MK demands dismantling of mourning tent for Jerusalem terrorist
Published: 08.03.08, 20:16
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SERGIO ,   ISRAEL   (03.08.08)
The Arabs were the Fascists' allies in the '20s, '30s, '40s. They still are!
3. Re: Terrorist tent
John Antex ,   new york, usa   (03.08.08)
Not only should this "terrorist tent" be removed, the house of his family be demolished, his family be transferred to Gaza along with the treasonous arab MK's.
4. If Jordan can do it, so can we!
Chaya ,   Bat Yam, Israel   (03.08.08)
Jordan dismantled the mourning ten of the relatives in Jordan! So should we!
5. Ship all of them to AZA
gabriela ben ari ,   jerusalem   (03.08.08)
6. put thıs bastard famıly to prıson ın a dark room
7. Get these Arab Nazi scum out of Eretz Yisrael
Gary   (03.08.08)
8. Effie Eitan
Steve ,   US   (03.08.08)
Did Arab Knesset members, at a rally in Umm al-Fahm, actually say: 'Shahids of Gaza – rest, we will continue the work.' (?)
9. Arab MK's
Ari ,   San Jose, California   (03.08.08)
Many of these arab mks are traitors to the state. The US would never allow this. Israel needs to find a legal way to expel them and try them in court for treason.
10. Where's the Israeli Mourning? Evict Tibi's Party
Brana Lobel ,   Israel   (03.08.08)
Do I have to see a photo of Arab women crying over a man who shot 600 bullets at high school boys? YNET, you are not even practising moral equivalency; you are at moral reversal. Tibi is the liar Tibi is the traitor Tibi is the murderer by association Forget the BIG LIE Tibi is the nachash The Arab MK added "One thing must be made very clear: We are citizens of the State of Israel, we have never stolen any land that didn't belong to us and have never called for murder. " What kind of citizens call for the destruction of their country? Of course they have stolen land, all sorts of illegal building in Jerusalem for example Of course they have called for murder What else are those Hamas flags on the mourning tent for? I call on every Israeli citizen to condemn this liar and traitor to our nation and to demand that his party be removed from the Knesset immediately
11. Zevulan Orlev wants the wrong people to loose citizenship
zionist forever   (03.08.08)
Its the treasoness MKS of their citizenship and all the privalages that comes with it and deport them to Gaza then they will have somethng to cry about. If a jew had murdered even 1 arab and then a tent was put up to honour him then arabs would be rioting all around the country and the arab MKS would be on tv demanding the jewish politicians condem it but if its 8 jews who are murdered not only are there no riots but the arab politicians are condeming the men who do demand action be taken to stop it. These sickening men are sadly Israeli citizens, they sit in the Israeli parliement but rather than condem the decision to put up this tent to mourn a dead killer they condem Erdan for teling the police to take it down. Also we must ask ourselves whats going wrong in Israel when Jordanian authorities refuse a mourning tent to be set up in Amman but in Jerusalem the police dont do anything about there being a tent set up to honour a murderer untill a member of the Knesset demands action be taken. The arab state takes action quicker to stop the glorifying of jewish murders than the jewish state does and action needs to be taken to make sure that the police take action without a need for men like Gilad Erdan to call for action to be taken to pull the thing down.
12. we try to be to tolerant of Israelis supporting kilers
zionist forever   (03.08.08)
Why do we even allow Hamas flags to be raiesed on buildings or carried in the street at all. Hamas murder Israelis, they are a terrorist group... if a swastika was carried around in the street or hung outside somebodies window there would be people demanding that it be stopped imidiatly. When a Hamas flag is hung out the window of waved in the street we have an attitude of trying to show tolerance and turning a blind eye. If somebody hung an Israeli flag outside their window or carried an Israeli flag in any islamic state let alone arab one the person with that flag would be lynched. Isnt it time for Israel to say to its arab population no more glorifying terrorisrts we wont accept it anymore you show loyalty to the State of Israel if you want to be a citizens of Israel if not go live with the terrorirssts you like to publicly show so much solidarity for.
13. I can feel what you feel the same way, but i can think. ever
Simon Mohammed ,   Falls Church, VA USA   (03.08.08)
one has lost his/her their kids in different way. Yes the way are different, but the result is the same. I am pretty sure the Pal family has not thing to celebrate but still can mourn their son and the ISraeli family do have the right to have bad feeling but restraint from vengeance and wrong decision. Mourn you child and just say it is not working, it is worng and need to stop, and build the first coalision of family living their sons in different way in attemp to stop this what i call insanity and no sens. Good luck
14. Twisted!
Stuart ,   Ny,ny USA   (03.08.08)
How can the Israeli govt allow a Mourning Tent!!!!!!!!! If they hang a Terrorist Flag then they are honoring not only the murders but also the Terrorist institutions that call for it! Even though knocking down the homes of the terrorists families is collective punishment...IT WORKED!
15. You don't think punishing relatives is the correct
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (03.08.08)
way to deal with the problems? They supported this fools actions. They wouldn't be sporting Hamas flags if they didn't support this action. They deserve condemnation as well as him for his atrocious act. If a KKK member killed black children at a school.....and his family came dressed in white hoods to celebrate.............................................. A big group of the black population would be out kicking these peoples glutious maximus,s. This would be stopped by public outrage. To hell with these terrorist supporters.....who support and condon these barbaric acts.
16. to all the above racists scum
who call for the deportation of Palestinians and demolishing of houses. you did that for the last 40 years and even before. we are here to stay and all of you bigots bunch of racists will disappear from this land.
17. help honoring him & them
observer   (03.08.08)
a mourning tent! nothing like that in Islamic rituals; obligation or tradition. It's really a wise act of Israel to dismantle it.
18. Tibi can bear the flag of racism, incitement and hatred!
The Doc ,   Haifa, Israel   (03.08.08)
Look who's complaining! After years of rabid incitement, fraternizing with teh enemies of the State and lying through his teeth, Ahmed Tibi is among the LAST to cry "foul". But it is us to blame for Tibi, Bshara, Barakeh, Taleb and the rest of the Arab fifth colum in our Parliament. We should implement a law which alows the Parliament to throw out of its ranks any member who acts against the State, and prevent him/her for ever running for elections again. There is no other country in the workd - especially Muslim countries - which tolerates this kind of anti-State behavior from its Parliament or Opposition Members. We should NOT be different from any of them in this sense. Democracy has tools to defend itself against this kind of cancer and we should apply these tools without delay.
19. Make sure they don't get extra pension rights
Ilan ,   Ariel   (03.08.08)
Typical to commit these acts then claim extra benefits from the government a bereaved parents.
20. 4 Years Ago in the Old Jerusalem Shuk
YS ,   Israel   (03.08.08)
was walking down the path there, and there was a stall - as plain as daylight - flaunting Hamas books, posters and flags without a worry in the world. This kind of s*t has been in our midst for way too long. Time for a good kick in their asses. Send them all to Darfur. That'll cure em from what ails em.
21. Kick Every Single One of them OUT
Ana ,   Judah   (03.08.08)
and make the rest of them our slaves - take away those BLUE ID cards. Slaves aren't worthy of walking around free. You gotta earn that freedom.
22. What Makes Me SICK is the Groveling
J.Sherri ,   Eretz Yisrael   (03.08.08)
Where the hell is your pride you pathetic men. Groveling to the Arabs, groveling to the world. You make me want to puke. Not a single ball sack among you.
Barry Machluf ,   Israel   (03.08.08)
The Israeli government is hazardous to the Jewish people.
24. Let the government give us arms and ammo
jason white ,   afula,israel   (03.08.08)
There will be plenty of volunteers to have a pogrom and to throw the arabs out of the JEWISH Holy land. We can also throw out their "jewish" supporters.
25. Dont forget....Olmert appointed these traitor Arab Mks!
3Jay3 ,   Israel   (03.08.08)
Olmert has to be held responsible for employing these traitors to work for the state. He even appointed Arafats ex advisor! ENOUGH ALREADY!!! THE PEOPLE OF ISRAEL DEMAND ELECTIONS NOW!
26. a family in utter perversion
gerhard ,   Munich, Germany   (03.08.08)
27. Mourning tent
Joe ,   Israel   (03.08.08)
How long must the State of Israel follow their stupid policies of arming terrorists with the express purpose of killing Jews. Allowing this "Mournng Tent" to exist is an insult to the memory of every murdered Jew and their families. Get rid of the traitorist Arab fifth column in the Knesset. Only Israel, with their stupid, uncaring leadership provides electricity, ammunition, fuel and the wherewithall for manufacturing rockets that are used against Israeli innocents - to a terrorist gang of murderers. There is a very simple solution to the rocket attacks from Gaza. Every rocket is immediately answered with an artillery shell fired to the point of launch. Worried about world opinion? World opinion does not give a damn about innocent Israelis that are murdered.
28. this government
Rob ,   UK   (03.08.08)
this has got to be the lousiest, most despicable government in the history of the state of Israel. For goodness sake kick olmert out and never hear of him again!
29. This is not YOUR territory
le_white_rose ,   USA   (03.09.08)
It is occupied or have you forgotten?
Scott   (03.09.08)
Occupied by its owners. You have forgotten 'big smart' that technically the USA is "occupied territory" too. Where you live is "occupied territory" So do the honorable thing, live up to your expectations of others... and GET OUT NOW! OCCUPIER"! :-) (we know you will....)
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