The power of land
Yoel Ben-Nun
Published: 09.03.08, 12:08
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1. Great article, thank you
3JAy3 ,   Israel   (03.09.08)
2. What are the chances of peace?
Jean Van Daem   (03.09.08)
There will not be peace with the Arabs living west of the Jordan because the Arab leaders in the Middle-East are afraid of peace. We should understand why the leaders in the Arab world do not want peace with Israel. Peace and closer relations with Israel means democracy in the Arab countries, improvement of individual freedom for all, freedom of choice as to religion and education in other words the end of the dictatorship, the end of tyranny in the Arab countries first, and then, in the Muslim countries. Can the Saudi King Abdullah accept this ? can Basher al-Assad accept this ? can Mubarak accept this ? can all the petty tyrants of the Arabic Peninsula accept this, or Mahmoud Ahmadinejad ? …so let’s be realistic: can peace, indeed, be more than just a dream ? Peace with Israel means, also, the abandondment of Jihad, the abandondment of the conquest of the world by Islam. In order to understand what that means you should consult : http://israelagainstterror.blogspot.com/2007/12/phenomenon-of-radical-islam-or-islamism_4903.html
3. Take 10 hectares For Every Rocket
Bill Foonman ,   Jacksonville, USA   (03.09.08)
Yoel Ben-Nun is absolutely correct. When you are dealing with these primitive, demonic, Islamic death worshippers giving them martyrdom and their 72 virgins (can anyone believe that nonsense?) is exactly what they want. I've said it before and I'll say it again. Let them forfeit 10 hectares of their godforsaken land for every rocket that is fired at Israel - with an increased penalty for terrorist attacks - and see if that deters them.
4. Great Ideas!
Christy ,   Boston, US   (03.09.08)
My condolences to the families & friends of the yeshiva students who were killed due to a war that's been waging against Israel since it's re-birth. I wish that US leaders would listen to constructive ideas, as presented here, as opposed to pie-in-the-sky feel-good 'peace maps'. Israel's enemies define peace as the elimination of Israel. Nothing else will satisfy them. The ideas presented here about dealing with the Gazans, for example, are worth trying. Good for the Gazans as well as Israel. The other ideas should be listened to and tried also.
5. Either .... Or...
Pal ,   KSA   (03.09.08)
Sadly, the more I read of most of your talkbacks, the less I can hope for co existance in this area of the world. The only great solutions you are offering are killing, distruction, more settelments, ocupy more land, shote,,,,,,,,,,, With this scenario, how long do you think Israel can servive ? Give a hope to your people and the Pals, otherwise it will the either ... end .... by getting red of all pals, hownany jew will remain you think? There wont be any of both parties, then Saudi peaple will come to enjoy the sea and weather... on Yafo sea and Hebron hights . Pals have their crazy... but Israel is becomming the crazy home land ,,, if all of you are thinking the same way . and this is all what I can read in your talkbacks. Good night and nice dreams....
6. Pal.........change your ways
if you dont....your naqba will be lasting 3000 yrs.
MOSHE ,   US   (03.09.08)
8. Author is right in at least one respect
Raymond from DC ,   Washington, DC USA   (03.09.08)
In the struggle against radical Islam, the worst thing we can do is provide them yet another triumph. Its radicals see an Islam "on the march". They must be disabused of that notion. In Europe itself, we itself an increasingly dhimmified population, governments making one accommodation after another, ever afraid to "offend". In Israel, the government is ready to "surrender" its critical heartland and its very capitol to those who wish to destroy it. Terrorism is beyond "cost free"; terrorism pays, and concessions for peace invite more aggression. It is therefore incumbent on the West not only to stand fast, but to push back. The Islamic surge must suffer defeats, and a permanent loss of land is a real manifestation of defeat.
9. #5 Have you read any Muslim talkbacks lately?
The Doc ,   Haifa, Israel   (03.09.08)
No? Then you should... The posts here are mere naive child play compared to teh bloodthirsy religios frenzy that goes on there. Unfortunately these Mulsim primitives rarely post in English on those forums so the Western eyes cannot grasp the horrific future an "Islamic future" reserves for anyone. But no need to know Arabic or be exposed to the carnage and hatred which populates those forums/talkbacks or their "bravery videos". Suffice to notice that the majority of the Muslims murdered worldwide were murdere by fellow Muslims in teh name of Islam. Now what kind of religion is that? What kind of religion is teaching its followers to butcher its other followers? So don't come in here preaching to us and fantasizing of a world free of Jews. Next thing you know you may be murdered too by a brother Muslim for going to the beach and looking by mistake at somebody's uncovered wife. You may well long for Jews who gave pals work and money. We know too well what your kind is capable of - your people make it amply clear to everybody with words and actions! 10,000 terror attacks perpetrated by Muslims worldwide cannot lie! So good night to YOU and nice dreams...
10. To # 6 & # 7
Pal ,   KSA   (03.10.08)
# 6 : see what Mr Moshe is writing KICKED OUT WEST OF THE JORDAN. ARE YOU UP FOR IT ? YOU BETTER BE ! MOSHE It is not only us who are merders !!!! # 7 we can say the same and exactly the same !!!
11. To my Pal from KSA # 5 and 10
Tom ,   Toronto   (03.10.08)
You are obviously a Pal-estinian or pal sympathizer or of the Israeli delusional Left. You think the Arab can be accomodated by anything less then the genocide of the Jews. There is no appeasing evil. Evil must be eradicated, we've tried all else to the brink of own destruction. It's either conquer or be conquered - destroy or capitulate. The 8 murdered in Marcaz HaRav was just the latest wake-up call to the sleepy, dunderheaded Jews who just can't seem to open their eyes or pull their head out of the sand.
12. Suggestion for Rabbi Yoel ben Nun
Nechuniah ben Hakana ,   Safed   (03.11.08)
Rabbi ben Nun. Please study carefully the emblems of Fatah, Hizbullah, and more importantly, Islamic Jihad and Hamas. And then know how much you suffer from "confusion of face" (Daniel 9:7-8). Rabbinical Judaism has dead ended itself and all of us. HaShem is God Who is Zealous (A'L Q'N'A) and he properly assigns (P'Q'D) people and things to their proper positions in His order of things (not ours). The Rabbis talk a good game but they are corrupt, taking shekels from the people through a Government they anoint then falsely distance themselves from when it is convenient. Their actions must be compared to those of Rabbi Akiva, may he be blessed by HaShem for his love of TORAH ACTION. Our Rabbis do not measure up. I repeat: our Rabbis do not measure up to the likes of Rabbi Akiva. And most sadly, our enemies see this, and know and act accordingly. Israel must admit its "confusion of face" and turn back to HaShem as a whole, today and now is better than the vague tomorrow. We followed the Rabbis on the Road of By and By and we have duly arrived at the House of Never. B'H.
13. sinai for gaza
swl ,   usa   (03.12.08)
bulldoze hamas to sinai and let the egyptians deal with them. then if there are any more attacks from the west bank, bulldoze the pa back to jordan. after 60 years of this it is enough..sheesh..no more land peace, in fact, take back land and send them back to where they came from in the first place.
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