There's no place like home
Itamar Eichner
Published: 11.03.08, 19:22
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1. Is this a joke?
Michael ,   Boston USA   (03.11.08)
Why would we return to a country whose current leadership heaps misery upon it's citizens while negotiating the dissolution of our Homeland? The Israeli elite, including Olmert, have sent their children to the safety of the Galut years ago.....and they will not return.
2. Start with your sons and tell them to come home and join IDF
3. Okay, I get it...
Shoshannah ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (03.11.08)
It's Purim, so this is the PM's way of making a joke... right? After all, what self-respecting Israeli, here or abroad, would follow any initiative of his... especially when he thinks we should "get used to" the continued bombardment from Gaza... instead of his actually doing anything about it! Oh, now I get it - if he absolves himself of any responsibility of that and more Israelis in Sderot and Ashkelon and, hey, religious youth in Jerusalem are killed, the more room he'll have for inviting back Israelis who have moved away... so that's his plan... hummmmm.
4. Waste of money Yordim aren't coming back!
5. #2
One of his two sons did complete his Army service....btw his family history is not relevant to his role as PM.
6. Even if Yordim want to come back
Chaim ,   Canada   (03.11.08)
Their children have virtually no connection to Israel or Judaism. I can tell you that here in Canada, most of the Israelis refuse, or cannot, pay for Jewish day schools. So their kids go to public schools and when they bring home a gentile, the parents are devastated but not totally surprised. Olmert’s plan is a good idea and should be done quickly before we lose the second generation completely. Good luck.
7. america/israel
bri ,   phil usa   (03.11.08)
they are needed here to support israel
8. come home, but don't live within a 20km radius from Gaza.
Dave ,   uk   (03.11.08)
9. as a person who is thinking of returning
Gilad ,   London UK   (03.11.08)
My biggest drawback nowadays is the strong shekel!!! I've lost 15% of my wealth (when converting to Shekels) compared to 3 months ago! But the problems are many. Banks charge for everything (here in the UK no charges for most things including just having an account), the different departments of government are completely unconnected and one hand gives the other takes (e.g. contradictions) - and you are forced to pay the price every time. How about: If the police stop you for any small problem with the car, you are given a court hearing. How offensive! First invited to court, then sort it out. Over here in the UK they just give you 2 weeks to fix the problems and prove them, or pay the fine, before "further action may be taken". It's the whole feeling that in israel everything is done to screw citizens over. I'm not saying being in Israel's is all bad, I love it there. But every time I visit, and start longing to move back, suddenly something happens that scares me away from the idea. eg: last time I visited we rented a car. Car company checked our stuff (as required by law) and everything ok. We get pulled over for broken light (not even our fault!!). Cop from petach tikva region gives appearance before a judge for OUT OF DATE DRIVING LICENSE. Reason: As Israelis we cannot be judged by our UK license (one we were using). If we were not Israelis, we would've been fine. So only Israelis are discriminated against in this way. So we went to Ashdod and they told us they cannot fix problems from Petach tikva that we have to go there. What large stress, painful times. Completely ruined the latter part of my trip desperately trying to sort it out. What was EVERYONES suggestions? "Renounce your citizenship and they cannot try you for not having an in-date Israeli driving license, so they'll have to recognize your british one". REALLY? The police? The interior ministry? This is what they both suggest to a suffering Israeli citizen visiting home who thought everything he did was legal but instead faced possible jail time just for being Israeli (e.g. anyone in identical position without israeli citizenship would've been fine). Eventually they let us off (after a great deal of stress and pain). What was the police suggestion afterwards? "Get your Israeli license renewed (e.g. pay every year even though you don't live there or use it) OR next time you are caught on english license, don't speak hebrew to the officer". I doubt anyone is surprised it's put me off moving home. How about we fix these things first? I know many people who had to go infront of judges for the sillest of things that in the UK it would never ever ever have gone that far - even if they didn't pay their fines etc. The laws need to be fixed desperately if you want people to feel good coming home and not scared of coming home!
10. Dear Mr. Olmert,
Abir ,   Chicago, IL   (03.11.08)
Your efforts and the initiative you hope to launch are much appreciated. However, a few words of advice for whatever they are worth. You might like to consider spending those Financial incentives" on the people currently living in Israel, so that they may continue to live there. Perhaps, if the security situation improved and you stopped making statements to the effect that "It is impossible to stop rocket attacks on Sderot & Ashkelon" it might help. The Northern part of the country (as seen in the last Lebanon war is within range of missiles, as is parts of the country around Gaza (Sderot, Ashkelon, etc). This reduces the living options to the Tel Aviv area, and certainly does not instill confidence in the citizens of those towns, and far less in prospective immigrants, or Israelis living abroad. And while you are at it, you might like to seriously tackle the growing corruption, lawlessness, juvenile violence, 3rd world educational system, bureaucracy, among many other issues. We sincerely hope that Israel once again becomes as it used to be up to a couple of decades ago, a fun place to live and an enjoyable place to raise our kids. It seems that you have your work cut out for you & your cabinet before trying to convince us to return.
11. Olmert is just like the new El Al livery
Jake   (03.11.08)
The image of 'post-Zionism' and a pale reflection of what once was.
12. Sign this please. It's your resignation.
Gideon Reader   (03.11.08)
Olmert the Failed 4.0 has done more for Yorida that he has for Aliyah. If you ever ask him for his autograph, make sure you get your pen back.
13. funny guy =)
shmulik ,   israel   (03.11.08)
14. #1 100000..000% u r right!
shmulik ,   from israel   (03.11.08)
15. #6 u r still there? come on. welcome back!
shmulik ,   from israel   (03.11.08)
16. Life to hard in Israel ???? (to Gilad)
Michael ,   Jerusalem   (03.11.08)
As a new immigrant (5 years now) from Switzerland, I know what hard life means. For sure, life abroad is always easier and there is a reason about that... When you are in Israel, You feel at home and there is a price. Israel, Torah and Olam Aba are bought with lots of pain but worth it. If something is too easy to get... its because its cheap... Israel is very expensive and worth it. (don't talk about politics, talk about spirit) A study says Brussels (Belgium) should turn muslim at 50% in 15-20 years... better make aliyah now than later. No Jew can feel at home outisde of Israel. If yes... Its because you don't feel Jew anymore and just enter in the sad statistic of silent Shoah...
17. Map me down, please!!!!
Inyaki ,   Bilbao, Basque   (03.11.08)
Hey there, please map me down in a beautiful Bizkay Bay. In 15 years, when retired I"ll come back to spend winters in T-A., but summers back on Atlantic beach of Bizkaya. Meanwhile, please have me mapped down!!!! Be'Hatzlachah! Inyaki.
18. Oh Yea?
Yisraeli   (03.11.08)
I wrote the following end of last year due to that new project bringing citizens back home (chozrim habayta). To: Shalom Lachem, One of my main concerns in returning to Israel (believe it or not) is my treasured motorbike. I love motorbikes and have ridden them for over 40 years (I am now 52). I currently own a Suzuki GSX1300R Hayabusa and I have had it since 1999 and I am not willing to part with it. I know theres a ridiculous tax of 144% of its value if I were to bring it with me. Theres no way I can afford that let alone pay that ridiculous amount. I also know there is a limit of 5 years old on a vehicle to bring back to Israel. Anything over one has to apply for a special import license if granted at all. So tell me how you can assist me with this? The motorbike is mine already over 8 years and you want me to pay you a fortune just to bring in my own property that I already own. Not to mention the 5 year limit. I eagerly await your reply Ze'ev ............... ............ Australia Teudat Zehut: 1...... Mispar Ishi: 3...... That was sent on 28 December 2007. Do you think they replied anything at all since? Even a letter saying they are investigating? No not a word.
19. What home?
Alien   (03.12.08)
My home was in Sderot . Any comments on that Mr PM?
20. "Map all Israelis living abroad"
Drouch   (03.12.08)
Yeah, right! new face of the KGB..... databases,personal files and medical records.
21. Return to Israel and die because of the cowardly Olmert Gov
Gary A., MD ,   Boston, MA   (03.12.08)
Olmert is a disgrace to all Jews.
22. There's no place like home
David ,   Rio de Janeiro, Braz   (03.12.08)
I made aliyah on 2003 and left Israel in the end of 2004 to Brazil. If you guarantee to me a good job as a business administrator I can reconsider my way back to Israel....
23. returning israelis?
jesse ,   ny,usa   (03.12.08)
good idea,but first ' convince the' 50% of israeli high school students who don't wish to remain in israel to become proud citizens & serve the country.
24. Israelis abroad
Joe ,   USA   (03.12.08)
Israelis living abroad could be one of Israel's strongest assets on many levels. In some ways they can be of more value to Israel abroad than in Israel itself; if their energy, wealth and creativity are harnessed in the right way. That is the Israeli governments real challenge: how to tap into this massive resource of human capital that for the most part are eager to contribute. A little imagination and creativity on the governments part might help.
25. There's no place like home
Millicent ,   Israel   (03.12.08)
Your right, higher taxes then you ever paid,lousy educational system,lousy political leadership,prices on food going up weekly,prices on fuel going up weekly,prices on electricity going up monthly. Don't forget about the coruption that perminates every politician and almost every public service office! Not to mention the real lack of English language recording when you try to call the Kupat Holims to make an appointment(they have recordings in Russian,andEthiopean,Spanish). So be warned if you want to return this place is not a bed of Roses and life is Hard!
26. Olmert encourages Israeli's to return
I.Kemp ,   Nahariya   (03.12.08)
For goodness sake stay away while Olmert is PM and wait for true leadership. Problem is you may have a long wait as there is nothing in the opposition either !
27. The Land of Israel is the home of all Jews.
Jean Van Daem   (03.12.08)
Israel is obligated, using our traditional skill with words, to retake the battlefield of ideology and of the mind - and win. The Jewish People have always been made up of different kinds of Jews. We have to make every effort to explain to all Jews that the Land of Israel is their home. Some of them may want to become religiously observant, and some may not - but if this Land cannot be the home of all Jews, then our State will not be able to last. A united Jewish people will not fear anti-Semitism as explained at :
28. to #5 its absolutely relevant!
aaron ,   ra'anana   (03.12.08)
we don't want somebody who was a bad father and failed to instill their sons with a love of israel as our PM. Israel will be a much stronger country when Ehud Olmert moves away.
29. Not for sale
Talula ,   Israel   (03.12.08)
These Israelis that run away run away for a better life and the notion that the streets are paved with gold in other countries. Mr. Olmert needs to look after the ones that stay and stop giving us such a hard time!!!!! Life in Israel isn't easy, it's not easy at all, but I wouldn't want to live anywhere else. I love my country!!! : )
Talula ,   Isrel   (03.12.08)
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