En route to 3rd intifada?
Ron Ben-Yishai
Published: 07.03.08, 03:00
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1. A MASSIVE Crushing Blow is the ONLY Solution
Dr. Dave ,   NYC   (03.07.08)
Israel has been brought down completely to it's knees by the far left and current "leadership. If Israel can't get it's act together, launch a massive attack on Gaza, kill thousands of Hamas terrorists (at least 5K must be taken out), hunt down & kill all their leaders, they might as well hand the keys over to the ayatollahs NOW and save us all this unnecessary heartache. Olmert & Barak are definitely not the right men for THAT job. Can Shas break their addiction to Olmert's pork & take down the government? Maybe after haredis were targeted they may finally throw up and return to eating kosher. Only then will Israel have an option to put strong leaders back in the Knesset who can blister and crack this 20 year cycle of Islamist terror.
2. You forgot the Olmert 3rd option
Yessir Ibn Badkarma ,   Kanwait   (03.07.08)
The Olmert 3rd option is capitulation/surrender. An option he has been practicing for some time now with the Pals. Too fearful to take decisive action, Olmert cowers in a closet unable to protect Israeli citizens.
3. Victory Rallies
Bill Ross ,   Alabama, USA   (03.07.08)
"Victory Rallies" in 2008 are merely posturings of cockiness to inspire or intimidate. Victory will not come until: * Israel recognizes that Islam is their SWORN enemy * Israel recognizes that it is "alright" and "okay" to utterly destroy their enemy * Israel unleashes an unprecedented fury on the Ideologues that will finally put them out of our misery Then... Israel can rejoice in their victory and Islam can accept its defeat. But while all this stupid crap goes on about "roadmap to peace" no progress will be made to lasting and SATISFYING peace, victory and a non-attrition based concept of "victory" or "peace." http://billrosspolitics.blogspot.com
4. Olmert fiddles (w/ C. Rice) while Israel burns
Aaron Kinsberg ,   NY   (03.07.08)
Olmert will again threaten while he meets with Rice to placate Bush. And in the end, Israel gets it in the end.
5. Really, Dr Dave?
Tag ,   Denver, USA   (03.07.08)
"At least 5 thousand" Hamas terrorists should be killed? Really? Assuming the 2-to-1 Civilian-to-Terrorist casualty ratio Israel has been causing, that would result in the indiscriminate murder of over 15,000 people, of which only 5,000 would (theoretically) be Hamas members. You'd think that the Holocaust- of all atrocities- would have taught the Jewish people to value human life. I guess 60 years of racism, indiscriminate violence, and apartheid-style occupation have gotten the better of your people- sadly enough. If you actually look back on the last 2 years, you'd realize that Hamas enforced (3 times, might I add) a unilateral cease-fire in the hopes that Israel would follow suit. Every time, Israel would unleash a series of airstrikes and Islamic Jihad would counter with plastic rockets. Why not, for a refreshing change, agree that neither group has been "ordained by God" and entitled to this land, and finally try to co-exist in peace. Because right now, with all the massacres and collective punishment going on in Gaza, I can't help but think that Israel deserves whatever it has coming.
6. Terrorist Resident of Jerusalem
Renee Kaminetzky ,   New York, USA   (03.07.08)
And, if the long awaited peace process becomes a reality, Israel will officially roll out the red carpet for so many more of the same. What's next guys? A peace treaty with Al Queda?
7. There Won't be a 4th !!!
ZALMAN   (03.07.08)
8. Olmert Government to negotiate
Tuvea ,   Chicago USA   (03.07.08)
Ron, By now is has become obvious that the Olmert government is simply negotiating the terms of it's surrender to the Palestinians. From here in the states it is looking more and more like Israel is unable to defend itself. Since you all are unwilling to point your American supplied weapons at your enemies, could you at least do us the favor of returning them back to us? Thanks!
9. retaliation?
Mary ,   Jerusalem   (03.07.08)
Is there some confusion? Did the murder of over 100 Palestinians in Gaza just days ago slip the minds of these people? Do they not see that this very well may be one man's personal retaliation for what occured to the people in Gaza? This was the effect from the cause, not visa versa. All of the murders are sickening, on both sides. Time to start using your brains and not your guns and bombs.
10. en rout
Patton ,   US   (03.07.08)
Wait? for what - more murders. The writer does not acknowledge this has bee happening decades before 1948, nor hear the US, Russia, UK and others condemn this barbarity. Olmert meanwhile threatens a peace talks. strength is understood - not Chamberlain timidty and stupidity. And, yes, Shas should leave the govt - long ago.. they have become a stench unto the Jews.
11. Mary, you are joking, right?
Jake   (03.07.08)
The entire world is laughing at Israel at its kid-gloves, super light pathetic responses to Arab Moslem genocidal violence which is expressly carried out with the stated intent of destroying Israel. Let me remind you the genocide Arabs are carrying out in the Darfur, while finger-pointing nutcases like you look the other way. Israel always has to worry about what evil people with double standards are going to think and what the media will say. Isn't it funny, that the UN just condemned Israel's "crimes" in Gaza while failing to condemn this butchery in a seminary school.
12. Tag #5, you reek with a stench of hypocrisy and bias
Jake   (03.07.08)
Was it Israel that dropped on Vietnam more bombs in a few months than was dropped in the entire World War 2. To read what drivel you have written, I really must say, you are un-f***ing-believable. Feels good to rant like that behind the comfort of your keyboard, doesn it?
13. Two more options for casefire,
ילד מתוק ,   הבלקן   (03.07.08)
to make longtime case fire 10 years for example or to pull on the borders from 1967, in my opinion this second is much better.
14. hit the nest of vipers
Dan ,   Canada   (03.07.08)
shas are cowards/power is more important than there brothers.the only way to stop the viper is to distory the nest .the human sheilds are not inocent they willingy protect the vipers .im with dr.dave
15. They Shot Him Dead In the Seminary.
akiva ,   maaleh adumim   (03.07.08)
Maybe if the US wouldn't have given him the Kalashnikov, this wouldn't be a question. With friends like you, who needs allies. By the way Tuvea, get out of Chicago like I did. Palestinians have burned down a Kollel in Chicago, shot at your Rabbis. Wackos shoot people in Malls and in your Universities. Gang bangers attack you and the Chicago Police do nothing. And you feel safe? Give me a break.
16. By all mean - we can't wait
5th generation ,   Israel   (03.07.08)
So far, every time there has been an Intifada or similar event, Israel has become stronger economically. Maybe after the next one, we can double our minimum wage...
17. Operating against terrorists.
Jean Van Daem   (03.07.08)
The kind of war the terrorists launched against the Western Civilisation has different rules than those respected in the past. In this war the main target of the terrorists are the civilian population and our way of life. Our response to this kind of war should also be adapted. The medias should be kept away from the battlefield until the army has finished its job. Human rights, a Judeo-Christian value, should be considered differently. As to the civilians collaborating with the terrorists (the “human shields”), a few dozen dogs can easily disperse them. And the “Human rights”? We will consider human rights when we can efford it or when the Arabs do. This way a classical armee can be efficient again as explained at : http://israelagainstterror.blogspot.com/2008/02/new-war_01.html
18. Agree to cease fire; bomb Nahiya when he reappears
Ariel ,   Judean Hills   (03.07.08)
19. OH Tag ..What boring Jew hate arguments
Dr. Dave ,   NYC   (03.07.08)
We Jews don't need you to teach us arguments about what we went through in the holocaust. & how that supposedly forces us into a life of taking it up the ass as you would so love to see us do. Now getting back to reality and what us JEWS need to do in Gaza. . 1st look at the depraved behavior there...no doubt you were sucking on candies & dancing while you watched the carnage & scenes of joy in Gaza while sitting on your comfy couch in Denver. Personally, I couldn't give two craps for the lives of a people who behave like this and a people who elected a band of terrorists as their leaders propping them up as mock "resistance leaders”. But ok ...I'll let you bleed for them more than the blacks in Darfur. How many talkbacks have you written about the victims of Darfur, Tag? Probably…let me guess…”0”??? Ok .so we'll let you bleed for the Jew haters of Gaza. Well any way’s, Netanyahu, Israel's next leader, already stated that he's gonna drop a million leaflets before he hits Gaza and let the scum run south...that is, those who don't want to be martyred. Remember, this is a death cult Tag ...an OFFICIAL Hamas driven, ayatollah sponsored full throttle death cult. That means from cradle to grave each and every sworn Hamas supporter is down for "martyrdom". It's a kindda mass psychosis you can't comprehend on your Denver couch. But hey, it's real and it's there if you care to take your Jew hating glasses off and look at it for what it is...kinda like Darfur. It's there...Muslims brutally slaughtering with machetes, hundred of thousands of defenseless women & babies and BTW, they rape young girls right before they behead them….sick stuff like that. But Tag, ya gotta take those Jew hating glasses to look at stuff like that objectively. So back to Gaza. There are over 50,000 armed Hamas terrorists. Kinda like an Ork army (they were bred to die for their god) …All this, compliments of Livni & Olmert & the pork eating shas. Oh and don’t forget their sponsors. The US government supplied weapons (ok to the PA but their …shot in the head) & the greatest friend a Jew ever had, the ayatollahs. So these 50,000 Orks wanna die (virgins etc.) and Israel needs to kill them. If the Gazan Hamas affiliated “civilians” and their bred-to-die spawn flee to the south…they live. If they want their ticket to muslim heaven now…they stay. It’s that simple Tag. No tears for these people. When all the die-hard Hamas fighters who desperately want to die are killed and their leaders gone…the weaker survivors will quit and the Gazans who don’t hate life can breathe once more. And you can take the holocaust argument and shove it …under your couch. Cause no doubt you will use that tired argument ..over & over & over again.
20. who is the bad and who is the good
simon king ,   israel   (03.07.08)
it is so sad that we cannat be nice to each othere we have so much to gain from being friends. what is the point in all the killing, human life is such a presious thing ........let us live in harmony and peace , open a new page we have already lost so much , now is the time to for pease.
21. This time, if Israeli Arabs dare to stab us in the back...
The Doc ,   Haifa, Israel   (03.07.08)
... the Israeli citizens will defend themselves actively. We will NOT run away - on the contrary, we will chase them back to their villages and keep them there until they rot. I was right to stop all my dealings with Arabs since the riots of 2000. Never set foot in an Arab restaurant and never had an Arab work in my house or for me since then. Year 2000 was a wake-up call telling me that I should not nurture any snakes if I want not to be bitten at the first opportunity. HOWEVER, I will participate in the Shfar'am Independence Day celebrations, will eat in their restaurants and hire Shfar'am contractors and workers as a show of support for their positive attitude for a peaceful coexistence. My advice to the baby murderers from Um El Fahm is NOT to try to block the roads or put Israeli lives in danger because this time their rat holes will be filled with their own dead. My private policy now is to harm those who try to kill or harm me and support those who support me - regardless of race or religion. The first stone that hits my car will be met with bullets, regardless of the religion, age or sex of those who throw it. This is how all the Jews should behave. Mercilessly towards traitors and friendly towards supporters.
22. T o eliminate terrorism: only solution:
just send arabs back to where they come from:ARABIA. ALL OF THEM (inlcuding "israeli" arabs that are worst than a fifth column)
23. intifada near
sas ,   israel   (03.07.08)
24. How about kicking ass?
daniel   (03.07.08)
Why does Israel insist on sending the message that it is unwilling to act?
25. Hamas leadership should be targeted...
aaron ,   ra'anana   (03.08.08)
26. #5, so many errors, where to start
Danny   (03.09.08)
Firstly, you got the ratio round backwards. Israel kills on average 2 terrorists for every person "killed whilst not actively engaged in hostilities". Recently that ratio has been more terrorists and less civilians. So lie number one. Lie number 2, Hamas has NEVER enforced a "unilateral ceasefire". Hamas eased off the rockets in the run-up to the disengagement - but I can personally testify right up to the last settler being evicted there were mortars being fired. The number of suicide bombings has gone down because they cannot carry them out. If you are thick enough to argue this, note the longest period of time of "calm" was immediately after Israel "opened the gates of hell" by killing Yassin and Rantanzi. Lie number 3, "plastic rockets" have killed 13 people and wounded hundreds of others virtually all civilians. If "60 of racism..." didn't teach us to "value human life" then what is your excuse - or doesn't Jewish lives count as "human"? Final lie, what "massacres" has Israel perpetrated?
27. Intelligent sensible analysis
Shalom Freedman ,   Jerusalem   (03.09.08)
This analysis is intelligent and sensible. It understands that there are negative consequences whatever we do. It should perhaps mention that it is probably better , were a decision taken to retake Gaza, to do this as swiftly decisively and thoroughly as possible.
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