Rice: Peace deal possible in 2008
Published: 05.03.08, 00:23
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1. Grandstanding Play by Rice
emanon ,   USA   (03.04.08)
The words sound good, but they are meaningless. This is just her bid to get on the ticket with McCain. Until Hamas / Fatah renounces their charters calling for the elimination of the Jewish State of Israel, there can never be peace.
2. What has she been smoking???
Chaya ,   Bat Yam, Israel   (03.04.08)
3. Rice :peace is (im)possible in 2008
I.Kemp ,   Nahariya Israel   (03.04.08)
This woman is incredible - for her stupidity!
4. HA HA HA HA HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Condi say that to the hamas !
ben shlomo ,   singapore   (03.04.08)
5. When and Where WILL YOU Raise the issue on Gilat Shalit ?
ben shlomo ,   sinagpore   (03.04.08)
6. Oh Yea in 3008 there'll be Peace
David P. ,   Santa Cruz, USA   (03.04.08)
...just give them another 1,000 years to prepare
7. #1
Invicta ,   Europa   (03.04.08)
peace will also not be possible until Israel stops building illegal settlements and taking Palestinian territory by de facto building a 500 km wall around the West Bank that appropriates arable and 'valuable' land. Hamas may talk of 'eliminating' israel but the reality is that Israel has and continues to elimintae the Palestinians. One only has to look at the facts.
8. Innocent deaths
Chrisona ,   Chicago.IL   (03.04.08)
"Abbas said 20 children had been among dozens of civilians killed in Hamas-controlled Gaza" That's because the shooters set up their guns in residential areas, which is a crime against humanity, by the way. Palestinians could avoid these innocent deaths by positioning their launchers in open areas. Palestinians are using their own innocents as cannon fodder. Yech.
9. Talk? What for? They're still firing Qassams ,STUPID!
Scott   (03.04.08)
10. #5 Where and when will YOU raize the issue of illegal detent
Richard ,   London UK   (03.04.08)
Israel's use of administrative detention blatantly violates international law. Over the years, Israel has held Palestinians in prolonged detention without trying them and without informing them of the suspicions against them. While detainees may appeal the detention, neither they nor their attorneys are allowed to see the evidence. Israel has therefore made a charade out of the entire system of procedural safeguards in both domestic and international law regarding the right to liberty and due process.
11. #5
Richard ,   London UK   (03.04.08)
As of Jan. 2008, Israel is holding approximately 810 Palestinians in administrative detention. Most of them are held in facilities run by the Israel Prison Service (IPS).
12. Pure Palestinian BS
Chrisona ,   Chicago.IL   (03.04.08)
"Abbas told the news conference he wanted a complete truce in the Gaza Strip and in the occupied West Bank, where Israel has carried out raids against militants it says are planning attacks." Sounds about right. The Palestinians are sticking to their ages-old tactic of attacking Israel for free. They decide when and where to attack, but Israel is not allowed to defend itself. They're obviously operating in a state of delusion, but their rockets explode for real. The Palestinians must to brought to their knees in order for any peace process to have results.
13. Bush / Rice seek Israel's annihilation
Steve ,   Fla.   (03.04.08)
Is there any doubt that once Israel retreats from the West Bank, rockets will be falling all over Israel's coastal plain? Is there any reason to doubt once Israel divides Jerusalem, the Muslim jihadists will fall on the Jews of Jerusalem with a bloody vengeance? George W. Bush and Condoleezza Rice must lie awake at night pondering how they can destroy the Jewish state. George W. Bush and the Republicans strongly supported the expulsion of thousands of Jews from the Holy Land, August 2005. Our national Republican party platform now reads in part: "We support President Bush’s vision of two states, Israel and Palestine, living side by side ..... Republicans agree with President Bush that Israel’s plan to remove all settlements from Gaza and several settlements from the West Bank is a courageous step toward peace in the face of continuing terrorist violence ..... Republicans commend the government of Israel for its desire to pursue peace, even in the face of continuing terrorist attacks." Honestly, this is in our party platform. Mr. Bush and Dr. Rice obviously have it in for the Jews of Israel. They each seek Israel's destruction.
14. What Is This?
Roman ,   Seatle, America   (03.04.08)
Ok. So Abbas expects Israel to stop fighting back against those who keep firing rockets at civilian towns? Does that make any sense at all?
15. #7
Steve ,   Fla.   (03.04.08)
If you know anything of your history, you would be aware, White Europeans conquered, murdered, expelled, despoliated, etc., Native Americans (Indians) without compunction because, #1 they believed it was God-ordained that they possess this continent, and #2 the Natives were considered inferior savages and were therefore not worthy of this wonderful land. White Europeans overspread the north American continent (see: "Manifest Destiny") utterly destroying and displacing the natives. Little doubt my property her in Florida was inhabited by Seminole Indians at one time. Israel by comparison to America and most other conquering nations, looks saintly by comparison. Furthermore, the entire Bible is littered with passages affirming that Israel was given to the Jews by God Almighty in perpetuity. It does not belong to any other people including the Arabs, who are squatters on Jewish land. Even the Qur'an says Allah gave the Holy Land to the Jews. So your complaint, Invicta, is with your Maker, not with me or any other Jew.
16. to12 chicago
kamy ,   jerusalem   (03.04.08)
they will never be on their knees becouse israil want them on their back and the dead will never be on their knee .. and also some or many of the alive do not prefer to be on their knee.. but iam astonished of one thing about rice she apears with black suites in these day .. are she sad for the dead palastinians or the fear of israil loose her war
17. It ain't going to happen, Condi. Live with having
achieved a big, fat NOTHING during your tenure.
18. #12
Invicta ,   Europa   (03.04.08)
Are the Palestinians allowed to defend themselves? If the israelis are then surely the same applies to the Palestinians. The Palestinian rockets offer a very slight resistance and the militants are armed with low tech weapons when compared to the armoury available to the Israeli army. Do not the IDF decide when and where to attack? Are not the Palestiniasn imprisoned behind an army blockade and a long and high wall? That limits there capabilty and choice. Also how do you propose bringing the Palestinains 'to their knees' Would you use the same tactics that worked so splendidly in Iraq? Or would you suggest the tactics that were so triumphant in Vietnam?
19. #8 Innocent Deaths
Richard ,   London UK   (03.04.08)
The killing of four children – ‘Ali Dardona, age 8, Muhammad Hamudah, 9, Dardona Dardona, 12, and ‘Omer Dardona – and wounding of two others while they played soccer in the street, east of the Jabalya refugee camp on 28 February. B'Tselem’s investigation indicates that Qassam rockets may have been fired earlier about 100 meters from where the children were. However, no armed Palestinians were killed or injured in the incident. The killing of six-month-old Muhammad al-Bur’i, at the family’s home in the Rimal section of Gaza on 27 February, and the wounding of others, in the shelling of the nearby Interior Ministry building. The building is a civilian office building, and not a legitimate military target.
20. Yep, Chamberlain said "Peace in our time"
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (03.04.08)
Yes, Secretary Rice, and Osama bin Laden is going to be invited to the White House for lunch on the 4th of July this year! If you really believe this, then you should definitely seek advice from a reputable therapist who is not in the pay of the oil sheikhs! Your friend Abbas called the country that has rockets fired at her cities the “Agressor”. By that logic I suppose the US's retaliation against the Taliban and Al Qaeda for 9/11can also be deemed aggression! When are you and President Bush going to realize that there is not going to be a “Peace in the Middle East” legacy for his Administration? Why? This answer his because the Arabs don’t want peace. If there was peace then what in heaven’s name will Hamas and the other “militants”, as the press calls them, do? They will actually have to find jobs for their gunmen and terrorists and see to the welfare of their people and they won't be able to blame Israel for all of their problems!
21. Replace “peace” with strength and determination.
Jean Van Daem ,   Metula   (03.04.08)
Current proposals like the Road Map are totally unworkable and should be abandoned. Considering the fact that the only possible relations between the Muslims and the non-Muslims are war or a limited ceasefire, it follows that the word “peace” should be deleted from Israel’s lexicon as well as the notion of peace with the Arabs as a viable, political possibility. The maximum that Israel can aim for is a limited ceasefire or an armistice, taking into consideration that the Arab side will violate it at any time, as the Palestinians have been proving on a daily basis since the signing of the Oslo Accords in September 1993. The solution to the Israelo-Arab problem should be find elsewhere as explained at :
22. HOLD OFF ON A PEACE DEAL!! If Hillary is elected, she said
Rivkah   (03.04.08)
she will NOT DIVIDE JERUSALEM. Dividing Jerusalem will lead to Armageddon after other wars. Do NOT divide Jerusalem UNLESS you want the Gentile world rule to end as fast as possible. Dividing Jerusalem will signal the last seven years of Gentile world rule. It is a COVENANT with DEATH along with the Resolution 666 that was confirmed for seven years by the New ENPI. HOLD OFF on dividing Jerusalem if you want to delay the slaughter of two-thirds of the Jews and most of the Christians in the world who refuse to take the mark of the beast, a tatoo or RFID implant to buy or sell. There is now an invisible ink that can be tatooed onto the skin that can be read as an identification by an RFID scanner. (RFID means Radio Frequency Identification Device).
23. More Crap from Kondi
Derek Zambesi ,   Nigeria   (03.04.08)
24. Mr.ABBAS--Wake up !!!
Rami abu Ghalyion ,   Cairo-Egypt   (03.04.08)
President Abbas .. What the hell is going on Mr. President ..wts More importantly,Meeting of Palestinian from the other party or with the American Secretary of State,Have you set the conditions prior before arrival of Ms. Rice to the region,sure you cant do it Mr.abbas,why you are Alwayes put the conditions before starting negotiations with the other palestinian side? Do you fear Israel Sir? are you afraid to say no to the United States of America ? Sir which one is the most important !! Palestinian -palestinian agreement or palestinian-Israeli agreement Imposed,you signed an agreement with israelis,Do you think that the problem is over? Sir .. it sounds you need to be studied again Only to learn the meaning of politics Sir, I am not support Hamas But I can not kill my brother from the other side.Sir i am not support hamas But this does not mean I am OK to ignore my brother from the other side Wake up abbas and start looking about an agreement Between the Palestinians themselves,then Go to Annapolis, go to Jerusalem ,to Tel Aviv, Go where eva you wants then speak with the Israelis, with Americans, with the Europeans, this is not important but the important thing is that to get the Full encouragement from the palestinians Personally, I believe in that this is Israeli interest before its palestinian interest
25. Sorry Miss Rice
Juan ,   Spain   (03.04.08)
But I am probably cynical, but definitely a realist. I see more chance of nuclear war in 2008 than an Israel-Palestine peace deal. Deal with the situation as it actually is, not how it is hoped to be. Peace in 2008 - poppycock.
26. Peace :)
happysettler ,   ofra   (03.04.08)
I suggest that the lesbein poodle of G.W. take the first plane home and enjoy her pension instead of racking up frequent flyer points in the hope of putting life into dead horses and (areses)
27. Miss Rice Does Not Understand The Problem
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (03.04.08)
She never did. Her "solutions" are unworkable. She utterly fails to understand the Arab mentality and motives.
28. Rice
Lenny ,   NC USA   (03.04.08)
Ya know, I often wonder when we read talkbacks about these public figures, do "they" ever read them, and if so, how could they face their public? I must admit there are some really intelligent / informative talkbacks posted here most of the time. Do these figures think that we, the public, are so stupid to believe their lies and rediculous goals? Thanks, Lenny
29. so this is freedom? No wonder they resist.
Richard ,   London UK   (03.04.08)
Air space and territorial waters: Israel continues to maintain complete control over the air and sea space of the Gaza Strip. Control of the air space provides Israel with the ability to effectively and easily control actions on the ground, and to interfere with radio and television broadcasts. Control of the coastal area and territorial waters enables Israel , among other things, to restrict the activity of Palestinian fishermen. Israel 's control is also manifested in the need to obtain Israeli approval to operate a seaport and airport, the lack of which impairs freedom of movement to and from the Gaza Strip and impairs the Palestinians' conduct of foreign trade.
30. Rice is dreaming of fantasyland
Brod ,   USA   (03.04.08)
Rice still does not get it. Fantasyland will never happen. The reason is the Islamist-Jihadists are crusading their Jihadism on Israel. Israel is a strong and smart nation guided and protected by the GOD of Israel. The satanic god of Jihadism cannot prevail against the GOD of Israel who had promised through His Prophets Jeremiah and Ezekiel 2500 years ago, that He would restore Modern Israel in Ancient Israel-present day Israel's Biblical and Historic homeland. No mortal can change the Divine Restoration of Modern Israel in Ancient Israel. It is time Rice starts reading her Holy Bible and know the GOD of Israel.
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