UN imposes new sanctions on Iran
Published: 03.03.08, 21:31
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1. Not good enough, sorry!
Enzo ,   London,UK   (03.03.08)
Harsher measures are needed. Now!
2. Sanctions aren't enough
Concerned Israeli   (03.03.08)
Limp sanctions with no teeth do nothing to stop this maniacle regime's drive for nuclear weapons. Ahmadinejad and the ayatolahs that run the country are fanatical and dangerous and must be stopped before it's too late. In the 1980s during the Iran-Iraq War, the Iranians sent waves of children to run through and clear mine fields with nothing but the blessing of Khomeini. They were willing to incur a heavy price for victory in the name of the revolution, as they lost roughly 1 million Iranians in the war. Today, when Ahmadinejad expresses his dedication to wipe Israel off the map and to pay a heavy price for it, we must take him seriously.
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (03.03.08)
Invicta ,   Europa   (03.03.08)
5. Gonna have to fight this guy to make him stop.
Jason ,   USA   (03.03.08)
6. Why Sanctions, Hows Bout Just Bombing Iran ASAP
Dave Levy ,   Burbank. CAUSA   (03.03.08)
Any Arab who says "I Love You Israel", would not produce one tear if all of Israel were incinerated by Iranian nukes. Now let's get to reality. Iran, is the 2nd largest oil producer on the planet and 2nr or 3rd largest holder of reserves. It exports oil..and doesn't need expensive nuclear plants..guarded by hundreds of missiles, and anti-aircraft guns. All it needs is some more infrastructure. Saddam thumbed against 16 UNSC resolutions before Iraq was invaded by the Coaliton (led by US). Events afterward are unfortunate (for all of us involved). These 3 sanctions are meaningless. Iran has billiond dollar trade deals with the West and Russia, as did Iraq..UNLESS, a combination of concerned countries bomb Iran's 30 plants, etc. ASAP. The longer we all wait, the tougher it will become to smite our mullah enemies and that mad Pres. Ahmad..who still is delusional.
7. #3 &#4 You know it means nothing. Your friend will have bomb
8. Sanctions won't work
Nick ,   London   (03.04.08)
It won't make any difference, Iran is determined to go nuclear
9. They must come clean about this, no doubt but
Simon Mohammed ,   Falls Church VA USA   (03.03.08)
War is not a good solution I think. How about if we reconcille between all of the people in the region and once for all. I never open my eyes since i was born and didn't hear about this and people getting killed specialyy civilian and whatever is build get destructed in less then 3 years. lol People be positive and also smart. you suppos to be. Good evening and good luck
10. Sanctions are a waste of time! And Bush knows it!
3jay3 ,   Israel   (03.04.08)
11. F L A T T E N iran N O W
NT Atilla ,   Tel Aviv   (03.04.08)
12. well isn't that a coincidence...
mk   (03.04.08)
13. Its a matter of time...
The Council in the new resolution sanctioned 13 individuals working for the Iranian regime and ten industrial firms which are involved in the nuclear programs. It also asks the member states to refrain from permitting the Iranian air and sea cargos from entering their ports and airports and subject them to thorough inspections. The resolution warns the member states from entering into financial transactions with the Iranian banks.
14. No to Iran's nuclear program.
Jean Van Daem ,   Metula   (03.04.08)
In order to put an end to Iran's nuclear program, the U.S.A. has to close the door to investment in the Iran oil sector, loans to the government from the World Bank and from corporations around the world. Only then, it will be possible to negotiate with strength. There is a rumor that the United States is already doing all it can [on Iran] – it is not true.The United States does’nt put sufficient economic pressure on Iran. In the economic area they have been very unwilling to take the steps that have to be taken. Iran is still collecting the physical material needed for nuclear weapons. Iran is on target to having nuclear weapons by the middle of the next decade. Iran is using the development of civilian energy infrastructure to assist its nuclear program. If Iran will have the bomb, it will not hesitate to use its nuclear power against the West as explained at : :
15. Big Deep Yawn!
IRAN#1   (03.04.08)
Iran will start complying with UNSC resolutions as soon as veteran resolutioned states like Israel start doing it. Don't hold your breath though!
16. Iran's Intransigence
mark ,   canada   (04.04.08)
Iran has a stupid leadership problem. Somehow the mad dogs who rule from Tehran, feel like they are directly related to Darius, Xerses, or perhaps even Cyrus. World patience will slowly come to an end. Like Nixon, when will these pin pricks end? Hamas blows up a graveyard, and somehow they must feel that they are Killing the long forgotten dead??? How stupid. Somehow the people who are Arabs or Muslims writing into these forums either don't give a damn for others, for if a nuclear bomb is dropped on Iran, I would think that it will knock off more than just a few. Murdering others is great until death knocks at your Iranian brothers, cousins, parent's door. Of course, smarts never originated in Iran, hamas, hezbolah, and all the others of mediocre sleaze.
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