Soreq Nuclear Research Center's reactor to shut down in 8 years
Yael Ivri-Darel
Published: 04.03.08, 07:26
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1. lets replace dimona first
zionist forever   (03.06.08)
When are we going to replace the Dimona reactor? Israel does need a neuclear reactor if its going to retain its neuclear weapons capabilities which it must have. In any other western country they would close down their reactors after 20-30 years Dimona is over 50 years old and the same generation as the one that blew up in Cherynobol and a country Israels size cannot afford a Cherynobol. If the Americans wont sell a new reactor if its going to be used for weapons development then ask the Russians who will sell anything to anybody if the price is right and if not Russia then build one domesticly Israel has the scientific knowladge on how to do it, it has access to the technology needed, it has plenty of neuclear fuel to get started with. All thats needed is a will to do it. As for Soreq here the right choice is being made if its for research particle accelerators are superior technology and can only enhance Israels scientific capabilities.
2. Peacefull Nuclear Energy for All
Gadees ,   Vanco.   (03.11.08)
I think it will make a sound idea if Israel askes Iran for assistance in building its own reactor.Other sound suggestion is that both Iran and Israel should give up their nuclear ambition and move toward peace.
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