There's no place like home
Itamar Eichner
Published: 11.03.08, 19:22
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31. The Modern State of israel is not and cannot
Al   (03.12.08)
continue in its suicidal policies and hope to attract anyone with two nickels to return to a poorly run whoredom. What part of that do people not understand? Most who have left are doing well...Why would they return ? To eat a friggin humous. To have their schnorrer relatives hit them up for money? My ex called 24/7 asking for money...I let her call,till the time she couldnt pay the telephone bill. Today I have quiet. Same with israel,they keep on calling yet people dont want to come. You know why cos we are tired of your schnorrer schtick. Show u are serious and true to the meaning of a Jewish country and then you will be joined.In the interim you are dying a death of a 1000 cuts.
32. Home is not....
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (03.12.08)
a place on the map or where someone else says you should be. Home is where the heart is and the place of one's good memories. My "home" is not in Germany, where I grew up. My true home is right here, where the people are whom I love and where the best husband under the sun and I created memories that have seen me through losing him 6 years ago. If I had to go back to the "old country," I'd grieve myself into an early grave, and that, "friends, foreigners, legal or illegal fellow countrymen of whatever political or religious persuasion simply ain't gonna happen." To insist that all Jews go tearing off to Israel seems about as odd as expecting all Catholics to haul a-- for Italy. They'd have to move the Vatican to the high plains of Wyoming just for a little breathing room. Now there'd be one hell of a theme for a reality show :-)
33. אני...
Elianah   (03.13.08)
בדרך הביתה.
34. Hard to return
Lana ,   Seattle, WA   (03.13.08)
I miss Israel and often dream of returning. But in reality, it would be hard to readjust after living abroad for a considerable number of years, and getting used to the good things. And its not so much the material wealth. There are so many social issues that the State of Israel should address before they can convince any serious "yored/yoredet to return. Examples - treatment of women in the workplace and in the society as a whole. Slander against Russian Jews. And many more. But it is a good idea for the government to get in touch with Israelis living abroad. At least they'll show that they care - for a change.
35. Come to Shas-is-Stan
Simon ,   TA Israel   (03.13.08)
Anyone in their right mind wouldnt come and live in Israel. With the Likes of the Shas party they are taking us back to the dark ages, They have taken our religion and turned it in to a tool of hatred and intollerence. Womens rights and basic human rights have been trampled on and the Ultra Orthadox are forcing their life style on the general public. Make Aliah ? are you mad?
36. Jewish demographics is positive
Alexander ,   Herzliya, Israel   (03.13.08)
The JEWISH population of Israel grows by 1,5% annually. The JEWISH population of the diaspora declines by 0,5% a year and little more than 40% of world Jewry live in Israel. Israel's Jewish population is younger than the diaspora Jewish population. The mean and median age among Jews in Israel is lower than in the diaspora. Anyone acquainted with mathematics will soon understand that in only a few decades, Israel's Jewish population would have surpassed the Jewish population of the diaspora. There are more Jews in Israel than Danes in Denmark, Norwegians in Norway, Finns in Finland, Irishmen in Ireland, Estonians in Estonia, Lathvians in Lathvia, Lithuanians in Lithuania and Slovenians in Slovenia. I never hear those nations constantly whine and worry about their population sizes. There are approximately 140 million Italians in this world but only 60 milion live in Italy - the rest, more than 50%, live either in the USA or Latin American countries such Argentina and Brazil. There are approximately 130 million Spaniards in this world but only 40 million of them live in Spain. It means that two thirds of the Spaniards live outside Spain in Latin America. There are approximately 90 million Englishmen in this world but only 45 million of them actually live in England - the rest live in the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. There are approximately 100 million Irishmen in this world but only 4-5 million of them live in Ireland. It means that about 5% of all Irishmen live in Ireland. The rst of the Irish live in the USA, Canada, Latin America, Australia and New Zealand. There are about 50 million Scotsmen in this world but only 5 million live in Scotland - the rest live in USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. I could go on and on. I do not mind that exile Jews/Israelis return to Israel, but frankly, Israel will make it without them. If Israel truley wants them back, Israel must develop itself into an economic super power that offers the highest standard of living and the highest wages in the world. Israeli authorities must make sure that social parasite mentality, corruption, lack of fantasy, lack of ambition and lack of intelligence and lack of initiative will not pay off but hard and honest work, ambition and savy will. Furthermore, people must stop to view aliya as "good" and "yerida" as bad. Relying on abstract philosophy and ideas does not change reality. In the 21st century, we must develop a national ideology that fits and appeals to modern 21st century Jewish individuals that want to reach self - fulfillment - careerwise, academically, intellectually and spiritually. Having a network of Israel-Diaspora relations will not harm but benefit both Israel and the diaspora as both can exchange ideas, science, technology and culture.
37. Home is....
Yael ,   USA   (03.14.08)
Sure, I want to live in a country where the citizenry is unsafe in just about any place(school, market, buses, etc), with high unemployment, where ultra-orthodox rabbis run the show, and don't even recognize Jews as Jews...yeah, right!!! It may be my spiritual home, but I doubt it will ever be my physical home.
38. Israel is the Land of Milk + Honey and the U.S.
Seth ,   Washington, DC   (03.14.08)
is the land of milk and money. I mean c'mon nobody moves to Israel for economic reasons except for Ethiopian Jews. We have such an easy life in DC but our family has dual citizenship and we bought a place in Herzliya where family lives until we move there in a few years. Yes there is pollution Yes there are cell towers everywhere Yes people drive like @#@#ing maniacs Yes life can be hard but it's where we as Jews belong. The U.S. can be very isolating socially and Israel is just so much more fun in so many ways and we want our children to be Israelis.
39. isaelis married to converts
nobody ,   NYC   (03.14.08)
are not invited, unless the conversion, even if orthodox, is done by a rabbi who is on The List of Acceptable Rabbis. those of us with the misfortune to choose the wrong rabbi, well, we're screwed. i've dreamt of nothing more than to raise my kids in israel. i converted because i love Judaism and the Jewish People, but no way am i going to be able to come to israel as a Jew because the rabbi wasn't okay. funny thing, 8 years ago, he was okay. what changed? i'm disappointed, saddened, and very confused :(
40. #9
mark ,   ca   (03.14.08)
Don't feel bad.In my case(2 years ago in Israel) It got to a point where US ambassy got involved.I haven't renewed my IL passport for 25 years .My luck was that I'm also US citizen.Now I'm only US citizen:-))
41. #18
mark ,   ca   (03.14.08)
You think there is a good service for my Harley v-rod in IL?
42. Is this a joke?
Gideon Reader   (03.14.08)
Re: Your question, "Is this a joke?" Yes! Nothing follows.
43. returning residents
sas ,   israel   (03.24.08)
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