? The second answered, " I never looked".
14. To #13
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (02.29.08)
I'll have to put that into my little black book :-)
15. A sin to smoke
Hilda ,   US   (03.01.08)
Smoking should have been made a sin and cigarettes deemed trefe. If that were true I would not be suffering from Emphysema today , my husband might not have had a heart attack and my son would not be having such a terrible time giving up the darn habit. But it is not too late for the young people. Many lives would be saved.
16. how do they afford to smoke?
Simon ,   TA Israel   (03.02.08)
i wonder how they afford to smoke in the first place. Prehaps the goverment has raised their allowances, not bad for people that dont work or pay taxes!
17. #14 I got a million of them! Enjoy.
petra ,   usa   (03.02.08)
It's about time I gave you a giggle. Nothing beats Jewish humor, nothing.
18. Petra , but they are the best
charles ,   petach tikva   (03.02.08)
when told in "Mamelouschen" . You certainly know this one . A journalist to a Jew : Why are Jews always answering with a question ? And our Jew : why not ?
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