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Prominent rabbi to yeshiva heads: Don't hire Arabs
Neta Sela
Published: 17.03.08, 07:16
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31. Kanievsky is a Zionist ful of baloney
Dovy ,   Toronto   (03.17.08)
Most "leading rabbis" today are Zionist wackos. Shame on Kanievsky! Shame on his father-in-law, Elyashiv! Shame on them that they pretend to represent Haredi Jews. The Agudah and Eyda leaders are all Zionists. We are an orphaned generation where "rabbis" can live in cocoons and imagine the whole world isn't watching. This is what the Talmud says: "The descendants of Haman learn Torah in Bnai Brak"!
32. #11 equating Rabbi to Nazis is unfair?
observer   (03.17.08)
the Jews in Germany and Europe were natives to the Land, and the Nazis were not thieves of the land.
33. # 11 you are a racist!
Keren ,   Israel-SP   (03.17.08)
Go away ,satan! Your mind doesn't funtion properly-you are driven by evil!GO away!
34. he needs a hair cut /End
Fadi ,   beirut   (03.17.08)
35.  A better future for the Arabs of Judea, Samaria and Gaza.
Jean Van Daem   (03.17.08)
Israel must restore its “aura of invincibility” lost in the Second Lebanon War if there is to be any semblance of hope for a better future. That will only be achieved when Israel’s enemies come to realize that they have truly been defeated, that they cannot continue the system that led to the war, and that their dream of conquest is dead. The solution to the misery of the Arabs living in Judea, Samaria and Gaza exist : they should think about emigrating, discretely, to other Arab countries before it is too late, (most of these countries are not very populated and can easily integrate them). That is the real solution as explained at :
36. #34 you are not the famus fadi, because
observer   (03.17.08)
you didn't say it directly; "head cut"
37. how many non-Jews, non-Muslim Arabs there?
observer   (03.17.08)
38. Racist Remarks - How sad
Patriot ,   NYC   (03.17.08)
What kind of man of the cloth would blurt out racist comments? I suspect IS doesn't have anti-descrimination laws (employment or otherwise). I would expect an advanced, global society to have such laws.
39. #11 WTF?
al-kafir al-yahudi ,   USA   (03.17.08)
"Jews had after all openly declared war on Germany in 1933, declaring their intent was to destroy Germany and thus were openly at war with the Germany people" What are you talking about? (don't cite forgeries)
40. Rami is whacked
al-kafir al-yahudi ,   USA   (03.17.08)
"No difference between this Rabbi and radical muslim cleric" So, this rabbi is the same as the radical cleric who calls for death, destruction, chaos, slavery, jihad and conquest? I must have missed something in this article...
41. 11# You are smoking very heavy stuff lately - drop it sweety
gabriela ben ari ,   jerusalem   (03.17.08)
42. Defending oneself from the enemy is never racism -
gabriela ben ari ,   jerusalem   (03.17.08)
is plain common sense (which is not so common these days)
43. #41 and #42 - Gabriela's typical economy of words....
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (03.17.08)
So right you are, my dear!
44. #33-The truth hurts eh Keren?-Now go to the back of the Bus
Johan Odin ,   Olso, Norway   (03.17.08)
Were you and Gabriela can discuss knitting or something.
45. to drek from oslo
Keren ,   Israel-SP   (03.18.08)
I really don't care sitting in the back of buses because I love my fellows and respect their wishes. But you...Well,you are just a rot drek in oslo ,spiting your hate towards others like a mad dog.
46. What about Christian Arabs?
Mary ,   Philadelphia, USA   (03.18.08)
I could understand not hiring Muslims, since their "religion" encourages the killing of Jews. But Christians are commanded by God to bless Israel, and therefore, Jews. I would imagine that Christian Arabs would not want to be unfairly lumped-in with their Muslim brethren.
47. #45 Keren - Israel's Little Girls Will Suffer Thanks to You
Johan Odin ,   Oslo, Norway   (03.18.08)
I am accustomed to the Israeli practice of decrying arguments to which they cannot refute as being hate, but while I stand behind my words proudly with my head held high, you willingly allow yourself to be denigrated by others using their false Torah claims. I guess one should not expect too much from one who would allow herself to be subjugated by others into a being a second class citizen, but have you ever thought of what your actions today will do to the future of women’s rights in Israel if you continue.
48. 47. How to treat women...
gedaliah   (03.18.08)
I am not going to take such a strong side on either case but I did want to perhaps open up this discussion to other ideas. First of all, I do live in Israel. I am married with 2 daughters. The way women are treated here effects me alot being that I have three in my life. My wife and I were discussing this subject just the other day, about how women are treated. She brought up a great point. It seems that on the surface of things that woman are treated like second class citizens here. They are asked to sit in the back of the bus. Men do not acknowledge them and there is a large separation in other venues as well. On the other had, what would we say would be on the other side, where the pendulum swings to the other side. Perhaps it is, and this is where one might object, when men stand on the side of the street staring and gawking at the women. Turning women into objects in the minds of the gazers. Coments are also made to these women. Some of which are deamed inappropriate. Offensive even to the deliverer if these words fell onto their mothers, daughters and wives. To go back to the segragated side. The reason made for this behavior is modesty. One is forbidden to look at another women how he looks at his wife. This gives the wife much more honor. I know it may sound archaic but this of how many men get in trouble with their wives and girlfriends when staring at others in their presence. Anyway, we all have our opinions. The most important thing is that we are understanding of the underling reasons before we label these things as being oppressive.
49. To Mary - true Christian Arabs ...
Layla ,   Nazareth   (03.18.08)
are not Islamophobes. Arab Muslims are our brothers and sisters, and we share much of the same culture, traditions, language and beliefs. Your view of Islam, by the way, is totally skewed and misinformed, probably from watching too much Fox News. If the Rabbi doesn't want to hire Arabs, he is free to issue such an edict since Israel is, after all, a democracy - in which people are free to be racists. And yes, I am quite sure the edict extends to encompass Christians too. If you're not Jewish in the Jewish state, you don't get to protected by the full force of the law. And Rami, shame on you, worrying about whether or it not the edict applies to Druze. Believe me brother, no matter how much you try to be "one of them" (serving in the army and otherwise expressing loyalty) their system will always view you as just another dirty Arab. But please do go ahead and serve as cannon fodder for them. Israel is, after all, a democracy - where Arabs are free to hate themselves.
50. #48 Gedalliah - The differnce Between the Two is Freedom
Johan Odin ,   Oslow, Norway   (03.18.08)
Clearly you are willing to condemn you daughter to live as others see fit instead of giving them the same freedoms enjoyed by men. If your daughters are blessed with beauty and "choose" to dress provocatively, then yes, they will probably gain the attention and compliments from men as that is part of human nature, but should unfortunately be ugly and/or "choose" to wear unattractive clothing such as a berka, they can "choose" to avoid such compliments.
51. Layla, you are being unfair to Rami
jonathan ,   world   (03.18.08)
As far as I can tell from all his postings, he isn't a Druze - he is either a Muslim or a Christian like you. So when he spoke about the Druze, he was not pleading for himself. Instead, he was pointing out the stupidity and racism of a rabbinic edict that includes even those who fight and die to protect the rabbis. Personally, I think these right-wing rabbis afflict us (and by "us" I mean the Jews) far worse than Arabs possibly can.
52. # 51
It wasn't a rabbinical edict that no Jew should hire an Arab. He recommended to other yeshivas to not hire Arabs because Arabs are more likely to commit mass murder against the students. That's comon sense and it's not a threat to Jewish people.
53. "According to Jewish Law"
MIKE ,   NYC, USA   (03.19.08)
This "according to Jewish law" stuff is a crock. Anytime these phony baloney rabbis want to enforce their one-sided points of view they invoke the mantra "according to Jewish law" expecting that some far-out, feeble-minded believers will be persuaded to go along. Of course they are entitled to their opinions but it's wrong to intimidate others by invoking the wrath of God against those who have differing points of view.
54. #51 jonathan-You are afflicted by nature.
Keren ,   Israel-SP   (03.19.08)
Be sure the Rabbis don't afflict you.The sickness stands in your own mind . Get treated not to become still more coward than you seem to be.
55. #31
jman ,   jerusalem   (03.20.08)
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