Olmert: Any minister who votes against gov't to be dismissed
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 04.03.08, 12:22
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1. well you know
do what you have to do
2. In a democratic country...
Antonio ,   Haifa   (03.04.08)
that is EXACTLY what elected officials are supposed to do--vote on their consciousness and the platform on which they were elected.
DAVID ,   JUDEA   (03.04.08)
We were to believe that our dear knesset members had a freedom to vote. I remember that Arik Sharon had a similar approach. It would be better for everyone involved and to create more clearity that our master and ruler Olmert just fires everyone . So that way we all know how Israeli democracy realy works without any pretence. That this system was rotten to the core comes as no surprise to many of us.
4. Democracy according to Olmert
abc ,   Israel   (03.04.08)
I thought in a democracy people could vote for what they wanted to vote for. Now if you are an MK from Kadima you must vote how I want you to vote or you are out. Now that is very democratic. If you had a clue in how to run the country and had a long term plan to solve the problems in Sderot and surrounding areas, maybe your own MKs would follow you.
5. Lack of unity = LACK of leadership...
Mark Kleiman ,   Florida, USA   (03.04.08)
For once I can agree with Olmert on something. Ministers should quit the coalition :(
6. Kadima will become a one man party
Nora ,   Tel Aviv   (03.04.08)
7. not playing games
sas ,   israel   (03.04.08)
8. playing games
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (03.04.08)
It is sad that Olmert is "done playing games" with government ministers, but keeps playing games with the lives of Israeli citizens with his incompetence. He should dismiss himself and let someone qualified run the country.
9. Go Olmert
ilan ,   Ashdod   (03.04.08)
All Right Olmert! You show em whos Boss!
10. More like Olmert the Dictator!
eddie ,   London UK   (03.04.08)
Anyone who votes agains't him is dismissed? Good thing Israel is still a democracy, otherwise dissenters would be shot!
11. If you're done playing games. Olmert, go home!
Millie ,   Israel   (03.04.08)
12. He thinks he's Putin
American ,   USA   (03.04.08)
When are the Israelis going to take down this disastrous government? Where is Bibi? Moshe Ya'alon? Eldad? Children are getting killed and maimed in Sderot and Ashkelon. What kind of Jewish People are these? What kind of human beings? To the women-what kind of women are you? Livni was quoted as saying, Israel and the PA are on the same side. She's as much a monster as Abbas.True. As is Olmert and Barak, etc. Make them accountable. They are endangering ALL Jewish People.
13. Oldmerd is the one playing games,
Wise Saba ,   Netivot   (03.04.08)
with our lives! Bring this corrupt & incompetent government down.
14. herby i dissmiss you (olmert) from your office!
gamba & pilpel   (03.04.08)
you're nothing less than a disgusting person and the worst israeli president on top! go home watch tv or fix something...
15. Antonio #2
Hopeless ,   Haifa   (03.04.08)
the is EXACTLY not the case in Israeli politics! Here in Israel, you vote for a political party, NOT and "elected official" If the party decides something, then all its representatives should vote with the majority OR RESIGN! This is the problem with Israeli politics! Since there are sooooooooo many small groups, there is no way to get anything done, and the Prime Minister wastes so much time and energy just trying to keep everyone happy, instead of making hard decisions, and getting things moving. Israel MUST change the system, and raise the AHUZ HASIMA if anything is ever to get done around here. But of course the politicians will never do this, becasue then they will be directly in the hands of the public that voted for them. And while on the subject.... OLMERT GO HOME!!! YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO RUN A COUNTRY! YOU ACT AS IF YOU ARE A REPRESENTATIVE OF THE INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY, INSTEAD OF PROTECTING ISREALS INTERESTES, AND ITS CITIZENS!
16. Done Playing Games?????????
David ,   Rehovot, Israel   (03.04.08)
Mr.olmert.... you playing your games and the public paying the Price...Need a REMINDER ? When you were just a little Knesset member about 20 years ago, a security manager at Ben Gurion Airport lost his job cause he did not know your name....., You don't change do you?.... Get a Play Station and play your games on it so we do not need to Pay for your arogance and stupidity!
17. One of you will be in. One will be out.
Gideon Reader ,   In the USA   (03.04.08)
"I'M FED UP!" cried Olmert the Failed, 2.0 with arms akimbo, his hair missing and fly undone! Just who and where do these people think they are? Voting against me? Me! Well I'll show them a thing or three. I happen to be a very tough guy. A stharker, if you get my drift. A start wars and bugger them up. I am NOT one to be messed with. IF and when I decide to make a really stupid or dangerous decision, I fully expect each and every one of the Ministers in MY cabinet and each and every member of the government to whip out the old rubber stamp and support me. Dangerous and dumb is NOT a valid reason NOT to go along. You ALL have recieved your perqusites, your Volvos and Puegeots, now get in line Damnit!
18. Only In Israel
Rube Vogel ,   Jerusalem   (03.04.08)
"It is not possible that in a democratic country, decisions are made [by the prime minister] and then ministers do whatever they want [vote their conscience]." - You gotta love some Israeli notions of Democracy. Not even a clue.
Uli ,   jerusalem   (03.04.08)
zionist forever   (03.04.08)
The man has been getting to friendly with all those nice rich arab dictaitors, kings and princes. He acts more aand more like a dictaitor everyday now a minister no longer has the right to speak his mind and disagree with the king. Whats the point of ministers and a cabinet if they aree not allowed to disaagree just dismiss them all now and issue a decree saying from now on he will make all Israel government policy alone and that he is abandoning that stupid thing they call democracy and he will rule alone till the day he dies and he will choose his succesor personly. In the arab world the idea of democracy is an exciting new thing which they like while in Israel under Olmert democracy is dying. Hamas & Iran are not the greaatest threats to Israel right now its Olmert
21. #15 hopeless
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (03.04.08)
In theory yes, in practice no. Israelis voted for Likud according to its platform. Sharon decided to change the platform and went to to the Likud council. When they did not follow him, Sharon did what he wanted, the opposite of what the voters and the council wanted. He then invented a new party "Kadima" without quitting the Knesset or government and stole Likud funding. Israeli politics under Sharon/Olmert is a kleptocracy.
22. Zeig Heil Olmert
Dan ,   Titusville, FL USA   (03.04.08)
When you have a nebbish as a PM who is so impotent that his own ministers break from him then you get Nazi-like pronouncements. Is Olmert going to have a Krystal Nacht next? The fact that he had to beg the Germans to get permission to retaliate against the Muslim terrorists is an abomination.
23. Israelis - your prime minister...
Kev ,   London   (03.04.08) a weird, nut case.
24. This is a good start
Brod ,   USA   (03.04.08)
for government ministers to vote their conscience that will pave the way for new election and formation of a strong and effective government that will end the unrelenting attacks on Israel by terrorists in Gaza. The fact is only a Likud -led government has the stamina, strength and brilliance in protecting and defending Israel from external threats and aggressions.
25. I hate to say it, but he has a point.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (03.04.08)
And believe me, I really hate to say it. In theory, however, he is right. And Olmert, wily politician that he is, knows the weak point of our self-interested & unprincipled politicians. They want their jobs no matter the cost to the nation. The issue is Olmert himself - his corruption, his lack of competence, his generally poor performance, his abysmally low approval rating, the political bribery he uses to stay in office, his deceit by saying one thing & doing another, etc. etc. (it's a long list ......). If those politicians in the coalition had any integrity, any courage, any principles, they would call his bluff & quit. That they do not says volumes about the quality of people in our political system - and it doesn't say much about us for putting up with it.
26. Olmerde panicking??? Goooooooood!
trumpeldor ,   eurabia   (03.04.08)
And very soon in jail.....
27. Omert reinforces the fact that Israel is a DICTATORSHIP!
Nannette ,   London   (03.04.08)
And all opponents will be punished.
28. to no 14
elkanan ,   ctown   (03.04.08)
and now he is the president? israel no longer has a pm?
29. Does Olmert's picture have to be with every article on him?
Jack ,   San Diego, USA   (03.04.08)
Is it not enough to have to suffer him without having to look at him each time YNEt mentions his name?
30. No more "Mr. Nice Guy" with Israelis; only with Palestinians
Jacob ,   Montreal, Canada   (03.04.08)
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