Channel 1: Rabbi endorses Jewish revenge attack
Published: 12.03.08, 02:05
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1. Nothing wrong with getting rid of terrorists!
Kadur Yehudi ,   Holon, Israel   (03.11.08)
If we once get rid of 1000 terrorists & supporters for each Jew murdered, terror will stop! Long live cruel sadistic disproportional response!!!
2. Judaism is about justice, not revenge.
Sam ,   NYC, USA   (03.12.08)
If those who involved themselves in the heinous murder can be tracked down and prosecuted, wonderful. Attacking those who had nothing to do with it just because they belong to the same ethnic group is something Hamas, Hizbullah or the Nazis would do. JEWS ARE BETTER THAN THAT DAMMIT!
3. Yikes! Renegade Rabbis!
4. No,No..Don't sink to level of terorism
Think   (03.12.08)
5. Jewish radicals carrying out an act of revenge
Charles   (03.12.08)
no such thing as " Jewish radicals "
6. Rabbi Fatwa!
IRAN#1   (03.12.08)
HAHA! So ironic Shimon :)
7. Read between the lines!
Yosef ,   Jerusalem   (03.12.08)
There is nothing in this article that is fact! its all just hearsay. they probably had this written up hours after the attack!
8. Madness
guy ,   los angeles   (03.12.08)
Revenge of the sort contemplated would only be undertaken by those who don't care about Israel as a whole--the ramifications would be horrific...surely clear minds must prevail!
9. Sam, you know nothing about Judaism
Avraham ,   NYC   (03.12.08)
Unlike Christians who at least on paper put the other cheek (which is very rare in reality), Jews do believe in justice manifested through vengeance, albeit most often we leave it up for G-d Almighty to realize that.
10. Lawsuit against channel 1?
Reported in the Jpost, this was a complete fabrication. The students will be suing channel. There were no arrests for anything and there is no evidence. Left wing propaganda has no limits.
11. oh please
OMGSONG! ,   OMGSONG!   (03.12.08)
revenge for these people just means praying extra hard on shabat. no need to get upset.
12. revenge ,   u.k.   (03.12.08)
This would be a great mistake for at least two reasons. 1.To harm an innocent human being is wrong 2.It will only escalate more attacks on innocent Jews. Leave it to the IDF and Shabak.
ben shlomo   (03.12.08)
ben shlomo ,   singapore   (03.12.08)
15. Pur Gossip !
ezra   (03.12.08)
So far away from journalism... ...keep going YNet !
16. Fat men with beards sending us to our deaths
Noah ,   New York, NY   (03.12.08)
Take a look at the extremist religious leaders of both sides. See a pattern? Fat bearded parasites living off you and me and baying for more blood. Rest assured that no "holy man" on either side of this war will ever risk their own lives - only the lives of the poor young men they delude into following them. Let's not be those young men. The future belongs to us - Jew and Moslem.
USA ,   USA   (03.12.08)
it will repeat the cycle. the Palestinians have had 400 killed to one Israeli anyway. you have already taken your revenge. let it end. someone has to let it end.
18. Who are your sources
Mordechai   (03.12.08)
Who are your sources? What is the names of the Rabbis who gave permission for revenge? What are the names of the people involved? Ynet should be able to answer these questions unless the reporter is making up the entire story. Would ynet do that?
19. Revenge
Steven ein ,   USA   (03.12.08)
Interesting that J Post dropped this thread.
20. I guess they aint better than the Muslim TERRORIST
Rami ,   Nazareth, Israel   (03.12.08)
21. Media wants to cover some things up
Ilan ,   Ariel   (03.12.08)
The media has been taken over by the GSS it seems and is now more of a tool for promoting policies than one dedicated to reporting events. They never paid the ethical price for their work with Eyal and Avishai Raviv so their Orwellian revisions continue.
22. 2 Birds w/ 1 Stone for Hamas
Raspotin ,   Tanzania   (03.12.08)
Do you think killing 1, 100 or a 1000 Palestinians is gonna make them back down? They believe they're going straight to heaven when they die. Hamas not only disrupt Israeli's (imagined) security, now Israelis are going to help it gain popular support, and probably trigger another uprising to boot - just what they've been trying to do for a while now.
23. Avraham, you missed my point.
Sam ,   NYC, USA   (03.12.08)
Absolutely we Jews believe in justice. If you want to define justice as vengeance delivered via a legal system, fine. What I was saying is that decent Jews only seek justice/vengeance against those who were actually involved in the offense. Assaulting a random Arab in retaliation for something another Arab or Arabs did would not be justice
24. Rabbis issuing orders to kill?
Simon ,   TA Israel   (03.12.08)
A very dangerous situation indeed. Israel is a deomcratic country not a state that is run according to Halacha. Although this barbaric killing is to be condemmed in the strongest of terms the very thought of these right wing rabbis issuing such orders is a dangerous development. What will they be issuing next? Kill all the gay people (who are ofcourse jewsih) stone women that dont cover their hair, kill people that drive on Shabbat. This should be stopped now before the "Praise the Lord" crowd start killing in the name of God.
25. # 16 : Amen brother !
Simon ,   TA Israel   (03.12.08)
Exactly !
26. #24 - you read very selectively
Jack ,   RBS, Israel   (03.12.08)
no rabbis ever did "issue any orders"! This was all rumors and slander that should never have been published. I know you love to bash rabbis and make fun of the "Praise the Lord crowd " - but bottom line is there are no facts here. so, you are the one who looks like an idiot now!
27. Ignorance of the Leftist Media is again on display.
Yonatan ,   Los Angeles   (03.12.08)
28. #5 it's Jewish carrying out an act of terror
Spinner ,   World   (03.12.08)
Like you said "no such thing as " Jewish radicals ""...there's only Jewish carrying out an act of terror on the Arabs!!!
29. Typical incitement by...............
Wise Saba ,   Western Negev   (03.12.08)
This doesn't surprise me. This isn't the first time & won't be the last time that Shabak plants false inciting reports against the right. The leftist media loves this garbage & co-operates with Shabak 100% to spread their hatred for the religious right. The leftist establishment have no red lines when it come to incitement against the religious right, but if the right opens their mouths, they are arrested & charged. This is justice Israeli style as administered by the radical leftist court system. WE NEED MOSHIACH NOW!
30. # 26 Jack and his blind spot
Simon ,   TA Israel   (03.12.08)
Jack it seems you are the blind one here my friend. No doubt one of the "Praise the Lord" crowd that believes every vile word issued by these so called rabbis in the name of religion. Get a life buddy! Tell me is their a stoning in Jerusalem today? or did they schedule the angry mob to attack arabs on friday? Where can you get those pitch forks and fire sticks at a good price these days?
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