Iran calls Security Council debates on its nuclear program 'futile'
Associated Press
Published: 01.03.08, 20:16
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1. No to Iran's nuclear program.
Jean Van Daem ,   Metula   (03.01.08)
In order to put an end to Iran's nuclear program, the U.S.A. has to close the door to investment in the Iran oil sector, loans to the government from the World Bank and from corporations around the world. Only then, it will be possible to negotiate with strength. There is a rumor that the United States is already doing all it can [on Iran] – it is not true.The United States does’nt put sufficient economic pressure on Iran. In the economic area they have been very unwilling to take the steps that have to be taken. Iran is still collecting the physical material needed for nuclear weapons. Iran is on target to having nuclear weapons by the middle of the next decade. Iran is using the development of civilian energy infrastructure to assist its nuclear program. If Iran will have the bomb, it will not hesitate to use its nuclear power against the West as explained at : :
2. Dont worry your friends will protect you
zionist forever   (03.01.08)
There is no way Russia or China are going to allow the security council to pass more sanctions against Iran. The countries do to much trade for Russia to risk upsetting the mullahs China is dependent on Iranian oil to fuel its growing economy so they are not going to upset them. The ONLY solution to solving the Iranian neuclear problem is through US air strikes. The US has the ability to wipe out the entire Iranian millitary and neuclear program within a week without putting a single soilder on the ground. Tactical mini nukes which dont send lots of radiation into the atmosphere will destroy even the undeground neuclear sites and allthough radiation wont be spread into the atmosphere the underground sites will be radioactive for many years so there can be no rebuilding. Israel can slow down the program if its does have the ability to carry out a limited millitary operation the US though can destroy it. Its time for the US to stop playing games with the UN and start dropping bombs, Bush has 4 months left in office. A political dead duck because the likes of Iran & their supporters have got their money on Clinton or Obama being the next president and both of them have taken much more Iranian friendly attitudes. Hillary has said that unless Iran tries to disrupt oil supplies then America will take no millitary action so the Persian monkey knows if he can delay things enough if he gets a Democrat president he is safe to get away with anything. Even if the Repblicans win the ellection their man may wish to change Americas image and rule out millitary action against Iran. Bush is the worlds last hope to destroy the Iranian neuclear program. Time to stop hating Bush see him as a man who is vital to the security of the Middle East and Europe which is also in range Iranian missles.
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