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Documentary series ‘Pillar of Fire’ to be broadcast in Germany
Meirav Crystal
Published: 18.03.08, 15:23
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1. gnoring the part played by Sephardic Jews in Israel’s histor
Sasson ,   Har Nof, Israel   (03.18.08)
Where is the massive documentaries on Sephardi/Mizrahi Jews and their exodus? Where are the countless books and websites on Sephardi/Mizrahi Jews? Where are the countless newspaper articles on the exodus of Sephardi/Mizrahi Jews? WE HAVE A STORY TOO
2. Live???
David ,   Haifa   (03.18.08)
"...the famed documentary series ‘Pillar of Fire’ will be broadcast live on German TV." Yeah right.
3. cool, i'll watch
4. Interesting to watch
Damir ,   Russia   (03.18.08)
solemnman ,   israel   (03.19.08)
I am half Sephardi and both halfs want to hear that story.Isn't it for Sephardi/Mizrahi jews to tell it?Are there no writers with the ability and desire to tell the story among the sephardi/mizrahi community?Are you waiting for an Ashkanasi jew to tell it?
6. purim
this festival was apparently adopted by the european jewsabout 800 years ago. the book of esthers oldest versions contain language no older then the first century bc, and some believe this to be a deliberate archaism. there is no record of any king of persia having had a jewish consort, let alone one her uncle mordechai (marduk-i, follower of marduk) had found whilst hanging around an orphanage. the book of esther contains a "doubleword" play on the word assyria. in ad 107, king xhosroes of adiabene, called by the parthians (persians with a listhp?) their province of assyria, massacred christians of the assyrian faith, at one site killing so many that later generations claimed their blood explains the red colour of a gravel mound where the massacre occurred. in ad 115-117, jewish communities across the roman empires eastern province joined in a revolt, the jews rebelling in egypt, eastern libya and cyprus. captured insurgents mocked the romans, sneering that soon the king of persia would advancing to their aid. in facy, the parthian empire had just had itseastern most provinces over run by the roman army, and it is that and the services of mesmerists that explain the jewish rebellion, as its threat to their supply lines caused the romans to withdraw from parthia. once their use to parthia was over, they were abandoned to vengeance hungry rome by "asahuerus". has prester john come to your aid yet, oh crusader?
7. #1 and #5
i just finished reading THE FORGOTTEN MILLION, a book about the jews living in arab lands for millenia that were treated in the most harshest ways and persecuted by all these arab regimes and countries. their suffering was extensive. the last blow to them occured when israel was born and as a vindictive gesture, all arab lands jews lived in stripped them of everything, citizenship, the shirt off their backs, money, bank accounts, property, businesses....all confiscated by the arab governments and then they forced them to flee and kicked them out of the country. these are the lost souls of sephardi jews that came to israel and built our country side by side with the ashkenazi jews fleeingeurope and those other jews that have come to our land in the 1800's together with jewish presence in british palestine for years before herzl was even born. the sphardi jews are and should be a weapon against the so called palestinians right of return. law suits must be slapped on all arab countries that kicked these jews and robbed them blind and stripped them of humanity and possessions. untill this is done and honor to these poor jews is restored, the so called palis have no legal leg to stand on. the only place they may be returned is to the arab lands from which they came to be near the jewish settlements and profit from the work of the jews on the land of israel. also, i am not so sure that the ashkenazis of that time in israel treated the incoming sephardi jews from arab land any differently than they were treated by arabs. most were unaccepting of them, mean to them, didn't give them jobs, didn't care about them and looked down at them. shame. i witnessed it in my town as a child. it is more a shame that an ashkenazi jew will do to the sephardi jew what the arab people did to these jews. shame. israel needs to make a story, a movie, a festival in their honor. these jews in arab lands suffered much longer than the ashkenazi jews in europe. they may not have been murdered un mass, by they lived under regimes that hated them and relegated them to roberry, pogroms, hate crimes, mob crimes, no legal representation, extra taxation and constant fear for their survival on a daily basis. THEY NEED TO BE HEARD TOO! the world owes them a listening ear.
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