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Prominent rabbi to yeshiva heads: Don't hire Arabs
Neta Sela
Published: 17.03.08, 07:16
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1. Rabbi is correct - Does someone need to be taught not to
Emily ,   Tel Aviv   (03.17.08)
hire those who seek to harm them? No need to be naive here. "Leaving Gaza will bring peace to the region"
2. SO CORRECT...but
rachel ,   chutz4now   (03.17.08)
not happily taken by the PC partol. WHEN will we learn? We are two seperate peoples? Until they take on Noahide Law or at least humanities ideas of civilization, we MUST protect our kids. We must protect our LAND!
3. And if it was a arab iman.....
in Arab country who said that they shouldn't hire Jews. You will be all over here and shouting antisemitism. Double moral
4. hahahahaha
Tacitus ,   TA Israel   (03.17.08)
Hahahaha. It's forbidden to hire non-Jews unless it's cheaper to hire them instead of Jews. What a crackpot. Please God don't let these people ever come to power by democracy or power. They would turn us into Afghanistan. Hahahaha. What a joke. As usual the Rabbis show that you can have your cake and eat it. That's like saying it is okay for one to smoke but one is forbidden from inhaling
5. to #3, double moral...
Marcelo ,   Frankfurt   (03.17.08)
In Sudan it is against the law to be jew, and it penalized with life. In Syria it is forbidden to send land to jews as well as it is forbidden for jews to be in parlament, what about Iran? Egypt? and other many arabs, no there is double moral here, it is about life protection.
SERGIO ,   ISRAEL   (03.17.08)
Why providing the opportunity for terrorists to get "pre-operational intelligence" through acquaintances, friends, dupporters or even just victims of blackmail who work for us?... NO TERRORIS CAN STRIKE WITHOUT THE NECESSARY INTELLIGENCE GATHERED MAINLY THROUGH "INNOCENT WORKERS"...
7. What about Arab Jews?
Arab Jew ,   Jerusalem, Palestine   (03.17.08)
Don't tell me there is nothing like Arab Jews.. Some Arab Jews: Your problem is not with Arabs or Kurds, it is with the people you took their land by force.. stop your racism that is not even built on "race", and stop the occupation... We either share this land or we will be keep fighting eachother till one side vanishes, and it is not very likely that we can get rid of the Palestinians, not in the past, nor in the future.. Shaloum Alekhem...
8. Million Rabbis cant even save just a jewish life,
Atilla Karagözoğlu   (03.17.08)
9. why you afraid of Rabbis while you see them in mistakes ?
atilla karagözoğlu   (03.17.08)
10. To #3
Proud Jew ,   Israel   (03.17.08)
How many Jews in Arab countries commit terrorist attacks?
11. Similarly, Prominent Nazis Once Said Don't Hire Jews
Johan Odin ,   Oslow, Norway   (03.17.08)
Jews had after all openly declared war on Germany in 1933, declaring their intent was to destroy Germany and thus were openly at war with the Germany people, so I guess what was good enough for the Nazis is good enough for Israel’s Jewish leaders today.. It is however sad to see, that while the rest of the civilized world has evolved and moved far beyond such Nazi inspired ideologies of the past, today’s Jewish religious leaders in Israel still cling to and teach such primitive ideologies. Collective punishment and racism are dangerous things to play with, for like fire, if you let it grow you never know when they might rage out of control, change direction and end up burning you instead..
12. But wait, is this not discriminatory?
Jack ,   USA   (03.17.08)
How could you act like this, think of the media think of your Kadima, Shas Labor and the Arab parties, is this not like fighting back, how dare he think in these terms. What will the world say to this racisim? What about Shas, they should not join in the IDF either, You should embrace your Arab friends and give up your home and adhere to the UN. Listen to Rice and give up all your arms.
13. Dont hire cheap labour
Freejay3 ,   Israel   (03.17.08)
Unfortunately, thats what it all comes down too.......saving money. Not all Arabs living in Israel are extremists that support the idea of a Palastinian people, so these calls by the Rabbi are dangerous. Also there are alot of Jewish Arabs that will be discriminated. Whats next Rabbi, dont hire Russians because they might not be jewish? I think the answer is too be more careful in your selection, and to make sure anyone they hire have Israel at heart. Lastely.... anyone, Jew, Christian or Arab that support Hamass, Hezbollah or any other terrorist organization that attacks Israel, should be kicked out of the country.
14. He does NOT represent the Jerusalem community
Daniel Breslauer ,   Jerusalem   (03.17.08)
Kanievsky does not represent the Jerusalem community, which is led by the Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem, Rav Yitzchok Tuvioh Weiss. Please do not pretend that he does.
15. To number 10
Palestinian   (03.17.08)
How many? Too many of course... From settlements in Palestine, deporting thousands, massacres, etc.... Did you forget where you are??
16. wait a minutes #5,
speaking from GERMANY, you seem to know quite a bit of Sudan, Syria, Egypt, and the "many others" you claim. I dont know, nor care to know about this gibberish. Though I do want to enlighten you about IRAN especially (since "everyone" is against it). Iran, actually DOES have Rabbis working IN their government. I guess you dont remember the article here about the Rabbis in the govt' that united and declared that if Iran was to help Egypt with tending to the Gazans financially (and with oil) that they would quit their high ranking govt' jobs, as an ultimatum. what the hell was that? they were joking when they publicly stated that? and i do remember seeing some documentary on Sudan, there are Jews everywhere; and there was a synagogue even) rather about "life protection" it seems or i think you meant (may be a typo there in your text) "SUBJECTIVE life protection" and then THAT would rather make sense
17. #16 and #5 and religious nuts
Avinoam ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (03.17.08)
#5 well said #16 1) what does living in Germany have anything to do with the legitimacy of Marcelo's statement? 2) the kind of Rabbis that are friendly with Iran also deny the Holocaust. They're insane. To religious nuts in general. I certainly understand the logic behind the Rabbi's statement, but I find it unethical in a democratic society. On the contrary I say hire non-jews and jews equally*, among Israelis. (* without regard to relgion) About 20-30% of Israel is not Jewish, why should we alienate them? I understand the danger of a fifth column, but alienating minorities will only make things worse. I say all Israelis are equal. When it comes to non-Israelis however I say boycott all countries that support terrorism and aggression towards Israel. Don't give money to a Hamas government. Better to take it upon ourselves to ensure the basic needs of the Palestinians than have that money funnelled to terrorists. Damn, it's not that difficult, why do the politicians get it wrong?
18. Its about time!
LEE ,   NY, USA   (03.17.08)
This halachic ruling should have been established long ago. I pray that the Gedolai Hador will all confirm it and put it into practice.
19. dont hire rabbis
Simon ,   TA Israel   (03.17.08)
There we are now its balanced.
20. DUH!!
JSM   (03.17.08)
Now you figure it out? Please hire Jews even when it costs more.
21. #15
Marcelo ,   Buenos Aires   (03.17.08)
Buenos Aires is better now? I am from Argentina and living in Germany. Everyone does not hate Iran, but jews, as you could see when hizbullah lauched rockets agaonst civilean in Israel and the world went out saying "We are all hizbullah"...Iran and Syria support terrorists, Hizbullah blew AMIA in the air in Buenos Aires, and tries to kill every jew in the worl, In Cairo you can buy "My Kamp" in arabic; in Germany an arab teen stabbed a teacher at a high school when she talked about Israel, and one persian stabbed a rabbi in Frankfurt. Arabs do not want jews in any part and THAT is a fact. Arabs can get work in arabs countries, so, why should they be working in Israel, if they call Israel Nakbah? Double moral.....
22. What about Druze..???
Rami ,   Nazareth, Israel   (03.17.08)
They are good enough serve and even die to protec the jewish state.. but not good enough to be employed by jews???
23. No difference between this Rabbi and rasdical muslim clerick
Rami ,   Nazareth, Israel   (03.17.08)
24. #3, yes, so what? You can call us "anti-Arabist"!
Antonio ,   Haifa   (03.17.08)
And it's not like we live in their countries.
25. #11, what a load of rubbish
Antonio ,   Haifa   (03.17.08)
Ya know, you forgot a few crucial differences: we didn't try to destroy Germany, we are not trying to commit genocide on Arabs, we do not have supremacist ideologies. Just want to live in peace in our country, without Arabs bothering us. Is that really so much to ask?
26. Next step: no imports
Michael   (03.17.08)
Stop all imports and give the work to Jewish hands instead!!!
27. to Tacitus #4
Mike ,   Atlanta USA   (03.17.08)
The rabbi wants to keep wealthy within the Jewish community and to preserve the value of labor for Jews. He understands, naturally, that the health of the employer also matters, and so if keeping wealth within the Jewish community will hurt the survival prospects of the employer, then the rabbi recommends hiring from outside the community. Do you understand?
28. rabbi's decision
muriel ,   santa barbara, US   (03.17.08)
I am ambivalent about the decision. On one hand it is a wise precaution to avoid endangering lives (including those of innocent arabs caught in the backlash), on the other, his justifying argument stinks of racism. In other words: it's the right decision for the wrong reasons.
29. do not hire
robert fusfeld ,   greenleaf wi   (03.17.08)
I would make aliya in a new york minute if i could afford to eat. I will do anything. I am a professional, a gardener who can work in a greenhouse and raise food, a farmer, etc. give me a decent paying job. i also can shoot.
30. #17
Democracy is unethicial in a Torah society, which is what Israel should be. Then you would have the blessings of HaShem.
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