Muslim leaders discuss Islamophobia
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Published: 13.03.08, 18:58
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1. The reality that is Islam
Reality Check ,   BaGolan   (03.13.08),2933,337427,00.html
2. #1 Riiiight
Said ,   London, UK   (03.13.08)
Trust Fox news for an unbaised report on Islam and Arabs in general....riiiiiight. Fox news wouldn't know the truth eve if it slapped them in the face. Biased racism claptrap.
3. Islamophobia
Charles   (03.13.08)
I cannot understand how that comes about since Islamics are so nice and peaceful
4. They should also discuss Radicalisim in Islam and
Rami ,   Nazareth, Israel   (03.13.08)
why how muslims can learn to be tolerant towards other religions..
5. Islamaphobia I wonder Why !!!!!
vicky ,   Ashkelon Israel   (03.13.08)
6. #2-riiiiight- so let's use an arab source
Reality Check ,   BaGolan   (03.13.08)
7. #4: I agree with you, but that would require an open mind
remember, this is Muslims we're talking about....
8. #2
Ben Hur ,   Manhattan, USA   (03.13.08)
So, you're saying that he is alive? Even though Reuters, AP, AFP, Al-Jazeera, etc say he's dead. Good. Glad to know.
9. Dealing With Islamophobia
Evil Twin ,   Morocco   (03.13.08)
Yes. Yes. We must stop this irrational fear of Islam. Only once they stop to fear us can we hope to finally kill them all. Kill, Kill, Jihad.
10. If they are wondering about "Islamophobia..."
Daniel ,   DC   (03.13.08)
Perhaps they should look a little more inwards. Which group of people in the past 50 is most responsible for blowing planes, buildings, military ships, embassies etc? Which group of people comprises the groups who's charters call for the destruction of others? Which group of people often uses children, and teenagers as suicide bombers and human shields? If Muslims want to change how people view them, they need as a group to come out and comdemn things like this. They need to proclaim loudly and act against their, "brothers" who participate in these actions. If that happens perhaps the West will start to view Muslims and Islam differently. Until that time people will rightly consider Muslims a throw back to the 7th century. They will be viewed as a group of thugs and barbarians and rightly so.
11. #2 Said, are muslims scared of muslims?
DR   (03.13.08)
After all, more muslims die everyday at the hands of other muslims, yet they probably won't talk about this at this meeting will they? As for your opinion regarding Fox news and the truth...Americans would not allow a faulty news organization to continue to operate, so you're wrong. See our coutry has choices and checks and balances...something the Muslim world knows nothing about.
12. The term Islamophobia, would entail
Joe ,   Ohio,USA   (03.13.08)
the belief that the fear of Islam is irrational. Let's call it what it is, Islamofascism. It like Fascism and Nazism must go, and the sooner the better!
13. Islamophobia - what a crock!
Raymond from DC ,   Washington, DC USA   (03.13.08)
Muslims outnumber Jews 100-to-one, yet assaults and attacks by non-Jews on Jews far exceeds that of non-Muslims on Muslims. Of course, Muslim-on-Muslim violence takes far more lives than non-Muslim attacks on Muslims. So what's this "Islamophobia" nonsense? It's just a way to play the victim... always the victim. Islam is always "under attack", expecting to be accommodated. Sorry, don't buy it.
14. Islamophobia...give me a break!!!
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (03.13.08)
If Islam wasn't practicing Xenophobia......there wouldn't be any Islamophobia. When a whole group of Muslims lets you know you are no higher than cattle in their eyes. You tend to believe them and plan for the worst. Why shouldn't we be phobic, when your goal is to bring everyone under the subjugation of the Koran by force?
15. how about discussing how to stop making fools of themselves?
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (03.13.08)
well you gotta be good at something so why stop a good thing?
16. Fox News is quite fair, honest and generous to Muslims
17. #6
Matt ,   California   (03.13.08)
That clown Said did not have any response to your last post did he? hahaha Anyone in their right mind would be affraid of Islam. Unfortunately, most of the West has deluded itself into thinking that if they just suck up to the Jihadists enough, or offer up Israel and the Jews to them as a ritual sacrifice, that the killers will simply leave them alone. Heck, maybe I am being to harsh; once they have taken over Europe and the US they will probably let us continue our own religions, as long as we cough up the Jizya tax, let them step on our necks and give them our daughters for their third and fourth wives. Won't that be peachy?
18. Guys, I want to discuss Islamic fascism sometime ...
19. What a joke...why don't they address their own societal...
A ,   Jerusalem   (03.13.08)
...shortcomings and problems of associated with perpetuating an ancient code of irrelevant law on a modern society? Oh right, D-bags.
20. Does anyone know what this says?
Woman in picture ,   Islamistan   (03.14.08)
I'll be beaten up if I learn how to read, so I have to believe when they tell me it says "I'm inferior scum that should be raped and then killed for honor."
21. What if this is just another intimidation tactic?
Global Citizen ,   Israel & USA   (03.14.08)
This conference honestly seems like just another nut-fest thrown by the wealthier states to bask in the fruits of their terror and subtly commit more psychological warfare. They believe that if they promote the perception that fear is expanding and even well-deserved, the rest of the world will quiver and despair into submission. They have more in common with the Western devil Madison Avenue than anything else.
22. A Duck
Tim ,   US   (03.14.08)
If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck and acts like a duck.... it is what... A DUCK. Now the duck says.. don't call me a duck or even think of me as a duck. Get real. You are known by your actions and that will not change.
23. it's suicideBomber'phobia
arie pen ,   tel aviv Israel   (03.14.08)
the Islam -should pay indemnization for the twin towers. the spanish trains, the London underground the daily bombing of Israel and be silent for some 10 years then discussing islamophobia would maybe be relevant
24. take it easy!!!
arie pen ,   haifa israel   (03.14.08)
look at the brigh side: no bombs in New york on the last year. only 20 boms per day on Israel-but Israel is far away. they are not talking any more about conquering the world - only islamise it . and The most important they stoped stabing people in the back, now they stab them in the front. you canot discard those developments - beside there is a rumor tat they decided to reduce the number of virgins waiting for a suicide bomber in heaven by a considerable 12.5 %. how can we westerns be so insensitive to those remarkable changes.
25. Muslims Can't See Beyond Their Noses
Not Jewish ,   USA   (03.14.08)
Muslims are pathetic brainwashed people that can't find their way to the truth. Muslims never accept responsibility for Islamic aggression and can't comprehend why non-Muslims don't trust them and their twisted ideology.
26. Unfortunately Muslims are abused by Westeners, this is true
Yaakov Sullivan ,   NYC   (04.02.08)
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