Israelis look ahead to post-Bush White House
Published: 18.03.08, 18:31
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Marcel ,   Florida   (03.18.08)
The dumbing down,brainwashing of much of Israel by the government media criminal's is a proven success when they call Bush (who steals Jewish land, arms Islamic terrorists provides them millions of dollars and helps them to thrive in his continous restraint of israel) a friend of Israel. Remember it was Bush who made Hamastan Gaza a reality or did you forget ? The nations are mad ,starting with Israel.
2. Bush
Invicta ,   Europa   (03.18.08)
"I think Bush gave us a sense of security during very difficult times. On the Iraqi issue he turned out to be wrong, but under the circumstances I think he was the best man for the job and was good for Israel," Elias said. The best man for the job? This is what has perplexed the world for the past seven years. How has a nation such as the US - populated by so many intelligent, generous, advanced people, managed to vote for such a complete incompetent? How is the world a better place following Bush's reign? The US economy is buckling under the sub-prime scandal and the trillions wasted on an illegal war. Al Qaeda and Bin Laden are still at large and the Taliban are getting the upper hand in Afghanistan. Iran has gained confidence in the face of US incompetence and corruption (Haliburton anyone?) Iraq? Well, where to begin? It's a horror show. The US's reputation is grappling with the consequences of Abu Ghraib and Gitmo and Bush's recent approval of torture as a means of Government policy. It just goes on and on . . . . .There can never be a politician as nasty and as ignorant as Bush. And most Americans didn't even vote for him seven years ago. At least the majority have sense.
3. "Mr Palestine" is NOT israels best friend
andrew ,   miami,fl   (03.18.08)
"Mr Palestine" (as quoted by the economist) he's done more damage than any other US president and stop looking for best friends - believe in yoruselves - and you'll be just fine
4. Dont take sides in US election - bad for your health
Lemmings Hotline ,   sd usa   (03.18.08)
Supporting one candidate can backfire if he/she doesnt get elected and the new president has a chip on his/her shoulder.
5. Hillary coming to Israel?
Pete ,   Bat Yam   (03.18.08)
Is she gonna get french kissed by Ramon or is she gonna french kiss Abbas's wife like she did Sewer Suha Arafat? Maybe she can find a nice arab village for B.J.Bill, after all It Takes a Village (to sexually satisfy B.J. Bill Clinton) How will Obummer Obama, will he use his dumbo ears to fly here? He can pray in Al Aksa Mosque, !
6. Bush pro-Isael?
David ,   Haifa   (03.18.08)
Give me a break, a real friend would not have left us and the Palestinians muddling on for 8 years, only to start making halfhearted peace-efforts less than a year before he is about to retire.
7. What a Joke: many Israelis feel that Bush's pro-Israel shoes
Yitzchak ,   Yerushalyim   (03.18.08)
What a Joke: many Israelis feel that Bush's pro-Israel shoes This is the biggest lie he is working to shrink Israel further still if I had business associates like that I would get rid of them real fast. Translate this in order for you to have quality market share you need to half your turnover! this is totally insane politics.
..............DACON9   (03.18.08)
AVROHOM BILGREI ,   ZION   (03.18.08)
10. The economy makes it irrelevant
Aaron ,   Baltimore, USA   (03.18.08)
With the US economy crashing, the dollar collapsing against virtually every major and minor currency, and the government deficits soaring, the US position on the middle east is irrelevant. The US won't be able to help or protect Israel if it wanted to.
11. Joke
MARCH08   (03.18.08)
Bush is sat in his ranch with all his old comrades, Cheney, Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld, Sanchez, the CEOs of Ennron and Haliburton when an aid comes in and whispers in his ear that the Federal Reserve has been robbed of all its assets. How can that be, replies Bush, all America's biggest thieves are sat here.
12. If it´s a friendship
britt ,   gothenburg,sweden   (03.18.08)
it is for own purpose, he´s just running for Nobels peaceprize, and a lot of fools got it before - so just fix the autographs, and he will be rememberd for "ever" - it happened before. A real Peace? - oh that´s not important.
13. US President Should Act in US Interests, Not Those of Israel
Patriotic American ,   Anytown   (03.18.08)
The President of the United States should not be elected on what is in the best interest of a foreign country, and for US candidates to visit a foreign country like Israel during an election year, especially given that the AIPAC spying trial has not yet even concluded, is very disturbing and should make Americans question whether their loyalty will be to our country or that of Israel's. If the vote of US Jews is predicated upon a candidates support for Israel, then their unpatriotic nature should be exposed for what it is and them given an opportunity to move to Israel if that is where their loyalty lies, but our election must not be manipulated or controlled by those whose loyalty lies to a country other than the USA. George Bush's favoritism towards Israel has already cost my country dearly in both our treasury and our respect around the world, and the last thing we need is to continue that failed policy in the Middle East.
14. to Invicta from Europa - you are mistaken
Joshua ,   Boston   (03.18.08)
You asked: "How has a nation such as the US - populated by so many intelligent, generous, advanced people, managed to vote for such a complete incompetent? " Unfortunately, you presented a loaded statement. Bush is a reflection of most Americans - ignorant, uneducated, brainwashed, simply minded, machos, and very patriotic (blindly). There are some intelligent, but most are foreigners.
15. 2008 US Elections
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (03.18.08)
Well, Hillary, I don't think, will make it and Obama should scare the pants off everybody. Kenneth Blackwell is a columnist for the New York Sun and a former Secretary of State from Ohio. Oh, and he’s an African-American.
16. Really? What has the Iraq War done for Arab-West relations?
Global Citizen ,   Israel & USA   (03.18.08)
If she pulls out, do ya THINK it might help? It is never a good idea to kick the underdog when he's down. Sometimes the best defense is just a good defense.
17. With "Friends" Like Bush
tinashkuli   (03.18.08)
who needs enemies. But then again, with a Prime Minister like Olmert, who needs enemies.
18. #13 "Patriotic American" who questions US Jews' loyalty
Jake   (03.18.08)
How nice of you to "give them an opportunity to move to Israel" after "exposing their unpatriotic nature". That will give you the opportunity to vote for true American patriots, like Obama's pastor Jeremiah Wright.
19. Clinton Is Dead In The Water, Obama Virtually Unelectable
David ,   Marietta USA   (03.18.08)
The person to deal with is McCain. And while it is true that Bush lead to Hamastan-Gaza (at least the State Dept did), to call him " a reflection of most Americans - ignorant, uneducated, brainwashed, simply minded, machos, and very patriotic (blindly)" as Joshua (from Boston, naturally) is standard American liberals foaming at the mouth when they have no facts to present. Ignorant? How did he become a state Governor, and then President, re-elected when confronted by the mighty Kerry? Uneducated? Yale is uneducated? The conservative Bush survived the commissars and liberals, thrived, and got a post graduate degree. With a GPA significantly higher than (ahem) the more urbane John Kerry. Brainwashed? Have you listened to heroine Christy Sheehan lately? No love lost between the left wing which controls Obama/Clinton and the State of Israel. Simple minded? As in let's raise taxes on the evil corporations, and use that money to increase jobs in America? Oops, excuse me, that is a left wing plan, not George Bush's. Macho, you got me there. At least he doesn't swish like liberal ex-Gov McGreevy and his Israeli boyfriend. As for "very patriotic" yup, got me again. He is. Maybe we should all be less patriotic like Joshua in Boston is. May America continue to be blessed with such incompetence in the future, and spare us the Boston elitists! It will be in Israel's interest also.
20. #18 Jake -Wright's Ideology Would be Right at Home in Israel
Patriotic American ,   Anytown, USA   (03.18.08)
But that does not change the fact that if the Jewish vote is dependent upon support for Israel, then they should move to Israel where their loyalty obviously lies and will surely be welcome, but they cannot be allowed to continue to act as a fifth column in my country. I am sick and tired of hearing how the US must support Israel while Israel in return spies and steals from my country and sells our secrets to our enemies. The further we distance ourselves from Israel the better, as our support and covering for Israel at the UN has only brought shame to our great nation and has helped destroy our once proud image of being supporters of justice and the rights of all people around the world.
21. israel has total
bri ,   phil usa   (03.18.08)
support of american congress no matter whose in white house
22. Bush a Freiendof Israel; sheer folly!
David Turner ,   Richmond, US   (03.18.08)
Like invading Iraq was a favor to Israel when Israeli leaders at all branches of government, military and intelligence warned that removing Sadam would only loose the Iranian lion, nuclear ambitions and all; like Bush forcing Olmert and Abbas to swallow elections both warned would lead to a Hamas victory benefitted Israel; like encouragement to confront Hezbollah in Lebanon because their defeat would spell defeat also for Bush enemies Iran and Syria, that Bush stopped Israel from crossing the Litani in pursuit of victory benefitted Israel! Get Real. Bush arrogance and ignorance has threatened Israel and the Middle East, not benefitted it. If Israeli leaders truly believe him a friend then maybe Israel should reform its education system, because we are not producing a political and social leadership worthy of the name.
23. # are not a patriot
Mike ,   NH   (03.19.08)
and america belongs to the natives you morons murdered. By the way,,,,ever envision what "your " Amerika would be without jews? bland as Wonder bread.
24. How much did this writer get paid to lose your soul?
Zippy   (03.19.08)
Although you may either be insane or delusional, facts on the ground do NOT support your ridiculous theory. Neither Clinton(s) nor the Bushies are friends of Israel. The new US ambassador is morally depraved and secretary rice hates Jews and sides ALWAYS with the psuedo-palis. Even with the terrorist Hamas. Please explain to me how you can remain deluded when the world , including US politicians, want to "wipe you off the map" and all you have is praise???
25. israel
velvet nance ,   alabama usa   (03.19.08)
I hope that the ppolicy makers of our country remain good friends with gods beloved chosen. because it would be a sad day for the U.S. if they try to go against gods plan I pray that day does not happen
PATRIOT 2 ,   hometown, USA   (03.19.08)
I AGREE 100 and 10 percent.
27. AGREE 13===
28. 14. U R the ignorant not the average American...
American   (03.19.08)
u shame urself not America.
29. Tell me you are joking; Bush missed by Israel?
David Turner   (03.19.08)
For the first time since I began taking part in Talkbacks I find the the responders have a clearer recognition of the disaster of Bush than thos the story purports to recomend. israelis will miss Bush? Bush a freind? Who can take his place from among those in the running. The dogcatcher could do a better job! I hope Israeli leaders are just buttering up the Bush the (most generous description) Bungler because he can still harm the Jewish state. Because if they truly do believe Bush competent and well-intended then they would more appropriately fill the position of dogcather than leaders of our state!
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