Netanyahu says he's a victim of 'political persecution'
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 16.03.08, 08:11
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1. Even if true
Paul ,   LA, USA   (03.16.08)
If this were true, it would be a far cry from the actions of the degenerate Olmert, who is a clear serial murderer for his irrational lack of response to the murderous beasts that plague the borders of Israel, and continue to produce Jihad babies within it's heartland.
2. self-love
Michael ,   Haifa   (03.16.08)
It is irrelevant where the money came from...the point is that Netanyahu, in his value system, loves himself and his comforts more than anything else
3. Where there Smoke...
Esther ,   Ofarim, Israel   (03.16.08)
There is fire. I don't believe Bibi. I don't trust him. During his short, but disastrous tenure as PM, he established himself as one of the worst leaders this country has ever had, right up there with Barak and Olmert. No matter how he tries to re-sell himself, his past performance speaks for itself. You can take garbage, paint it, polish it, gild it, it's still garbage.
4. netanyahu
sas ,   israel   (03.16.08)
people do not change. once corrupt always corrupt.
5. channel 10
Rachel ,   Tel Aviv   (03.16.08)
Did Channel 10 report on Aliza Olmert's demand for 1 million shekels p.a. as PM's wife? This perk, paid for by Israeli taxes, was approved by the Knesset finances council. Ha'aretz exposed this but only on a back page. Other PM's wives got pittances. Aliza exploits Ehud's jaunts to the US to visit their eldest son in NY but also accompanies him elsewhere like, lately, to Japan! I bet they stay in plush hotels also paid for by our taxes. One wonders what Aliza does FOR Israel to deserve this blatant rip-off of the State's coffers, other than just being the PM's wife? Netanyahu, as opposition leader today, works hard & successfully for Israel, esp. in Public Relations worldwide.
6. Netanyahu says he is ---------
walter ,   Beitar Israel   (03.16.08)
MKHasson, stooge for Omert, alleges Netanyahu has committed improper financing. It is well known that Natanyahu is our most effective spokesperson. While visiting England, he engaged in boosting Israels image and repelling Arab propaganda,. Any organization that lends support for this purpose should be commended and praised. On the other hand we see in the JPOST last week that an organization headed by Mrs.Kraft gave money to an organazation headed by Mrs. Omert. The purpose of this organization supposedly is to give all children equal opportunities. I can only assume that much of this money went to Arabs. The organization headed by Mrs Omert appears to be a charitiable organization with no oversite of expenditures . Furter Mrs Kraft alleges that Omert's kids attended the majority of the Patriots football games. It is well known that these tickets are quite expensive, Who paid for the tickets? What do the Omert kids do for a living?
7. yeah sure
JL ,   israel   (03.16.08)
he worked relentlesly from his $1000 a nite suite...while eating his $1000 dollar a meal sushi while sara shopped for yet more jewelry...i cant believe i once voted for this pompous idiot
8. They like dirty laundry
Lemmings Hotline ,   sd usa   (03.16.08)
Bibi needs an army of lawyers to defend against the 3rd world Israeli media.
9. BIBI expenses
jacques ,   israel   (03.16.08)
i think he made a great job last summer and he was invited , so he didnt spent all thsi amount by himself, so i think really he is persecuted
10. Paul, #1
Michael ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (03.16.08)
The problem is not that Olmert's record is any better... Netanyahu's premiership of Israel was just as bad. Neither is fit to be Prime Minister, but Bibi has a proven track record of failure from the word go, not just as a politician, but as a businessman. Would you buy a used car from him? I wouldn't.
11. All politicians are corrupt
Lemar ,   UK   (03.16.08)
Look what we have George Brown & Tony Blair, the most corrupt leaders ever. At least Netanyahu is for a strong Israel, Olmert and Barak and Peretz have been a disaster. Dont shoot yourself in the foot, get a leader thats corrupt but for Israel not corrupt and against Israel
12. BIBI not corrupt !!! ((LOL))
13. BIBI former prime minister
isaac ,   raanana israel   (03.16.08)
He was in charge to defend Israel against arab propaganda and we saw him in different tv interwies. He was invited by some jewish HASBARA organizations, so he didnt spent money from Israeli Citizens. Its time to dont prosecute him again.
14. Once again Bibi shoots himself in the foot.
Lenny ,   Carmiel   (03.16.08)
15. Bibi
David Rosenberg ,   New York   (03.16.08)
Bibi is a much better PR spokesman for Israel than he ever was PM.
16. Lucky it wasn't Channel 2
Most of us ,   Israel   (03.16.08)
He wouldn't understand the newsreader's muttering and her squinting at the printer too, is just too awful. Take her away, put Karen Marciano or Sivan Rahav Meir there instead. Channel 2 insult us night after night with the present mumbler.
17. It's a witch hunt!!!
Chaya ,   Bat Yam, Israel   (03.16.08)
Leave Bibi alone!!
18. What a pompous narcissist
Abe Froman ,   NY. NY   (03.16.08)
"Political persecution" is what investigative reporting is called nowadays? If an outside entity indeed paid for this trip, Bibi has some explainining to do because foreign sponsorship of press junkets is prohibited by Israeli law. I'd hate to see what a 2nd Netanyahu premiership looked like, given the prologue.
19. bibi
marcia lewis ,   miami usa   (03.16.08)
bibi is a proud intelligent handsome statesma n. the best ambassador and spokesman for israel since abba eben. he works tirelessly for israel. so what if sara loves to shop. so do i
20. POMPOUS NARCISSIST...........................
21. IN ADDITION TO A .............................
ADRIENNE   (03.16.08)
22. Many missed occasions...
yoel ,   Israel   (03.16.08)
I heard about him as a good finances' minister, and maybe Israel's dynamic economy is due to his actions... Hope there will be new elections, and I will vote for him. We need a strong Mister No to face to palestinians, since giving up territories did not bring peace. Good luck Bibi !
23. He's still working off his debt to this country
5th generation ,   Israel   (03.16.08)
after nearly destroying the economy when he was in charge a few years ago. He physically can't live long enough to pay us back for the damage he did, and nothing will make it OK for him to keep spending like it's his money.
24. All of you pro-Netanyahu folks have impaired memories
5th generation ,   Israel   (03.16.08)
or miraculously ignorant of what happened economically while he was at the helm. How many good citizens did Israel lose to brain-drain because of what he did? His overspending now is no different from former Nazis keeping priceless belongings stolen from Shoah victims.
25.  Re 7. yeah sure
Roy G ,   USA   (03.16.08)
And you personaly performed this audit of what they bought and did .... ? Ummmm not a whole lot better than one who spreads gossip without checking it out !
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