Olmert: Don't preach morals to Israel
Roni Sofer
Published: 02.03.08, 11:26
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1. kol hakavod le tsahal
2. am yisroel chai !!!!!!
3. "It should be made clear.............................
CYNTHIA BALDIC   (03.02.08)
that the State of Israel has no intention to stop fighting them even for one moment," the prime minister stressed. THIS IS THE SAME P.M. THAT SAID : “We are tired of fighting, we are tired of being courageous, we are tired of winning, we are tired of defeating our enemies, we want to be able to live in an entirely different environment of relations with our enemies." Ehud Olmert June 2005 address to the Israel Policy Forum in NeW York WE ARE TIRED OF OLMERT !!
4. Don't preach morals to Israel
Voice of Reason ,   Here & Now   (03.02.08)
True Oldmert is a fool but he is finaly doing what should have been done 7 years ago when the first Qassam was fired. He did not decide to do this the continuing salvos of Qassams did. Yes we are tired of Omlet but we are also tired of being fired upon and nobody in the world giving a dam. Other than maybe Paula Abdul. NO OTHER COUNTRY IN THE WORLD WOULD HAVE ALLOWED THIS TO GO ON SO LONG.
5. The PM's moment has arrived ...again
alan ,   cape decision   (03.02.08)
from the very beginning of the withdrawal from Gaza, leaders preached that the security of Israel would be enhanced by a withdrawal and that they could deter an escalation in attacks from Gaza. They have not. The PM has a duty to carry out swift actions that do more than retard or deter the rocket fire and other threats. The PM has a duty to eliminate the threat. The only question is whether the PM has the wisdom and will do to either. So far, the record shows he has neither. But there are always learning curves even for the dense.
6. We won't stop them criticizing - what we can do is
Talula ,   Israel   (03.02.08)
NOT LISTEN! The people that hear the distress of the people in Sderot and Ashkelon are us. We need to take care of ourselves. Hundreds of rockets have been launched into our country - a passing 'tut' at the UN was heard here and there. We asked them to stop, we warned them to stop, they didn't - and now they are paying the price. A very high one. It was their choice. They made their beds...
7. #3 obviously Olmert whimp has learned his lesson
at least let´s hope so
8. The global war on terrorism...
me ,   here   (03.02.08)
Well, why do they all start crying, when we are showing them how to do it...?! Or they are just waiting for another 9/11?!
9. as smart as he is honest
Israel Israeli ,   tel aviv   (03.02.08)
Olmert says "no one can deny that hurting Hamas encourages the peace process with the moderate elements with which we are negotiating." Olmert is as smart as he is honest. The Fatah under Abbas has no choice but stopping negotiations so as not to appear to be collaborators and agents of Israel. Fatah terrorists are itching to fight because they know that all the glory is going to Hamas warriors while they hide under their beds.
10. Olmert: hold on to your new-found balls and see this through
PINKFLOYD ,   USA;   (03.02.08)
13. You tell them, Olmert!
USA   (03.02.08)
Let the world know they CANNOT hold Israel to a ridiculously different standard than any other country in this world! Bush should be LOUDLY backing you up on this. They don't care about land -- they were 'this' close to a possible two state solution. They want the death of Israel. Why are the people they want wiped out having to be their caretakers? I have nothing but absolute loathing for the Arab/Persian countries.
14. Finally the Lion of Isreal awaken...May G-d protect you
Al ,   Montreal   (03.02.08)
After so long and so much needless pain..The lion of Israel awakens. Israel, be a fighter, be a nation and you will see the entire Jewish world will help you and pray for you and rush helP AND TREASURE to you. Show you are fighters, show you are a nation, show you want to live, show you will not die. We love you, we care for you, we are you.
15. Talula , You are 100 % right !
charles ,   petach tikva   (03.02.08)
and of course , i fully agree with you .
16. International complaint - Rockets are not killing enoughJews
Alan ,   SA   (03.02.08)
What they mean by "disproportionate " is that there are not enough Jews being killed . UK Media with BBC SKY TALK SPORT's Mr Galloway is that the Rockets are play play . They are not accurate . They dont do much dammage . They only killed a few Israelis over the years .etc . They do not say that Israelis have dodged the Rockets and are lucky to be away when they have struck a house.
17. olmert would like to prove his success!!!!!!!!!
sam ,   london   (03.02.08)
after his failure in lebanon and the way he escape to continue peace process he took small rocket attack as knows about that small rocket cant be excuse to kill 100 od civilian attacking them with high qulity of weapon ,israel will pay for this action and no one even kids will forgot your action.
18. Tell the truth for once Olmert!
3Jay ,   Israel   (03.02.08)
"no one can deny that hurting Hamass encourages the peace process with the moderate elements with which we are negotiating." LIES! LIES! LIES! THERE ARE NO MODERATES!. Abass has clearly not even changed the Palastinian Charter calling for Israels destruction! Fatah forces are fighting alongside Hamass in Gazza! Abass says one thing to the English press and the opposite in Arabic (Like Arafat did)! This so called moderate(Abass) denies the holocaust, even did a thesis on it at university! For once Olmert please tell the truth that there is and never has been a Palastinian people! They only exist as a proxy for the other Arab states, to try and destroy Israel, and we need a PM thats isn't scared to tell the truth!
20. The Irony of Olmert's Leadership
eddie ,   London UK   (03.02.08)
The very man who started kadima and had the biggest peace initiative, has been sucked into 2 wars, 1 with hizbolla, now with hamas, and very likely a 3rd one with Iran. This is the most decisive negation of th concept of Land for Peace!
21. to #4, a liitle child can preach moral to israel!!
London   (03.02.08)
You guys don't need the EU or UN or preach morals to you, as you are as immoral as those terrorists. I am afraid that your government has come down to even a lower level than those terrorists!! You really need to be taught the basics about morals when one third of the causualities are little innocent children and helpless women!! Think about it and you would come to the same conclusion if you are still a sain person. Enough is enough, you have caused a lot of trouble between us and east and we simply can carry on sending you our tax money to kill children. That's enough for now and we'll see if ynetnews "the house of democracy" is brave enough to show my talkback!!
22. Another lesson to hamas
Daniel ,   Hasharon   (03.02.08)
23. Occupier is asking for self-defence?
Tel Aviv, Israel   (03.02.08)
Qassams are a strategic disaster for the Palestinians, and just another great excuse for Israel not to press for the diplomatic end to its occupation and drag the situation the way it prefers. Now with these operations, Palestinians will feel even more threatened, they will believe even more that violence is the effective way to defend themselves. Then Israel will go and claim that it is acting against terrorism to defend itself, another cycle of violence. In 2010 when the Wall finishes Israel will agree to negotiations till a solution is reached, maybe itself will initiate the talks then. So, the borders will be set up on the Fence, but not 1967 borders. The Israeli policy of 'facts on the ground' once again. Palestinians will lose all their infrastructure, water, fertile land, and environment as the West Bank is where Israel's rubbish and toxic go to. Palestinians will then try to build a state on what is left for them. Israel on the other hand, will make the best use of grabbed fertile land and water, and strategic points. Then this will be the end of Israeli-Palestinian conflict: An even richer and more stable Israel and a non-viable Palestinian state with no resources and so many deep scars of the past. A very upsetting chapter in the history indeed.
24. Mr. Olmert , we are with you
ben shlomo ,   singapore   (03.02.08)
25. Colorful twisted ladder do-hickey.
Gideon Reader ,   In the USA   (03.02.08)
Dear Readers of Talkbacks. Please be comfortable that whatever occurs, Olmert the Failed, will continue to run his motor mouth and if as all possible, snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. He WILL bugger it up. It's in his DNA.
26. # 23
Alex ,   California   (03.02.08)
Thanks for the comment.... What a great analysis from a pure mind and human.... Thanks
27. To nr 21 - Here we go again
Alexander ,   Herzliya, Israel   (03.02.08)
Clearly you don't seem to understand the fundamental difference between self defense and aggression. Second, do you think Arabs have the right to kill Jews because Jews are Jews? If yes, you are anti-Semitic. If you think Arabs have the right to kill Jews because Arabs want Israeli/Jewish land, you are anti-Semitic. The UK raped and slaughtered the world for centuries and I don't need a tea drinking English imperialist preaching about morality when you occupied Israel between 1917 and 1948. You also conquered the Arab world, India, Africa, Australia, New Zealand and North America. Also keep in mind that English people have killed and raped Scotsmen, Irishmen and Welshmen for centuries. It's truely pathetic that an Englishman like you is preaching morality. Keep your big mouth shut and stick to your own affairs - before the Muslims will take over your little and pathetic anti-Semitic island kingdom.
28. dont preach morals to isreal
yakov ,   israel   (03.02.08)
because we have none
29. Olmert Is Right About The Preachers of Morals
Not Jewish ,   USA   (03.02.08)
and Olmert is wrong to have waited this long before sending the IDF after the Gazan terrorists.
30. Other countries should shut up
Brod ,   USA   (03.02.08)
Olmert is right that the other countries have no moral standing to preach to Israel in how it defends itself against external threats and attacks. The Islamist-Jihadist world has been unrelenting in attacking Israel. And they do not want the world to slam them on their evil work. However, when they get a piece of their pie, they are crying to the world to help them to stop Israel from defending itself against their aggressions.
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