‘I shot terrorist in head’
Aviram Zino
Published: 06.03.08, 22:42
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2. You acted very well
Juan ,   Spain   (03.06.08)
Congratulations, you probably saved many lives.
3. Sar Shalom - Where Are You?
Torah Reader ,   USA   (03.06.08)
I am so sorry to hear about these callous murders in Jerusalem. May G-d comfort and heal the wounded and provide peace to those mourning.
4. This man's right to bear arms saved dozens of lives
So there!   (03.06.08)
Demand the right to keep and bear arms for ALL Israeli citizens now!
5. Well done
Aharon   (03.06.08)
He deserved much worse
6. I shot terrorist in the head, big mistake
Jerry Diamond ,   Toronto Canada   (03.06.08)
I'm not so sure you did the right thing by admitting what you have done. You have probably upset Olmert very much by your actions and probably be prepared for charges to be laid against you like they did to the farmer who shot terrorists for breaking into his home. I suspect for your good deed Olmert will reward you with a jail sentence. so be prepared. I mean after all we have to protect the arab rights.
7. Good lad but he told some other things at the radio
J   (03.06.08)
He acted very well by killing the barbaric killer. What I didn't like is that he told on live radio this is Olmert's and Peres' fault, because they 'gave' the terrorists the weapons....
8. I hope they deport terrorists family
David ,   Boston, USA   (03.06.08)
This cannot be accepted. Either they are a part of Israel or they must leave. The Arabs need to decide.
9. to num. 6: he probably saved many lives!!!!
10. Well done young man!
Talula ,   Israel   (03.06.08)
You did good! You have my admiration and respect for what you did.
11. #4 ALL Israeli citizens, or just Jews?
12. Yitzhak Dadon the next Prime Minister
Getzel ,   Washington DC   (03.07.08)
13. killing
Tom ,   Geneva Switzerland   (03.07.08)
so basically the terrorist killed students belonging to the extreme righ- wing settler movement in Israel ....? let us see if Fox News, CNN and the rest mention this "small" piece of information... the attack is awful but it has a certain logic attached to it, yes?
14. Merkaz HaRav
amram Hassan ,   usa   (03.07.08)
Time to hit Hamas hard and painfully. No more going in and out. Talking is over.
15. to no 7 you don't like the hero told the truth
Mordechai   (03.07.08)
What are you upset about. He told the truth. These type of attacks didn't happen before Oslo. We had peace in Israel before Oslo. This attack is a direct result of the peace process. These victims blood is on Olmert and the rest of the lefts hands.
16. #7 - as good as given the terrorist the gun, yes.
17. YNET Please Remove #13'
18. YNET Please Remove #13's Post - Ban His IP
This enemy of Israel calls for the killing of Jews. "Comments containing incitement, slander, racist slurs and inappropriate language deemed to violate our terms of use won't be published. " Please BAN his IP and remove his post.
19. Hello
Bo 3yoooon ,   Vancouver   (03.07.08)
I hope this is th estart to a series of more successfull and powerfull atatcks in the occupied land of Palestine viv ala Palestine
20. Excellent way to punish the terrorists
Arul   (03.07.08)
Pour pig's blood on these terrorists body and send them to hell as per their book. Show it to the whole world when you do this. This is one of the excellent ways you can use to prevent these people from even thinking of carrying out such henious crimes.
gabriel ,   Montreal Canada   (03.07.08)
Another ARAB MASSACRE against INNOCENT JEWISH STUDENT. Where are all the ARAB VOICES to object to that MASSACRE. ARABS are RACIST. it is because its a jewish victim it doesnt fit into their Massacre description. ARABS lost their Grandeur, They lost already their advancement in all aspect of life, They lost their civilization to become BARBARIAN. What a terrible tragedy to be an ARAB!!!!
22. olmert doesn't protect the people, afraid to destroy enemy
dante ,   uk   (03.07.08)
23. good post 13-- good point
USA   (03.07.08)
24. #7 YOU don't like it?
ilana   (03.07.08)
You don;t LIKE that this brave Jewish lad told the truth on the radio??? It is time Israel citizens face the truth. Terrorism is funded there just as it is in the the government!
25. #13 you sick basterd
sam ,   ny   (03.07.08)
26. As terrible as this is, it shows Yeshiva students would do
Rivkah   (03.07.08)
well in the IDF, especially the student who shot the murderer in the head. Well done and I hope he is not prosecuted for defending himself and other Jews.
27. #13 Where is your Logic
BETH ,   Detroit, USA   (03.07.08)
So basically the students have a right to live on the settlement, it is Israeli Land. Let's see if Fox News, CNN and the rest mentions this. The fact that you even wrote what you wrote prompts me to wonder where is your logic?
28. #13, you are totally ignorant....go get educated moron
3Jay3 ,   Israel   (03.07.08)
Olmert is directly to be blamed as he opened the checkpoints and gave the enemy guns. These terrorists werent from Gazza, but were from West Bank, and i will bet anything they are affiliated with Abass. Another interesting point is how the Arab MKs will react, but my guess is that the traitors wont say a word.
29. #13, So it's not Just The Palestinians that have disregard f
MormoninUtah ,   SLC   (03.07.08)
So it's not just the Palestinians that have a disregard for life, it's the Europeans as well. It figures, coming from a nation with no guts always playing neutral. Targeting civilians is never acceptable. Hamas uses women and children to score political victories when they are legitimately targeted by the IDF. WHERE'S THE ARAB AND INTERNATIONAL CONDEMNATION OF THIS??? NO, WE HAVE CELEBRATIONS IN GAZA. MAY THEY ALL BURN IN HELL ALONG WITH ALL THE SWISS, ETC, THAT SUPPORT THEM.
30. Terrorist put down like a rabid dog.
Scott   (03.07.08)
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