13 Qassams fired at Sderot
Shmulik Hadad
Published: 13.03.08, 07:56
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3JAy3 ,   Israel   (03.13.08)
2. Truce
Steven ,   USA   (03.13.08)
There was no truce, is no truce, and there will never be a truce. I hope Israel is just picking the right time for effective measures. I'm no expert but ... one shouldn't announce the time and place of a military attack. Maybe I'm just looking for a bridge to buy, eh?
3. you gotta love the pali "truce", awesome.
4. Kick their butts again!
The Doc ,   Haifa, Israel   (03.13.08)
Attack Gaza and kill another 100 terrorists for each Qassam salvo, until they stop.
5. the 4 killed in Beit Lechem had a rap sheet
Eitan   (03.13.08)
As long as good Dostoyevsky they Got what they deserved. You can fire rockets all you want, instigate & carry out terror attacks all day ,but in the end you will die a violent death.
6. Truce does not take on oneside
Abdulrasak ,   Somaland   (03.13.08)
The Fake mask of the isreals who close one of thier eyes and open another doesnot mean enough... People are not fool you jewsh.... you are murdering them and saying Truce..... how come..? We strongly support the defence mechanisms of palestinians?
..............DACON9   (03.13.08)
8. Give them HELL
Brod ,   USA   (03.13.08)
Why wait? Why tolerate these killers? GIVE THEM HELL! If Blair makes noise, kick him out and tell him to shut up. If Rice and Bush make noise tell them to spend a week in Sderot to be showered by Jihadist rockets and tell them to shut up.
9. Sderot rockets
Steve Real ,   H/USA   (03.13.08)
We can make a stand at Sderot and start knocking these rockets out of the sky. Even if the laser can only hit 30% of the incoming rockets put it in the field. If the laser can only save one child's life, i still say put it in the field. It's worth the cost, in my opinion. It's time to take the "lab science" out into the field, even if it's effects are nominal. good luck Sderot
10. You mean they lie? I'm so shocked!!! ;(
LEE ,   NY, USA   (03.13.08)
11. Its Olmert all over again
Richard ,   USA   (03.13.08)
According to Kadima and Olmert its still a truce and Israel should do nothing so long as the killers only target small towns and only kill and terrorize a few Jews at a time. What a sad joke. What ever happened to "never again." Soon Israel will end up "never again" if you don't dump Kadima and Olmert.
12. Israel killed 5 Palestinians today's lull, how many tomorrow
jj ,   USA   (03.13.08)
13. #4
Barak   (03.13.08)
100? I say 1,000
14. Please go in..
Micha   (03.13.08)
and finish the job..that means, gaza will be razed.the arabs in gaza, barely human as far as they give us any evidence to believe, and Egypt can absorb them. The same fate will hold for the arabs in the west bank. Shoot rockets at a sovereign nation and that's war. End of story. Enough with the shenanigans.
15. First rocket attack since Tuesday.. duh
eddie ,   London UK   (03.13.08)
Is this sensationalism or what? First rocket attack since Tuesday, on wednesday! Well, we waited a whole day for atatcks, and they didnt come unitl the day after yesterday. Ok, and tomorrow's sunrise will eb the first sunrise since yesterday's! Amazing!
16. But the PM said there is no agreement!
Sheila ,   Jerusalem Israel   (03.13.08)
The PM said there is no agreement - the Minister of Defence said there is no agreement - the press insisted there is!!!!!
17. Olmert: quit now
Rafael ,   Yerushalayim Israel   (03.13.08)
"This has been Israel's reality for the past 60 years" is one complete lie uttered by Olmert. Rockets on Ashkelon is a new phenomenon, a direct result of the expulsion of Jews from Gaza, and Olmert's arrogance and incompetence. Nobody buys the garbage you are selling, Olmert: quit now, before you are driven out by citizens fed up with your trash.
18. And our Fearless Leaders
Esther ,   Ofarim, Israel   (03.13.08)
continue sitting on their thumbs, bleating about truce and how it's not possible to stop the bombardement. Olmert, RESIGN!! Barak RESIGN. Shas, for once, put the good of the country before your greed and stop propping up these idiots. But, I guess that's too much to hope for. Please take all your cronies with you and stay out of politics. Leave it to others who care about the Israeli people more than about their position.
19. again Israel didn't respect the ceasfire
Don't blame Hamas .
20. Wow!
Wise Saba ,   Western Negev   (03.13.08)
Imagine what would happen if there was no cease fire!
21. Olmert and his weird ideas
lisa ,   israel   (03.13.08)
O.k., so he goes to visit Sderot - just to see how those poor frightened children skamper under the desks during a red-alert? That's what he comes to see in Sderot! How about going there to ensure the kids that he's going to do all he can to 'prevent' them from having to hide under the desks instead of putting them through yet another act of showing what they do in a life and death situation! If I was a kid I would not be comforted by his request - i'd be telling him to get back to his own desk and start thinking up ways of protecting these innocent people in Sderot! The field trips are just costly and unnecessary if there's no solution to offer. At night these kids can't sleep while at night Olmert has a peaceful sleep - connect the dots!
22. # 12 Israel Kills
DM   (03.13.08)
Killers. Or do you think these 5 “people” were warm loving peaceniks? I Guess you do? You might be delusional but its the thought that counts... Israel kills killers for security and peace for her citizens, Arabs kill Jews cause they simply hate us and want to destroy us... or do you think these terrorist attacks are any different from all the wars they fought against us with the intention to drive us into the sea? The only way to stop them is intelligence and armed force. We must occupy them with the thought they are being hunted at! And the only way to occupy them with that thought is occupy them physically!
23. shoot them back!
ll   (03.13.08)
When are the regular civilians going to fire missles back? Take the guidance systems off your weapons and everytime they fire, fire back!
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