Egypt fence plans unveiled
Hanan Greenberg
Published: 14.03.08, 20:23
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1. Outrageous! Complain at the UN. Immediately!
2. where are the condemnations?
rol ,   toronto, canada   (03.14.08)
where are the condemnations from the world? what a croc of sh-t, if it were israel doing the same thing we all know what would happen.
3. Hopefully that fence is as deep as it is tall.........
me ,   here   (03.14.08)
4. Great but...
Dan ,   Herzliya, Israel   (03.14.08)
I was wondering if the ecological consequences are considered? I would be interested to know what effects these fences have on the ecology...
5. I'm against the Apartheid wall
Mandela   (03.14.08)
Unlike the Aprtheid wall, it's Israel's good right to build a fence along its internationally recognized border. It's a right but that doesn't mean it is right. There are better ways to waste NIS 1.4 billion.
6. I'm the dark skinned guy in the middle
Muhammad Husseni   (03.14.08)
stude ham   (03.14.08)
Here ban-ki-moon... here here ban-ki-moon... look at what horrible things egypt is doing to the gaza mobs... there... i feel better already knowing that real action will be taken over this.
8. Shady looking
Wise Man ,   USA   (03.14.08)
Do not forget to keep this three shady looking men on your side of the fence.
9. Tunnel
Wise Man ,   USA   (03.14.08)
Can any one dig a tunnel under the fence to avoide sensors ?
10. unilateral violation of treaty is not sovereignty practice
ecology and deals   (03.14.08)
the peace treaty between Israel and Egypt does not permit creating ecology problem to Egypt. A deal created created by two parties has to be modified only on the consent of the two parties.
11. #6 presidential fence
observer   (03.14.08)
you do not mean that M. H. Mubarak of Egypt is sharing by his hand & heart in the fence!
12. fence
colin   (03.15.08)
All talk NO ACTION The fence can be erected without all the public advertiseing by the politicians.The cost of keeping refugees and thier deporting is more expensive than a fence.More employment for workers that are building the fence.(Union complaints)The UN and the EU must not have time to demand from Israel to stop making Egypt a jail.because of the fence.Suggest making the fence electrified to stop anybody from getting through.
13. good thing Israel pulled out of gaza so the south would be s
arthur ,   jersey city usa   (03.15.08)
when will Israel learnthat unilateral concessions (surrenders) do not work they only get Israelis killed. The so called reason to pull out of gaza was to consolidate borders and deprieve pa/hamas of a reason to hate Israel. The gov't wastruly far seeing What is needed is a new gov't. olmert and friends are allowing egypt to violate one of the few surviving clauses of camp Davd and station more troops in he sinai
14. The UN et al will condemn Israel for the fence
arthur ,   jersey city usa   (03.15.08)
The EU un et al will probably condemn Israel for prejudging the peace or interferring with the terrorists right of freedom of travel and murder
15. Rockets
Ismayaya Haniyeh ,   Hamastan and Sinai   (03.15.08)
Can you shoot rockets over the fence?
16. are you serious..nah
who cares ,   not eco land #4   (03.15.08)
The scorpions will have to walk around,the pals will just tunnel under
17. The fence doesn't look very high to me
Another observer   (03.15.08)
But more important, how deep does it run?
18. Egypt and the Arab refugees.
Jean Van Daem   (03.15.08)
It would be fair for Egypt to be the first Arab country to take its part in the historical responsibility of the Arab refugees problem and help to solve it by accepting the Gazan Arabs and integrating them. That would be the beginning of the return back home to the countries they came from in the 19th and 20th centuries, of the Arabs living west of the Jordan. That would give a chance of peace to the region. As to the Arab refugee problem, the Arabs that left 60 years ago, in order to be correctly informed about what happened read :
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