8 killed in Jerusalem terror attack
Aviram Zino
Published: 07.03.08, 07:48
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1. gazans rejoicing?
Amit ,   USA   (03.06.08)
bomb them until they learn to behave like humans or till they're gone.
2. This Cannot Go Unanswered
MormoninUtah ,   SLC, USA   (03.06.08)
This outrage cannot go unanswered. I want to hear the world and all the Arab countries condemn this immediately. This is the difference between Israel and these evil terrorists. Israel targets terrorists and some civilians die in the process (mostly because the terrorist themselves use them as shields). On the other hand, the terrorists target civilians. They are rats and should be treated as such. The whole of the mideast is infested with them. The IDF has the right tools to combat them. Let them do their job.
3. Remember COWARDS
yesterday you killed a 20 days old Palestinian baby girl ! Do you think you will get away with it ? :)
5. So sorry for that
Jalal ,   Gaza   (03.06.08)
Hope we can have peace someday
6. Death for the terrorists
7. I See The Peace Talks Are Continuing Unabated
emanon ,   USA   (03.06.08)
8. Now Do The Deniers Get It?
emanon ,   USA   (03.06.08)
From the terrorstinian's point of view, this is not about land, it is about religion, it is about domination, it is about hated of everything that is not theirs. There is no way this can be disguised as "retaliation against oppression". There is no way this can be passed off as a demonstration about border closings. There is no way this can be construed as being about power outages. There is also no way the terrorstinian perpetrators can be labeled as "innocent victims". Watch and see, though, Hamas, Fatah, AI, the the UN and the EU will somehow spin this all being Israel's fault and label it a "war crime".
9. This is war...
Gary   (03.06.08)
Israel must completely destory Gaza City and all it's inhabitants with bombs and poison gas, then if the Arabs dont completely give up terror and sue for peace, Ramallah, then Nablus until they beg us for peace.
10. Did Olmert Give The Terrorists the Guns?
Jerry ,   NYC, USA   (03.06.08)
Inquiring minds want to know.
11. will this never end?
elliot ,   Colombia   (03.06.08)
13. Olmert IS to blame
Leah ,   Netanya israel   (03.06.08)
Olmert has opened up roads to the Palestinians and given Bethlehem to the PA where these attackers have come from. Resign now Olmert
14. Resign Olmert
Michael Taylor ,   Leeds England   (03.06.08)
We are sick of you and your anti-zionist policies.
15. Immoral
Andras Bereny ,   Kfar Tapuah, Ephraim   (03.06.08)
Our people are at war. Our government is processing "peace". It is immoral.
16. The Palestinian idea of "defending their people".
Tahl ,   Israel   (03.06.08)
17. Oh my my! What a surprise?
Manuel ,   Spain   (03.06.08)
Very sad to see innocent people killed. I would suggest that Israeli society relook into its strategy in Cisjordania and Gaza strip in light of the recent killing of hundreds of palestinian civilians by israel armed forces. Israel is not very popular nowadays in europe and that is certainly related to its killing sprees in the occupied territories as well as its relentless settlement expansion in Palestina!!!!!
18. What's worse: Expelling all Arabs or periodic massacres?
Meir K   (03.06.08)
What's worse: Expelling all Arabs or periodic massacres? That's our choice. Would I feel sad to expel an entire people the innocent with the guilty? Yes, but then I would remember that if I don't expel them they will steal our cars cause havoc and rape and some of them are going to murder many innocent Jews. So the lesser of the two bad choices is expulsion of all Arabs. Only by expelling all the Arabs can we stop the carnage.
19. the bastards dressed up as haredim
20. no no no
izzy d   (03.06.08)
21. 10 KILLED NOT 4
22. These palestinians responsible are fu$%*&^ disgusting
jared ,   orlando   (03.06.08)
those responsible are a disgrace to their people, a waste of blood and space and air, and a reflection of the mentality and hatred which consumes many pals like them. This is the reason they will not have a country of their own or peace. Ironically, the fools think this is how they will achieve a country and peace. Israel targets and kills rocket teams and cars with hamas terrorists, and in the process sometimes kills their human shields, which the pals exploit. The pals indiscriminantly launch rockets and mortars into israeli cities, launch suicide bombings, and enter a yeshiva specifically to kill rabbinical students. There is a huge difference and no moral equivalence, with the pals and Hamas and islamic jihad doing ever so much more wrong.
23. Go ahead and kill more Palestinian babies !
24. Completely incomprehensible (to Zionists)
Chanalau, Tova ,   London, UK   (03.06.08)
Simply cannot understand why anyone would do this to Israelis, the bringers of peace and justice in the world, Israelis who hardly know which end of a rifle to point, Israelis, whose message is pure love and neighborliness. Laaaama osssim lanu et zeh??
25. Question...Will the Israeli gov't respond.? No they wont
Al   (03.06.08)
cos those killed were those who they despiise...those dirty non cool yeshiva boys who dont want to serve in their" throw Jews out of their homes army". Shame on you Olmert, your own bloody sons wont serve and your wife is part of the Peace Dreck Gang...Leave Israel now!
26. Congratulations
MACUS ,   Brazil   (03.06.08)
To Olmert,Barak for the weakness they show to the enemies of G-D.Olmert & Barak should be tried for the murder of these Jews-They are after all a "Judenrat" that take their orders from the GOD OF MONEY-USA. They are traitors to the Jewish race & to the memory of those who perished in the holocaust.
27. This must not go unanswered!
MormoninUtah ,   SLC   (03.06.08)
This must not go unanswered. How can these animals celebrate in the streets over the wanton killing of innocent students of religion? This is the difference between the terrorists and the Israelis. The IDF kills terrorists and in the process innocents that the terrorists use as shields. However, the terrorists go after civilians at all times. The international community better condemn this quickly along with all the Arab nations. This is beyond an outrage. Let the IDF do their job, Olmert! And let all Israel say amen!
28. Cycle
Abir ,   Chicago, IL   (03.06.08)
Vengeance, revenge, retribution, reprisal, requital. A never ending cycle of violence. I wonder what it is going to take Mr. Olmert & co. to put an end to this farce of a "peace process."
29. Barak the COWARD resign !
30. WELL!!!! I can hardly wait to hear the UN condem this!!
jem   (03.06.08)
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