Defense official: Hizbullah ready to fight Israel
Hanan Greenberg
Published: 11.03.08, 00:33
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1. Well Thank You UN For Doing a Splendid Job
GZLives   (03.11.08)
Pathetic idiots
2. What about the UN
mike ,   Seattle   (03.11.08)
Wasn't the UN supposed to make sure this did not happen? What are all those troops doing in Southern Lebanon? This just proves the U.N. is worse than worthless and Israel can never rely on any foreign troops for protection in any context.
Scott   (03.11.08)
They promised that this would not happen. This is why Israel stopped its advance against the Hizbollah. When is this useless organization going to be told where to get off? They have actually aided the enemy by making this possible and hindering any IDF attempts to prevent it. This will go down in history as a major cause of millions of otherwise preventable deaths because of the ensuing war.
4. I dont know where these savages belong...
Keren ,   Israel-SP   (03.11.08)
Even in the jungle animals are normal. These people belong to an unclassified category of sanguinary ,descontroled beasts with human aparency. Anyone with a sane mind, when stops a bit to think about this allucination,wonders what is that.What is that?! Israel is so tiny.Israel is industrious.Israel doesn't put its nose in other nations affairs.What these demented savages of the hell want? I am sure they can not explain their problem.It is just a blind sickness;a blind sanguinary savagery. Poor of us for having these animals around all the time. But actually poor of the all countries who have these agressive beasts inside.They have an incredible capability of disturbance and distruction. Arabs are noticed anywhere they are for their agressivity,their lack of sociable behavior.They simply don't respect others at all.They are a nightmare,a surrealistic manifestation.They are a pest ,probably the result of an ecological disbalance.They are the manifestation of this disbalance.They act as if they were not humans but just plagues... Well...they maybe have a mission which is to show us that something is wrong,but anyway they must be eliminated because they are plagues.
5. The enemy learns
Kissel   (03.11.08)
Under the guise of humanitarian issues such as rebuilding civilian infrastructure, the Hizzi's have taken plumbing from blown up Christian towns from which they themselves launched attacks from, to re-route plumbing and power to bring water and electricity to underground fortifications from which they will use to monitor and repel IDF incursions after the Silo of rockets insue. I hope the IDF becomes wise to this and prepares for countless ambushes where the Jihadists will be using sophisticated anti-tank missiles and IED bombs. Not to mention some accounts of soldiers saying.."I looked two or three times at it and thought it was a bush, next thing you you know, it started shooting at us".
6. HIzbullshitlah
Bobby ,   Canada   (03.11.08)
Please bring it on I will personally fly to Israel and join in the slaughter of the scum We have to end it NOW
7. Don't blame the UN, Blame Olmert and Kadima
Richard ,   USA   (03.11.08)
The UN did what it always does. It's refusal to enforce the agreement made by Olmert was fully perdictable. The fault lies not with UN for being the Anti-Semitic garbage heap it is. The fault lies with Olmert and the Kadima government for losing a war that should have been won and that Bush gave them all the time in the world to win. Dump Olmert and get a real leader for the next wars that are sure to come as a result of Olmert's weakness and indecision.
8. Olmert says nothing to worry about
geroge   (03.11.08)
So what if hezbollah has the latest iranian guerilla army training with 30,000 millisles. Olmert says the situation is better in lebanon and nothing to worry about.Of course, Olmert is a genius, he knows everythihng. Even winograd said he made reasonable decisions at the end. Look how well he manages Gaza. So what if israelis are dying in Jeruslame or gaza or lebanon.Let them die. Olmert's 2 sons are elsewhere out of danger so olmert has nothing to worry about. We all rejoice in having such a magnificent leader in Olmert who the arabs respect and fear. All of winograd loves him certainly more then Bibi.
9. Olmert & Barak Let Hizbullah Survive
Jerry ,   NYC, USA   (03.11.08)
and for this they should be removed from office. Fools.
10. livni is full of it.
david ,   new york   (03.11.08)
if "the problem of weapons smuggling from Egypt into the Gaza Strip cannot be neglected", then why is she neglecting it?
11. The UN Is Worse Than Useless
Steve ,   Berkeley, CA, USA   (03.11.08)
because they are the enablers that allow Hezbullah to rearm.
12. Stop using Golen Heights as leverage Israel RIGHT ???
M. S. ,   mpls america   (03.11.08)
I realize Israel has been doing some pretty under handed things in this whole peace process sorid affair but to suggest offering the Golen Heights to Syria in exchange for ending relations with Iran is certainly going too far over the line dirty politicial manuveurs show some respect to the eight 8 dead seminary students stop the low blows it is not right Israel right ??? I realize money the economic profits from dirty African diamonds has Israel lost values but did Israel ever have values RIGHT ??? and so Monday March 10 2008 Israel redeemed or Israel going to Hell but the devil certainly knows how to make Hell sound like Heaven right ??? thank you... M. S.
13. Agreement or no agreement is just the same - it's worthless
me ,   here   (03.11.08)
the very moment it is tested in reality. Give me another good night story!!!!!!
14. The Hizbullah.
Jean Van Daem   (03.11.08)
The Hizbullah, (or shall we say the unit of the Syrian armee specialized in launching rockets on Israeli civilian and hiding in mosques and hospitals or using Lebanese civilians as human shields) exist only because it is supported by the dictatorship of Syria and the fanatic Islam regim of Iran. In order to destroy the Hizbullah Israel should not hesitate to attack Syria and inflict the country severe damages. If you want to know more about Syria and El Assad just open :
15. Hez readys for next war
I.Kemp ,   Nahariya, Israel   (03.11.08)
...and we can thank the UN for that
16. 6 - will you?
Israel   (03.11.08)
what will it take to finally allow us your majestic presence, Bobby boy? (What are you; a 7 year old?)
17. #12 I was under the impression
O. U. Cox-Ucker ,   Occupied London   (03.11.08)
...that Americans spoke and wrote in English. Sorry if I was mistaken.
18. lost in 1973, despair in 2006
observer   (03.11.08)
where is Israel's deterrence?
19. ...
" likelihood that Hizbullah will resume its violent acts against Israel" what is it doing now? and about hizbulla watching of the northern boarder, atleast israel doesnt have hizbulla plains constantly violationg their airspace watching israelis or surveying the lands like israeli plains constantly do; and lets not forget about the spy sattelites up there in space now. they have to do something and prepare for israel's advanced weapons. about that senior official, Imad mugniya that Israel has assassinated, i hope you know that there was never any friction between hizbulla and syria. this is just another propaganda meant to bring friction and disunity to the arab people. on the other hand, that same guy that was assissinated (Imad M.), he carried out numerous attacks and devised numerous attacks against Israel. now, who looks more likely to assassinate the man-evidence or no evidence, israel has the technology and means for many things. no offense. as for baraks comment about gaza, that man would say anything just to have the last word. noone believes there is a truce and the people of gaza,( tulkarem, bethlehem, jenin,...not even east jerusalem for that matter) thinks that this is an "end story", nor has it ever in these 60 years living alongside israel. and i doubt that he accomplished anything except killing around 130 civillians(and quite a sizable ammount of children-including a 2 day old baby) just to try to scare the rest of the people to conform to the wills of the government. you want these people to mate rialize? even IF a cease fire is accomplished, never did this stop civilians from eing killed anyway in the territories. which brings me to livnis statement about hamas choosing uncondtionally to person in their right mind being israelis, hamas people, and the civillians inbetween believes in that either. if theres a truce between hamas and israel then: 1)why did the shooting in jerusalem happen 2)why wasnt it reported(it should be a triumph for hamas to gloat that israel does, indeed recognize it by comming into agreement with them; hamas shouldnt be afraid to brodcast it because israel cant seem to 'uproot' these people) 3) why were hamas and supporting people celebrating the shooting upon hearing the news
20. This is the quiet that Olmert boasted about
3Jay3 ,   Israel   (03.11.08)
21. what has Israel had for this?
observer   (03.11.08)
has Israel had its Operation Nickel Grass prepared?
22. Readiness to defend Lebanon
Ellie Haddad ,   Lebanon   (03.11.08)
Guys, it makes us sick here in Lebanon to see your words about protecting ourselves... Of course Lebanese to get prepared for a savage army with history of breaking UN resolutions. Anyway, the UN is supposed to prevent any NEW weapons in southern Litani river (by the way, that is a Lebanese land). Any old weapons not used before is open for use to stop Israeli terrorist acts. North of Latani is a Lebanese land and UN has nothing to do with it. Hope that makes sense
23. #15 - The only one you can thank for that
Khalid ,   The Netherlands   (03.11.08)
The only one you can thank for that is Israel and its beligerent racist policies against the Arabs, policies which provides the fertile grounds for extremism to flourish, while at the same time depriving moderates of all means and arguments they can use to present a plausible acceptable peaceful alterbnative to the Arab masses. Mind you that that Israel future lies in the hands of those moderates and not in the hands of those abnoxious figures as Netanyahu, Shlomo Ammar, or Liberman.
24. if the un have to act against hizbollah
Mamud ,   Lebanon   (03.11.08)
if the un have to act against hizbollah activities in south lebanon, it should also stop the violation of the lebanese air space.
25. to#4
Britt ,   Gothenburg Sweden   (03.11.08)
Well the character of your beloved neighbours were known long time ago: Genesis 16:11-12 for an example : "And the angel of theLord said unto her (Hagar), Behold thou art with child, and shalt bear a son, and shalt call his name Ismael; because the Lord has heard thy affliction. And he will be a wild man; his hand will be against every man, and every manĀ“s hand against him; and he shall dwell in the presence of all his brethren.
26. The long Awaited Summer
Gadees ,   Vanco.   (03.11.08)
To #4 Arabs may be all that you described,but still they remained the owners of Palestine , the land stolen by your likes.Why don't you drop your arrogance for a while so that you may be accepted to live peacefully with these AIRABS or best start packing.
27. Bobby & His faulse Dreams
Gadees ,   Vanco.   (03.11.08)
Hey Booby, if you are serious about joining the campaign agaist Hizbollah, let me know so we can travel togather.
28. To #25 and #4: Thanks Britt, that explains everything!
me ,   here   (03.11.08)
To #4: - ) You need a nice B&B, a good book, some nice company and some civilized conversation, just like me... We're obviously completely fed up and need a break: - )
29. To #14
Gadees ,   Vanco.   (03.11.08)
Israel doesn't need to attack any foreign power and Syria in particular. Actually Isael has lost most of its steam fighting the old Hizbollah, not the modern one , now it has to confine its activities to Hamas where only one solution to emerge,either it reaches a peacefull agreement or risk the consequences of implosion. . The point of implosion is approaching fast, so its up to you>.
30. To #24
Gadees ,   Vanco.   (03.11.08)
The UN so called force is but a bunch of imbeciles who dare not challange any Israeli wish,their main objective in the Southern Lebanon is spying on Hizbollah.Israel is a state born and raised on might and black prpaganda, thatswhy power alone doesn't produce peace.
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