Itzik: Destroy mourning' tent, home of Jerusalem terrorist
Neta Sela
Published: 10.03.08, 21:42
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1. I pray for...
psalms 83 ,   Selah   (03.10.08)
G-ds wisdom when it comes to dealing with those that perpitrated this act.....
2. They still mourne at Goldstein's shrine too
Observer   (03.10.08)
Put it down as well?
3. Here is a normal person for a change
Mike ,   Jerusalem   (03.10.08)
Dalia Itzik seems to be the only politician in the coalition that used her brains and acted with sensitivity. This is why she was received warmly and her condolences accepted. Kol HaKavod Dalia, you have earned my respect
4. It's still up? Peres is all smiles, Olmert Joking
Yaakov ,   DN Negev   (03.10.08)
It's just another day of democracy.
5. who said it is culture of impunity?
observer   (03.10.08)
it culture of punishment, punishment, and punishment; collective punishment
6. mourning tent is not a Islamic mandate or tradition
observer   (03.10.08)
are yeshiva students peaching Islam, nowadays?
7. Jordan dont allow tents for murderers of jews Israe we do
zionist forever   (03.11.08)
In Jordan they never let them put a tent up from the start they didnt have to have anybody pull it down. In Israel in Jerusalem where this massacre took place less than 1 week ago the tent is still up. Whats going wrong in this country when the family of a murderer of 8 inocent students can put up a tent in Jerusalem and its still not been pulled down while at the same time arab Jordan never let them put one up to begin with? Pull the tent down but instead of pulling the house down sell it and let the procedes go to the family of the victims but if they want to pull it down then sell the land to developers and then let the procedes go to the victims relatives. Time to stop being afraid to take action out of fear it might damage Olmerts precious peace process which he so badly wants so he can have his politicly motivated nobel prize before he is kicked out of office. If Olmert does want to do something good for Israel than how about as a 60th aniversry gesture he destroys this arab 5th colum. In the Knesset if they refuse to recognise Israel or take side of the enemy then pass laws allowing them to be removed we cannot have serving politicians who support the enemy. Make it a crime to publicly display terrorist flags or to wave them in the street the same as it would be a crime to wave or display Israeli flags. We need to bring back a little of that national pride that our politicians had 60 years ago when they were proud that Israel was a jewish state and there was no tolerance towards politicians siding with the enemy and refusing to recognise the country or displaying and waving enemy flags.
8. students march on Jerusalem send a message to politicians
zionist forever   (03.11.08)
Even if they do pull down this tent and demolish the murderers home march on Jerusalem anyway. Make sure the left understand there can be no more selling the country for empty arab promises and that neither this crooked regime or any other have the right to sell Jerusalem for nobel prizes. We have had plenty of left wing pro peace process rallies in the past now its time for jews to stand up for the idea of a jewish state and a message also needs to be sent to Shas to quit this coalition of coruption tell them and any other religious party that if they keep this regime in power they will find themselves without any voters.
9. #2
Doc ,   Brooklyn, USof A   (03.11.08)
No, deconstruct your twisted logic.
10. Please destroy the people inside the tent too.
eli ,   NZ   (03.11.08)
Arik Silverman ,   Milwaukee USA   (03.11.08)
I'm not sure of the full religious and cultural significance of the mourning tent, but I can imagine it could be regarded by Muslims as being as much a desecration as tearing a Torah scroll would be for Jews (perhaps I'm putting too much emphasis on it, and desecrating the Koran would be equivalent, not the tent). In any case, the attack on a religious or cultural custom Itzik advocates could have wide repercussions and can only be throwing more gasoline on the flames. It is definitely not a good idea. When you blow up a house you're affecting only one family, but when you destroy religious/cultural customs, you're offending an entire population -- and the whole Arab world.
12. The real reason "mourning tent" is still up
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (03.11.08)
Yuli Tamir has to pay her respects.
13. #5 "observer"
Tahl ,   Israel   (03.11.08)
Yes, definitely punishment. Terrorist's family deserves it big time. Unfortunately the punishment is not harsh enough. Exile them to Gaza!
14. How about DEPORTING anyone who visits the tent?
my greatest idea ,   thought up today   (03.11.08)
15. Yuli Tamir - on what merit does she...
Miriam Ashkelon   (03.11.08)
expect any settler to have respect for her? How dare she have the temerity to visit the holy Yeshiva where a slaughter took place - when we all know she would like to close down all Yeshivot, and change the textbooks in secular schools to suit her "Peace Now" Agenda. Why should we be quiet??????
16. ah, the house is already destroyed. They did the same night.
dave ,   uk   (03.11.08)
17. Bravooooo Act of the braves ... you are for laoughing
18. Will she be destroying the house of Yiagl Amier
Simon ,   TA Israel   (03.11.08)
Will she also be ordering the destruction of the houses of Yigal Amier and Baruch Goldstein, or is that kind of treatement for arabs only? Did the Israeli goverment invent hypocracy or just take it to another dimension?
19. Zionist forever , and other people
charles ,   petach tikva   (03.11.08)
Sad to say that this tent , how appaling it is , is'nt illegal in Israel . In jordan , as they are NOT jordanian citizens i think , they can not allow it . We are also allowing a monument to this baruch goldstein , certainly also a murderer . If we allow one , we have to allow the other too . Both are'n illegal , sad to say . Murderers can't be "honored"
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