Olmert: Don't preach morals to Israel
Roni Sofer
Published: 02.03.08, 11:26
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61. For once I agree with Olmert!
WISE SABA ,   NETIVOT   (03.02.08)
62. The main problems facing Israel:
Alexander ,   Herzliya, Israel   (03.02.08)
1.) A hostile Arab population initiating demographic warfare. Arabs of Israel, Gaza, Judea, Samaria and Golan need to go. 2.) Iranian nuclear threat: Israel needs to neutralize the Iranian nuclear threat and get rid of Ahmadinejad. 3.) Corruption in Israel: Israel needs a minimal state intervention to boost the economy, lower taxes, create a strong and civil society. If authorities have minimal amount of money and minimal amount of power, we will have minimal amount of corruption. Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Israel also needs a designated day for elections so that politicians cannot manipulate that. The total income of ALL state officials must be made public to ALL Israeli citizens via homepages run by the state. In that way, there is no chance politicians can hide their dirt. Israel also needs a law that punishes politicians for their incompetence or their breaches of laws and regulations. That way, you keep incompetent, stupid and corrupt leaders out, as they know that corruption, criminal offenses and incompetence will be punished severely - perhaps they will even have to be sued, indicted and put in jail. 4.) Develop alternatives to oil and form an international community with USA and EU to end dependence on Arab oil and encourage China and Japan to do the same and use alternative resources.
63. We need proper leadership at the Helm - Not Chelem
Squalid Ibn Harman ,   Qtir   (03.02.08)
64. to 47
Realy ??? ....LOL .... keep on dreaming
65. To 51
You are so funny ... do you live in Paris - France or Paris Egypt ??? What you say shows how ignorant you are or you feel ashame to say the truth or too young to find out the truth ... no problem you will grow up and you find this later .
66. to 55
when they revenge back anywhere and when they boycotting you ... remember what this and don't cry and accusing them with terrorism and anti-simitism like you do all the time .... the world are fed up from your brocken discks ... keep the coffe for you ... you are the people who can not sleep well from being scared even from your shadows .
67. world must support Hamas
Shulamit   (03.02.08)
Hamas the democratically elected government of all of Palestine must be supported by the entire world. The security council must delcare the apartheid state of Israel very existance a violation of international law and assembe peacekeeping forces to liberate Palestine.
68. #39
Sam ,   US   (03.02.08)
Your commentary is very good but address it to the Pals.they are the ones who shoot the rockets .
69. #48 Alexander
the harsh truth   (03.02.08)
As if Jews didn't subjugate indigenous populations in biblical times. Later they themselves were subjugated by Romans and Arabs. If you're comfortable with the continuation of this historical pattern then you should know that most of the world is not. Times are changing. Don't cling to history to find answers for the future because you're driving a car by looking in the rear view mirror and there's a huge bend right in front of you. Regarding your other points. Money and material progress don't give you the right to subjugate another people. That Palestinians didn't have their own state in the past or didn't even live as a separate nation doesn't mean that they don't have the right to self determination in their own state now. Again, you're clinging to history and saying that what wasn't in the past (preferrably millennia ago) can't be in the future. So 3.5 million people don't have the right for self determination, even if they want it. Tough luck, isn't it. If Arabs rejected two-state solution in the past I guess now it's your turn to reject it. Well, happy bloodbath then. But the bend in the road is fast approaching.
70. The Gaza Offensive
Anne Johnston ,   Edmonton Canada   (03.02.08)
Gaza obviously wants a war, as they won't stop firing their rockets, Go in there and absolutely pound them, until they scream "uncle". Then take them and hold on to them, forever. Never let them have freedom, they don't deserve it. It that was the US, they would be out for blood, but they feel so entitled as to criticize you.
71. Alexander , # 48
charles ,   petach tikva   (03.02.08)
The land belongs to those who fructifie it , the Jews did it . Occupation : were the Jordanians and Egyptians called "occupiers" from 1948 to 67 ? I don't think so . Israel has never put special taxes on their non Jewish inhabitants , contrary to all the muslim countries . In Israel non Jewish citizens enjoy the same freedom of religion asthe Jews . Jerusalem was NEVER the Capital of an Arab state , there was no Arab state here .
72. they only way people would stop supporting hamas
is when they will have no one left to support. you don't see people taking the aboriginals' side when they talk about Australia, that's because there aren't any aboriginals in the world. same thing here. completly annihilate Hamas, and it's supporters will vanish. People may criticize Israel now, but if and when israel will win, then the world will be silenced.
73. To nr 69
Alexander ,   Herzliya, Israel   (03.02.08)
We Israelis also want the land and if the Arabs would kill us and take our land, they would subjugate us, which doesn't seem to bother you. If right of thought, right of speech, right of press, voting rights, economic growth, building roads, motorways, modern housing, schools, hospitals and universities for Arabs and lowering infant mortality among Arabs and lowering the illiteracy rate among Arabs from 1967 to the 1990s, I guess we are "subjugating" tjhem in the same way as Europeans and Americans are subjugated and subjugate eachother and themselves. The Arab population has grown 10 times since 1967. No subjugation here. And getting electricity, water, food, clothes, education, infrastructure, even weapons from Israel, is not a sign of subjugation, and in order for "subjugated" peoples to even be able to pose a threat, is to be not subjugated. If the Arabs were as poor as Africans, they would have no food, no clothes and they would not even be able to survive. The Arabs want the land? Guess what - so do we. Perhaps we Jews should have claimed lordship over Europe and the Arab world after all, as you seem to believe that living in a land makes it yours. If Arabs care about the land, you should ask yourself why 70% of them would leave for financial compensation, why they NEVER had a state in recorded human history, turned down land for peace 8 times? The Arabs could have had received a state of their own 8 times and they attacked Israel even BEFORE 1967, when not a single Jew/Israeli was present in Gaza, Judea and Samaria. The Arabs of Gaza, Judea and Samaria have choice - they can move. Israeli and Arab nationalism are not mutualy contradictory in the same way as French and German nationalisms are not mutually contradictory, but in order for an Israeli and Arab nationalism to exist, both must be sovereign - Arabs can't have both 22 Arab states AND Eretz Israel. You think history is not important? History is the foundation of the world - that is why you and I exist. The European nation states base their legal territorial ownership on HISTORY. The Arabs of Judea, Samaria and Gaza have not created any democracy for themselves nor do they wish Jews to be alive, free and sovereign. Arabs want Jews dead and Arabs want to Arabize Israel and the world. Once again: you seem to have intellectual problems grasping territorial ownership: the meaning of ownership means that you buy something and its yours and noone can take it from you. A state is a real estate as well. You need to own it in order to call it yours. Arabs CANNOT have a state of their own because Israel is the only state around, and is not willing to give up its land. Jordan has no claims on Judea and Samaria and Egypt have no claims on Gaza. Turkey, Greece, India and Pakistan have exchanged millions of people decades ago so the same thing can happen today.
74. To nr 69
Alexander ,   Herzliya, Israel   (03.02.08)
Noone denies "Palestinians" self determination - after all, 80% of Jordan's population is "Palestinian" and Jordan constitutes 78% of the British Mandate of Palestine. The remaining 22% is Israel plus the disputed territories. If the conflict is just about letting a bunch of Arabs governing themselves on a piece of land, that piece of land could be anywhere - right? And they have Jordan, that is 2-3 times the size of Israel. But as the Arabs turned down land for peace 8 times and as they already have Jordan and additional 20 Arab states that together form a land mass bigger than United States of America, it is obvious that the Arabs are not interested in self-determination - they are interested in Jewish blood, and that is why Gazans and Hamas are sending rockets into Sderot, Western Negev and Ashkelon. Israel must use full force against the "Palestinians" and subjugate them for real - maybe even making them leave permanently - and anyone that comes in Israel's way will be smashed - that includes inquisitive goyim from the other side of the planet.
75. Dear Charles...
Alexander ,   Herzliya, Israel   (03.02.08)
You are referring to my post comment nr 48. In what way does my post comment contradict your statements? I said that if a people have historical, legal and moral ownership and are doing something very concrete with the land, the land is yours. And as there is no "Palestinian" state neither today nor 5500 years ago and as Jordan has no claims on Judea and Samaria and as Egypt has no claims on Gaza, International Law regards these territories as "res nullius" - nobody's property. And as Israel is the only state around, International Law views Israel's claims as the most credible - and there was no "Palestinian" state in Gaza/Judea/Samaria in 1967, when Israeli tanks rolled in - yes I know. Of course - International Law ignores 4000 years of Jewish history - but that is another point. And YES, Jerusalem was the capital and is the capital ONLY of Israel. And yes, non-Jews/non-Israelis have the same rights as ethnic Jews/ethnic Israelis. I know that - what's your point?
76. to 73 alexander
nahla ,   jerusalem   (03.02.08)
your post here as if you want the histoy to be with you ,the world should be with you becouse you are the right and the chosen one by god also .. this is not my problem or american one or any other one ,still it is your thought and it is your problem ..history is with any one and world is with benifits if there is no benifits will be with the right // and i think you are not the chosen one ,i think it is mine .. but still my thought is my problem not the other problem
77. To nr 76
Alexander ,   Herzliya, Israel   (03.02.08)
Where exactly in my post do I refer to God and the "chosen people"? I am an atheist and my view of the world is based on science and not religion. The land of Israel is ours because we have historical and legal rights to it, in the same way as Germans have historical rights to Germany, Poles have historical rights to Poland and Danes have historical rights to Denmark, and it is indeed strange that noone on this planet brings their national aspirations and national claims into question. Only when dealing with Jews is the Jewish national claim "questionable". Questioning Jewish nationalism and taking non-Jewish nationalism for granted is anti-Semitism and discrimination of Jews. Nahia, listen, I don't care what the world "thinks" or doesn't think. Israel is my land and Israel is the ultimate guarantee of my personal, individual and national freedom and anyone that comes in my and Israel's way will be smashed.
78. The friend no one likes...
Brian ,   Anywhere, USA   (03.03.08)
But still manages to find the party. That is what Israel is to the USA now. You kill babies, you make weak excuses, and you refuse to honor your commitments. We no longer need to preach morals to you, we need to cut you out of our circle of friends, let you go your own way. See where you are now? Remember it, because soon it will be a fading memory to us and you. Your actions and justifications for murder are pitiful at best. Bye bye. We won't miss the weight of you riding our coat tails. We won't miss the giant sucking sound your little nation creates in ours.
79. To nr 78
Alexander ,   Herzliya, Israel   (03.03.08)
Its not thanks to the United States that Israel still exists and can enjoy economic growth - it is despite the United States and its politicans' efforts to suck up to the Arabs crying for oil. USA has been spending trillions of dollars that last decades defending a finite amount of oil in Saudi Arabia. You should have spentthe money on alternative energy. USA raped Vietnam and USA toppled several regimes in Africa and Latin America and the USA didn't stop the civil war and genocide in Darfur-Sudan and USA has on several occasions breached International Law and killed hundreds of innocent civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan. The relationship between Israel and the USA cannot be of a "servant" approaching carefully its "master". When will the USA keep its commitments and stay out from Israel's internal affairs and Israel's existence, security and borders? How would the USA react if Mexico would fire rockets into Houston? And there is a fundamental difference between deliberately killing innocent civilians and innocent civilians getting killed as a result of anti terrorism war. You must probably be smoking weed. What on earth makes you think that we Israelis care what Americans and non-Americans want? We are a sovereign and independent nation and we don't take orders from anyone. And the US economy is quite crappy and your annual economic growth has been halted and limited. And USA is not exactly loved in Europe and the rest of the world. As a friend of America, I tell you this: if you want the Israel-US relation to stay sane and normal, USA has to treat Israel as an equal and as a sovereign and independent state - making its own decisions. I know that you Americans are suffering from mental disease called delusions of grandeur, where you are making exciting and sometimes farfetched and childish mental images of your "perfection", but the thing is that USA is not the center of the world or the universe. You Americans are normal human beings of flesh and blood and you are obliged to abide by the same rules of law and you are supposed to extend the same recognition and acceptance to Israel as Israel extends to you. And Israel was one of very few countries during the Cold War that helped USA and CIA out against the USSR. But of course it doesn't count, because you Americans always use your friends and express no gratitude and always expect everyone in this world to bow to you and follow your "orders". If you are a nation that prides itself of "freedom" and "liberty", why do you deny Israelis and other non-Americans to mind their own business? We are not harming USA - we are defending our lives, and if you have a problem with that, than Brian, you are an enemy of Israel. Even though I am a friend of the United States, I also recognize the extreme and outrageous arrogance of millions of Americans, so I will speak your language - AMERICANA: Things will be on our conditions, get lost and get yourself a life.
80. Rockets
Paul ,   Astralia   (03.03.08)
So many ineffectual rockets landing in fields. Such a show. Just what a country hungry to expand needs to defend itself from. Those rockets are worth every cent aren't they.
81. Where is OUR US tax money going?
Rudy ,   Philadelphia, PA   (03.03.08)
Don't want me preaching morals, then don't take US tax money and drag us into your wars, you worthless fascist.
82. Alexander the Anti-American
Captain Crunch ,   Columbus, Ohio USA   (03.03.08)
Remember the USS Liberty, Friend?? Allow me to substutue your anti-American hate rant in terms YOU will "understand" . You may repent , "friend" any given time... You (JEWS) Americans are normal human beings of flesh and blood and you are obliged to abide by the same rules of law and you are supposed to extend the same recognition and acceptance to (the United States) Israel as (the United States) Israel extends to you Even though I am a friend of (Israel) the United States, I also recognize the extreme and outrageous arrogance of millions of (JEWS) Americans, so I will speak your language - (JEWRY) AMERICANA: Things will be on our conditions, get lost and get yourself a life. ----------------------
83. olmarts right!
LouAnneS ,   alabama usa   (03.03.08)
we's supports israels and the jews! donts gives aways any lands! yours gods chosen people not the arabs! jesus loves you not the arabs! read the new testament and read revealation and convert please! love from LouAnne and JESUS(praise his holy name)!
84. oh his people please convert to jesus
LouAnneS ,   alabama usa   (03.03.08)
praise be jesus is the messiah!
85. Your report
John ,   Philippines   (03.04.08)
Your report again highlights the fact that Israel is the most morally bankrupt country on the face of the planet. I certainly hope that the next US president recognizes your amorality and refuses any further aid to you.
86. This operation
Rejameradu ,   Princeton USA   (03.04.08)
It's funny how you globalist backed Freemasons use the catch word "Terrorist" to justify any illegal, and irreproachable action you guys do. You have a day coming, says the great I AM THAT I AM. Call on Jabulon all you want. See what that gets you in the end.
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