Iranian group puts price on Barak's head
Dudi Cohen
Published: 09.03.08, 21:38
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1. volunteers to donate a kidney in order to offer the money ac
Yahud   (03.09.08)
2 kidneys would be better
2. who wants a terrorist kidney?
Maria ,   Latin America   (03.09.08)
Mark ,   England   (03.09.08)
These Muslims make me laugh.So pathetic, maybe all Iranians will donate one kidney each, then we can really laugh.
4. if they would only know,what a favour they would be doing to
chaim ,   brooklyn n.y   (03.09.08)
5. Beer does that to you.
Ypip ,   Canada   (03.09.08)
6. 'ere! Mind yer manners mate. Olmert first!
Gideon Reader   (03.09.08)
I figure eveventeen bazillion dollarim and one hundred and sixty two agorot, aand four kopeks. That ought to do it. Or a romantic weekend getaway with that sheep you have been looking at.
7. A kidney bcosthere isnt anyone with brain worth transplantin
Alan ,   SA   (03.09.08)
8. One shekel for the head of the Ayatollah Khameini...
Eyal   (03.09.08)
...since that's all its worth!
9. FOR BARAK'S HEAD...................................
IZZY STEIN   (03.09.08)
How much are they offering ?
SAM GREEN   (03.09.08)
12. So what is stopping us to do the same?
Harissa ,   Israel   (03.09.08)
There are so many heads that would look nicer on hanging poles than on shoulders...I can think of many in Iran and Syria...cant you?
Joel ,   Israel   (03.09.08)
Who cares if there is a price on their heads? A price has been put on the heads of the poor in Israel on the elderly in Israel on the handicapped in Israel, also a price has been put on the heads and hearts of those in need of life saving medication, the povershed and the victims of the corruption in Israel has a price on the heads of all those who are not the son of or the friend of someone influential. The upper echelon abuse of the needy and rightful will soon come to an end like in all the movies and when it does i won't shed a tear for any of them, a tyrant can escape destiny only so long, just too bad the innocent will be hurt in the affairs. Earth quake soon to hit Israel, are we the average mooch! If Israel won't protect it's citizens from 20 years of rocket fire and terror then how will they from dirty bombs and Iranian missiles, they won't cause they don't plan too. Arcady Gaidomak where are thou our savior our superman? Help us Arcady please help us i beg of you!!!
14. Yahud, Why just stop at the kidneys?
Joe ,   Ohio, USA   (03.09.08)
Don't they profess their heart and mind to the cause too?
15. What about Olmert aka Olfart
Laughing Jew   (03.09.08)
Apparently even the Iranians thinks he is one big JOKE!
16. Virgins, each and every one.
Gideon Reader   (03.09.08)
G'Day Sam, The highest bids on Olmert the Failed 2.0's scabby & dandruff covered head, will most likely come from those to whom he presents the greatest danger/threat, i.e., Israseli's, or others who cannot abide his corrupt and staggerringly incompetent administration, such as it is.
17. You're not funny...
saddened zionist ,   yisrael   (03.09.08)
You Jews who joke about assassinating Olmert and Barak should be ashamed of yourselves. You're just bringing down our nation. Remember what happened with Rabin...
18. Let them donate a heart
Gary ,   Los Angeles   (03.09.08)
What little primitives
19. one penny for Achmadsheethead's head
Jake ,   Brooklyn, NY   (03.09.08)
It could be the mold for new urinals in gas stations all over the USA Nasrallah's head would work well on a shoe shine machine! That is worth a nickel
20. #11 Sam Green - Even the Iranians know ...
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (03.09.08)
He's worthless.
21. Iranian's The King of the Idiots of the world
Bobby ,   Canada   (03.09.08)
Just when you we thought we've heard it all from,the morons of the human race They top it off with this bounty And Obama whats to have a sit down with these Putz's
22. Olmert supplied the weapons to fatah
eddie ,   London UK   (03.09.08)
Fatah used the weapons of Oslo and Olmert to murder Israelis. The irony is , thy may use their agents to try to assasinate the leaders who gave them the weapons and the bullets in th efirst place!
23. #20 lol, priceless
24. I donated my balls!
Nassarlah ,   Beirut   (03.09.08)
do the same my brothers.
25. The next time the 'Supreme Council of Imams
David ,   Hartford USA   (03.09.08)
and Goat Screwers' meets in Tehran or Damascus, bomb them to smithereens. Don't give a damn about world or Arab opinion. Do the right thing and wipe these sick bastards from the face of the earth. Iran and the mideast will be better off for it.
26. I donated my balls too
Mugniyah ,   with virgins   (03.09.08)
and they were taken out according to Sharia....using Cemtex.
27. What about Ahmad
Dave Levy ,   Burbank. CAUSA   (03.09.08)
Hows about a radical Israeli group which will pay for the same for Ahmad or one of the head mullahs in Iran? After all, we US have a bounty on Bin Ladin..and also had one on that guy assassinated in Damscus..I wonder who will get the reward for that. Will a Lebanese or member of Hezbollah please stand up.
28. Speaks volumes that they didn't include Olmert
Reality Check ,   BaGolan   (03.09.08)
They know he's on their side
29. A Event that should cause soidarity in all Israel
Psalms 82 ,   Selah   (03.09.08)
I pray that God Angels protect the leaders of Israel....
30. What is a price on the head of a Rabid Teheran Monkey?
The Doc ,   Haifa, Israel   (03.10.08)
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