8 killed in Jerusalem terror attack
Aviram Zino
Published: 07.03.08, 07:48
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31. Don't forget
Condolance to the families of the victims .... but .... you were all celebrating and laughing here just few days ago how the IDF are killing around civilians and children and you didn't care about old people , women and children were starving because of the siege and you were all laughing like sadists or vampiers ... and alot warned you from this presuer over the Palistinians will create more violence and sure they will revenge anywhere inside or outside Israel ... you all didn't care and you kept on celebrating the IDF massacer in Gaza ... thos people which have been killed tonight are victims of Israel too not only of the terrorists ... Olmert and his government should leave soon they faild to bring peace and safty and enough this amount of killed people in last 2 years .
NAME ,   NAME   (03.06.08)
we have to seek peace and only peace
33. I don't understand?
Mati ,   far away   (03.06.08)
Why doesn't the Israeli army just occupy gaza
34. #3
Andrew ,   Toronto, Canada   (03.06.08)
You have a criminal mind: please see #2: Israel targets terrorists and some civilians die in the process (mostly because the terrorist themselves use them as shields). On the other hand, the terrorists target civilians. They are rats and should be treated as such." Israel did not go after the 20 day old child, but the your rats go for any Israeli civilian, regardless of age.
35. Weak Kadima
Garry ,   Holland   (03.06.08)
Thank you Sharon, Olmert & Barak, you worse than weak ghetto Jews. Israel is doomed thanks to your brilliance.G-D will never forgive you.
Jonathan ,   Dallas, TX   (03.06.08)
You reap what you sow Israel. As long as you murder innocent babies in Gaza, and maintain your illegal military occupation of the West Bank & East Jerusalem expect fierce resistance.
37. We can't kill the babies because you're using them as shield
GZLives   (03.06.08)
You raise your babies to kill and die,. You make cartoon shows to make them believe how wonderful it is to die killing Jews so don't sit here on a Jewish web site lying thru your teeth pretending right is on your side when you are the furthest thing from right.
38. The world does not need Palestine
JPS ,   Efrat   (03.06.08)
The world does not need a country called Palestine that is soaked in blood. The world does not need the blood lust culture the Palestinians have created. The world does not need the terrorism the Palestinians have given us. The Palestinians paved the way to todays culture of terrorism in the world. They hijacked planes, blew up city buses and bus stops killing hundreds of men, women and children, they broke into homes and killed mothers cowering over their babies. The Palestinians will pay the price for their 50 years of terrorism. Their goal of a state is slipping through their grasp. The more they embrace Islamic extremism, the more the world will reject them.
39. Tit for tat
Sean ,   Derry/Ireland   (03.06.08)
You reap what you sow.
JULIAN ,   LONDON   (03.06.08)
41. So 6 Jews were murdered, so what? they deserve to die
UM Shmum & Amnesty   (03.06.08)
We should immediately hold another session of silence for the freedom fighters who carried out their jihadi duty and rid the world of six more jews. We must convene in the morning to condemn Israel. Signed: UN terrorist's rights council
42. Celebrations underway in Gaza
Daniel ,   DC   (03.06.08)
How typical. I bet they're handing out candies and other sweets celebrating the murder of rabbinical students. Israel left Gaza without finishing the job. This and more bombs on Sederot is the result. It is time to buck world opinion and fight the war that needs to be fought. We also need to send the pictures of these dead students world wide and point-this is why we are entering Gaza-THIS is why women and children used as shields can no longer be considered when waging this war. Olmert you must do something NOW or resign and let someone with the ability to fight get the job done you are too afraid to do.
43. Just another drop in the sea of blood
rolleyes   (03.06.08)
44. time has come to clean up the land
Terminator ,   Jerusalem   (03.06.08)
The end is slowly approaching for us Jews unless we realize that the Iranians are sending Al Quds trained terrorists into our cities and killing us. This is only a warning to see what we will do.
Eyal ,   Jerusalem   (03.06.08)
These are yeshiva students, civilians, their torah study has nothign to do with settlements, and it is highly doubtful that the terrorists who came in them to murder had any idea about the yeshiva's affiliations. I'm guessing this is from the wire copy from Reuters, whose anti-Israel bias has been documented repeatedly. please only report the facts/
47. Islamism declared war on us:
Time to respond: We should send them back from where they come from .those invaders, those terrorists all come from: ARABIA. From the maghreb to Irak , those arabs are only invaders, barbaric and their sole plan is to extend islam all over the world. They focus their figt on the weak point of the free world:ISRAEL and are progatinf lies in weak democracies in Europe. As european weak minds fail to see the danger, they start dividing themselves from the Americans and other free nations. But this is time to counter attack and eradicate islam.
48. Take Off The Gloves
Mike ,   South Africa   (03.06.08)
Open the borders, free the terrorists, worry about world opinion? NO NO NO Enough Already... let the army respond properly!
49. #3. No doubt she would have become a suicide bomber!
The Doc ,   Haifa, Israel   (03.06.08)
50. revoke e.jerusalem's residency
oded   (03.06.08)
of all the e/jerusalem arabs! expelled them all to jordan. eradicate gaza to the ground
51. Condi, don't come back
God is for the Jews! ,   Jerusalem   (03.06.08)
Please stay away, forever
52. The difference
charles ,   petach tikva   (03.06.08)
When civilians were unintentionally killed in gaza last week , we did'nt rejoyce , we were sad . When civilians are INTENTIONALLY murdered , they cheer . Sad , but this difference will not be forgotten soon .
53. Chalanau, do you understand, an attack on a Yeshiva
Jake   (03.06.08)
is not an attack on "Zionists". It is an attack on Jews and Judaism. And by the way, stop desecrating and spoiling our language.
54. #17
Jane   (03.06.08)
You, from the home of the Inquisition, dare to speak to us? Do you think we care what you and those from the killing ground of the Holocaust think of us? Screw you all. You are and always have been worthless.
55. Manuel, Spain
jerry ,   NYC   (03.06.08)
And of course, Manuel, you know why 250 Spaniards died in the train wreck? They did not listen when they were told to withdraw their men from Iraq. See how quiet Spain is now that you have listened to your masters. Never raise your hand or your voice to your lords and masters again. Let us see how you do when they demand Andalusia. Israel is small enough. It is Spain's turn to acquiesce. Both before and after their deaths, those students who died tonight are the best humans the world can hope for. Manuel from Spain, keep reading and you will see the tragic loss imposed upon the world by those who chose death instead of life. It is your lose that these boys are gone.
56. Thank you LOL mert, xipi, barak, bush, condi, & EU...
CC ,   Tel aviv   (03.06.08)
Your beloved "Pals" celebrate another jewish blood bath with your full support. SHAME ON YOU.
57. #23
Jane   (03.06.08)
May your name be erased.
OSAMA ,   PALESTINE   (03.06.08)
59. #24
Jane   (03.06.08)
And may your name be erased as well. May the messengers of Finsbury visit themselves upon you and grant you clarity.
60. #42
Jane   (03.06.08)
That was nothing. Wait til you see our answer to this.
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