Ilan Pappe: I'm not a traitor
Ayelet Negev
Published: 15.03.08, 23:49
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1. Uh, yes you are
jack bauer   (03.16.08)
2. Pappe...
Ilan ,   London UK   (03.16.08)
As an academic it is clear Pappe does not have any of the rigor associated with academic work, and has been on record stating that proof is not necessary for history. He appears, having met him, to be an egoist desperate for attention - and the only way he can get this fame he desires is by selling out his own people. His books do not contain historical argument, but extreme ideological statements - hiding behind sources most of the world outside of Israel cannot read. He writes books which inspire Islamic terrorists and Neo-Nazis. On the positive side, Israel can always point to people like him as proof their society is free - and the fact he is not a genuine academic means in high-brow circles his views will always be disregarded.
3. If it sounds like a traitor, smells like a traitor....
David ,   Montreal, Canada   (03.16.08)
IT IS A TRAITOR. (A stupid lying one at that!)
4. professor,
boris ,   nyc ,us   (03.16.08)
you are not a traitor,but your choice of England is wrong, there are not enough muslims yet. i think you should have moved to Iran, where is full garmony between jews and iranians, just like in your dreams and it would be good for you personally, you would work in one of their universities, write books how good jews treated by muslims and when Israel transforms into state you like move back there.
5.  ilan pappe
muriel ,   santa barbara, US   (03.16.08)
Mr.Pappe put himself in the position of pariah himself. He had no need to distort the truth, unless his aim was to become famous. Well, he made himself infamous and has no one to blame but himself. Calling as he is for the "return" of palestinians, when he fully knows that, ethnically it includes all the Jordanians and Irakis (who already have their own countries) is calling for the state of Israel to be erased from the world map at a very short notice. He is indeed a traitor, and I wish him a very long life to repent it at ease.
Jorge ,   tegucigalpa   (03.16.08)
Mr. Pappe acts as traitor, sounds like a traitor, he must be a..........DUCK
7. He is a drek who suffers from Stockolm disease.
Keren ,   Israel-SP   (03.16.08)
In England he is just in the right place to become what he wishes:a complete and total drek.That's what they will transform him into. He must be treated to become again human.
8. Pappe, Finkelstein, Chomsky, Judt: self-hating jews are...
Flavio ,   Sao Paulo, Brazil   (03.16.08)
... the most despisable people ever, they make me feel physically revolted and disgusted by so willingly aligning themselves with the worst enemies of the jews. I cannot understand how a jew, someone who is has the luck to be a part of our people and to share one of the most beautiful religious and cultural heritages ever known, can turn his back so deliberately to his/her own people! Really, it makes me feel sick! Imach shemam, you all!!!
9. News like this and no one is TBing? More likely TBs...
Flavio ,   Sao Paulo, Brazil   (03.16.08)
...are being too strong...perhaps like the one I sent 2 hours ago!
10. He's a Jew trying to become acceptable to non-Jews
Sam ,   Canada   (03.16.08)
Pappe is a Jew trying to become acceptable to non-Jews by sucking up to them. In this, he's not the only one. One doesn't have to work against the interests of one's own people to become acceptable. Having achieved their own country, the vast majority of Jews want to keep it despite the bootlickers.
11. You are a traitor
yehuda ,   Holit,Israel   (03.16.08)
A person who aids a foreign power or powers to take actions against his own country is a traitor. Pure and simple. Get used to it Pappe, you are a traitor.
12. The puppet puppet Pappe
Alex ,   USA   (03.16.08)
OK, I get it. Here is a Jew who loves the Arabs, terrorists especially. He also hates the Jews, notably those in Israel. Happens in the best families, I am afraid. But here is what I do not get. If you advocate academic boycott, what the hell are you doing in England? YOU should be verbotten to come there. You should be spreading your anti-Semitic hate in a Gaza rocket factory. If Pappe has a morel of intellectual honesty, he should go to Gaza now. Mr. Pappe won't be the first self-hating Jew trying to make a living by betraying his fellow Jews. We have seen enough of that in the concentration camps and ghettos of Europe.
13. pathetic
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (03.16.08)
There is so much wrong with Mr. Pappe's thinking, one does not know where to begin to comment. What was exeptionally pathetic was: "As the son of German Jews, I know how important it is for our elites to be a part of Europe" Didn't he get the hint the Europeans gave him in the 1930s? The Europeans don't want him and the self syled "elite" of the Jews?
14. Is this Ynet or Al-Jazeera? Any pro-Jewish writing here..?
Roscio ,   Rome, Italy   (03.16.08)
This is a sick, sick indiviidual who lost his position for teaching anti-Jewish propaganda instead of historical facts. Pappe has not a smidgen of academic honesty, and his sad, warped rantings should always appear with the proper accurate facts to counter-balance his propaganda, just in case weak minds read this nonsense. Ynet, it would be a refreshing change to read an article from a Jew who knows her/his Torah and history. Give it a try, please.
15. Is this a serious article?
david ,   new york/jerusalem   (03.16.08)
How Could Ynet post such garbage? This isnt news worthy!
16. Yes he is
Frank ,   Canada   (03.16.08)
People working at destroying their own country are treators.
17. Just goes to show you, that a advanced
Joe ,   Ohio, USA   (03.16.08)
degree doesn't mean you have a lick of sense.
18. Ilan Pappe: I also smoke crack regularly
Yonatan ,   Nahariya   (03.16.08)
19. I wonder if his sentence says it all about him
Yisraeli   (03.16.08)
"As the son of German Jews, I know how important it is for our elites to be a part of Europe." Better he and his ilk go and stay in Eurabia. Ein lo mah lasot b'eretz yisrael. Lo mekomo.
20. Ilan Pappe: I'm not a traitor
GZLives   (03.16.08)
21. He is not a traitor...
Natan   (03.16.08)
He is a moron!!!
22. Illan Pappe
I. Barr ,   USA   (03.16.08)
Ilan Pappe claim to fame is part of self serving myopic view of Israel. His Book about ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians is full with errors and misinterpretations that are aimed to serve his ego and get him on the lecture list as the "controversial Israeli Jew" who tells the world the truth that was concealed so far. The Tantura story was fraud as proved in Israeli courts. Many criticized him including Benny Morris, but the more criticized Pappe turned the tables to his receptive audience accusing the critics as interfering with free speech, academic freedom and alike. He made sure that his opinions will be distributed in the radical left circles. It is wrong to let him talk without having a knowledgeable person to challenge his opinions. Now even Abbas got the bug and is accusing Israel of "ethnic cleansing". Arabs in Jerusalem, including the Arab killer who massacred 8 kids in a school in Jerusalem a few days ago, have most of the rights Israeli citizens have. They were given the choice to remain "Palestinians" or to obtain Israeli citizenship. Most preferred Israeli citizenship and about 200,000 Arab citizens of Jerusalem became Israeli citizens. Arabic is the second official language in Israel, Friday, like Sunday in Christian countries, is the second day off after the Sabbath in consideration with Muslim tradition. Arabic and Arab history, literature poetry are part of the Israeli school curriculum. The Arabs in Israel and Jerusalem have more rights than Francophones in Quebec. Sure, the situation of the Israeli Arabs can and should be improved, but they cannot get more than other Israeli get. There is ethnic cleansing in the West Bank where the Christian Palestinian minority was forced to emigrate. Their women were raped, their land was grabbed, their property was robbed and their men were killed. Many Christians were forced to convert to Islam. Only 15% of Christian population of 1967 in left in the West Bank today. In Gaza the situation is worse and only 5000 out of 75000 Christians remained there. The Churches were set on fire and the Christians schools destroyed. Hamas and Abbas do not allow Jews to live in Gaza. Gaza is "Judenfrei" as the Nazi called it. Yes, Hamas/Abbas agree about ethnic cleansing, yes, of Christians and Jews. Pappe does not see the plight of the Israeli in Sderot, Palestinian homicide bombings, shooting of kids in cold blood. Pappe is going through a process of moral decadence, where he sees every way to destroy Israel as his life mission. Pappe is not alone in Israel Academia. As an Israeli parent I would not send my kids to an Israeli university. As a donor I would not give any money to the nurseries of hate in Israel academic institutions. Pappe should be sent administratively to live in Sderot if he shows his nose in Israel. He actually knows nothing about the life there and Ashkelon.
23. pappe is a malevolent, arrogant fool & a traitor
dante ,   uk   (03.16.08)
24. Ilan Pappe does not understand the basics
B. Miriam ,   Detroit, USA   (03.16.08)
Ilan, please read Hamas covenant and Fatah directives. See what Hizballah has in mind. The issue is not Israel. The issue is radical Islam. See what Wafa Sultan said - 86k . Pappe is utterly ignorant about political and radical Islam. His utopic views are miserably childish.
25. Good thing he went to England-we wouldn't have him in the US
26. A soft-bioled egg when ignored, only congeals.
EGW ,   vancouver canada   (03.16.08)
This Pappe is a very sick person. YET, when asked if he would give up his home to the Arabs, he DOESN'T ANSWER THE QUESTIOn. He begins another snivelling diatribe. He reminds me of the Communist exhorting a crowd to follow Communism. He was asked "...and if you have $2 million you'd give me half"? "Yes", he replied. "And if you have 2 shirts you'd give me one"? "NO", he stated. "Why not", he was asked? "Because I HAVE two shirts", he replied. This is the same feeling he imputed to the Arabs and "some" Hamas, that they're "willing" to share the land with Jews. YES OF COURSE they'll say ANYTHING, to get their hands on what they HAVE NOT and COVET. But when they GET IT......... LOOK OUT. Again, Pappe is a soft-headed fool, and this interview MUSTshow this to EVERYONE, even far-leftists.
27. Historian?
Walter ,   U.S.A.   (03.16.08)
I would say that Pappe is simply pushing a political line, and providing cover for the most virulent anti-semites. He is really in the same realm as Mr Irving and Dr. Finkelstein in this respect. Also, I think that death threats made to anyone are criminal, no matter to whom they are made. I wonder if Pappe has reported any of them to the authorities in either the U.K. or Israel? If he has not, I would doubt that they were in fact made. Pappe likes the role of persecuted victim better than as a shill for anti-semites.
28. this guy is the definition of a traitor
how does he even have the nerve to speak to an Israeli newspaper?
BS   (03.16.08)
Israel is ours and the Arabs who dont like it, and fight us, should be forced to leave. If you were a TRUE HISTORIAN then you would have learned Jewish history, and you would have surly known that G-D gave us the whole Israel including Gaza. But you history is driven by your own motives, so it ias basically BULL CRAP
30. So explain the difference
Reality Check ,   BaGolan   (03.16.08)
Between this 'professor' and the Kapos that held the doors for the nazis that exterminated his parents' family?
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