Ramon calls on Germany to sever ties with Iran
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 17.03.08, 18:53
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1. Ramon's urging
Geroge   (03.17.08)
So. Olmert's genius says something that has no chance of happening-asking Germany to sever relations with mohammed ahamidinejad's iran. So, saying it is one thing, but not supporting IDF actions is another. This is the dog who says give away the west bank. What a dumb dog. What is Ramon's ,military record? Was he dishonorably discharged or not? if anybody knows, please respond.Somehting happended there to make him an olmert.
2. a dog barking.
floyd ,   seattle   (03.17.08)
iran will not stop it's right and its program is not defiant.israel is a criminal state always at war,and occupies land.this terrorist state telling iran what it should do is facetious.dare ynet to post this.ramon is barking dog,a typical israeli.
3. Mr. Somfalvi, I Agree Because...
Patrick ,   Mannheim, Germany   (03.17.08)
Well, it may seem like a profanity to you Israelis when it comes to a country that wants to "drive the Jews into the sea", but I will leave morals completely out of this. And still the most stringent argument remains on my side: German exports 2007: 926 Billion € German exports to Iran 2007: 3 Billion € I'm not trying to brag here, but 3 bn€ really ARE peanuts for us. To sever the ties with Iran should be a laughing matter for Germany all the more since vital Iranian Industries depend on German machines and replacement parts. Let them buy Chinese replacement parts, who cares :-)))) I like Ms. Merkel somewhat but this is exactly what I will judge her by. Whether we will ditch the Iranians for good. If Germany is so eager to make up the lost trade volume, she can well achieve it by doing business with a democracy... like Israel. Mr. Somfalvi, point absolutely taken - but that's just my 2 cents, I'm just a German "Joe sixpack" :-)
4. Wrong - Germany can do whatever it wants
andrew ,   miami,fl   (03.17.08)
you leave it up to them to make the right moral choice they "owe" us nothing anymore
5. Demands on Germany re: Iran
Michael Reising ,   Berkeley, CA   (03.17.08)
Though I agree world should sever ties with Iran, placing these demands on German Parliment after they reached out to Israel looks political greedy. Telling international community or Arab League is one thing, but with Iran's ultra-violent followers, such demands may put them in, at least temporarily, impossible positions that could push new allies out of arena being built. It's like saying "before befriending us you must put up poster in all your high-rise buildings that say, AL QUEDA; GO TO HELL!"
6. Dismiss Ramon!
Oleg   (03.17.08)
And this man Ramon is a minister of the Israeli cabinet? What a childish request! Nobody ever will do anything for Jewish people or anybody else for that matter until it is too late . The history has shown that time and time again. This Ramon fellow should be dismissed from the cabinet - Israel can not afford to have individuals with such primitive mentality in its cabinet.
7. Ramon Overestimates Israel's Importance compared to Iran
Lev Bronstein ,   Moscow, Russia   (03.18.08)
While Israel may be a good source of Jaffa oranges, Iran is a major world supplier oil and natural gas and along with Russia is an important supplier to Europe. The development of Iran's own civilian nuclear power program, a program that was started by the USA itself, was intended to free up even more oil and gas for export that Europe and the world desperately needs, so while the oranges are tasty, you still need the oil to get them to market.
8. The new kid on the block, Israel, never seems to understan..
Persian CAT   (03.18.08)
that Iran-German relationships is much older than the state of Israel. There are deep political and trade links between Iran and Germany, although, Patrick who does not seem to be one of the smart Germans only looks at the trade figures superficially and sees "peanuts". As Lev has correctly observed Germany needs Iran more that the other way around. Iran can get the goods it gets from Germany from "other sources" but Germany CANNOT get its oil and gas from Israel. I always have a good laugh when when some official from the tiny new kid on the block, Israel, whose demands for money and favors from others never ends actually has the nerve to ask Germany to sever its ties with Iran. Just remember Angela is a politician that'st all. Don't take her pandering and brown noising for anything more than that. She goes back to Germany and the first thing she and her esteemed entourage will do is to pop bottles of beer and have a good hearty German laugh at you kids.
9. # MIchael, I have heard Berkeley is where smart people live.
Persian CAT   (03.18.08)
What happended? I'm still scratching my head to figure out your brain fart, "world should server ties with Iran'! Did you know ALL countries have embassies in Iran except two? I'll let you guess which those are, because I think you need to kick-start your brain otherwise you're dumbing down the good old Berkeley.
10. Does Merkel want to solve the holocaust on Palestinians back
Amazon   (03.18.08)
11. #8
Soeren ,   Cologne/Germany   (03.18.08)
While the Iranian-German relations may be older, they are definitely not better than our relations with Israel. While Iran itself has a great culture (and fighted viciously more than 200 years for not becoming Islamic, before it was defeated) – it's clerical-fascist government is simply disgusting and absolutely criminal. Don't get us wrong: We Germans are loyal allies and have ever been. And Israel, as well as the U.S., Britain and France and a lot of other nations, are our allies! Merkel is a highly intelligent politician with deep convictions. For sure she won't open a bottle of beer with a "German laugh" (whatever this is) – or may be only with Olmert, before entering her plane back home. You believe it's all only pretending? May be that's the way you personally know. May be an all encompassing "masquerade" and lying is necessary for surviving in the Islamic republic, this totalitarian and utterly cruel dictatorship. After all, as far as I know Germany does not receive natural gas and oil from Iran. We receive our gas from Russia (what is sometimes problematic too) and our oil first hand from Britain, Norway and Lybia. Even the U.S. receive only 16% of their oil from the Middle East. While your country is bullying the entire Middle East and overestimating its possibilities, you may pray (I think five times a day isn't enough) that the West finally doesn't lose its patience with these stubborn, sadistic impotent old men who govern your country. The entire economy of Iran is founded on several oil terminals. Just today the Iranian economy is close to break-down. Should the U.S. ever decide to attack Iran's (nuclear) infrastructure (a decision which might become necessary) – in your country all lights go OFF. So it's up to you to bring your country on a better way... How said your president Adolfineschad recently: "All people envy us, all nations want to be like Iran!" Oh je... – I think it's time for a cold beer and a German laugh...
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