Sderot: Those who can afford it have already left
Shmulik Hadad
Published: 19.03.08, 09:27
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1. shame on the Olmerts
Charles   (03.19.08)
2. Israel should leave Sderot to Palestinians ! THAN NO ROCKET
Atilla Karagözoğlu   (03.19.08)
3. Those that criticise Israel......
Psalms 83 ,   Selah   (03.19.08)
Need to spend a few months in Sderot while these qassam are falling and take thier chances at getting hit by one.....
4. Sderot
khader herzallh ,   Dhahran-Saudi Arabia   (03.19.08)
Who talks about 3000 people left Sderot?no mention to more than 1.5 million Paestinians had already left Palestine since 1948 and still leaving as the barbaric israeli killing and destruction escalates.You must drink from the same cup we drank and still drink.Be aware of your belief never forgive,never forget.
5. Shame and disgrace...
TC ,   Haifa   (03.19.08)
for the government. They should resign now. Period.
6. another victory for hamas
7. Playing right into the hands of the enemy
Millie ,   Israel   (03.19.08)
Hamas said publicly that it wants to force the residents of Sderot out. They also claim it as their territory. (Well, they claim all of Israel is theirs too.) The gov't is so wimped out, it can't even protect and control it's sovereign territory. And what are they going to do when rockets start falling on Ashdod? Olmert and everyone in this lousy gov'y must go! NOW! We cannot afford to wait even one more day.
8. #2 and#4
sanna   (03.19.08)
Why not push the border a couple of miles downwards against gaza city - and make a securit -zone, and to #4 -thera are more jews who had to flee out of arab-countries. There are plenty of place in other arab countries, but their so called brothers don´t want to have them there, Egypt did all they could to close the border. By the way there are no "palistinian" people, PLO admitted, just arabs.
9. Stop the sufferings of Sderot.
Jean Van Daem   (03.19.08)
The government of Israel is responsible for abandoning the residents of Sderot. Every further delay in a military operation in Gaza comes at the expense of the children of Sderot, and brings the threat closer to the children of Ashkelon and Ashdod as well. a state must protect its citizens, especially those who are threatened such as those in Sderot. Israel should hit the Palestinians with one fell swoop, defeating them. Otherwise, this cruel situation of today will continue year after year, decade after decade as explained at :
10. You did it to your self, leave palestine to palestinians
som one   (03.19.08)
11. To Millie: I Agree and Don't Agree
Dave Levy ,   Burbank. California   (03.19.08)
First, I am an activist Zionist, and an American born Jew. I am proud of both, and would give my life for my brethren. That said: while Sderot is a tragic situation, it should be compared to rocket firings into norhtern Israel cities for decades. Israel still stands, stronger for it. It is a victory of sorts for Hamas, but is only hardening Israel's resolve and defense. Look, while, egregious, things could be worse. Israel however, must have it's red lines...that is my real concern. It seems to waffle. Islamic thugs are being hurt too, let's be frank. They are paying a price for their leaders blindness of not accepting Israel's existence and acting like jr, Hitler thugs and SS. If Hamas fires Grads, then Israel can retaliate accordingly. More bomb shelters is I suppose better than none. Ultimately, Israel will have to strike Hamas harder and punish them severely. Boycotts, as in most cases, have backfired. The Arab League still has an oil boycott against Israel, so Israel is making electic cars and buys outside OPEC. Get my point. Strengthing Sderot from wherever is a priority for US in the West. Today Sderot, tomorrow, where, New York?
12. The Tragedy of Sderot
Brod ,   USA   (03.19.08)
This would not have happened if the Leftist government had come to their rescue and defeated the enemies of Israel earlier. It is time Israel have a new strong and brilliant government that can protect and defend the nation from the Islamist-Jihadist terrorists, thugs, usurpers and occupiers who have been attacking Israel unrelentingly. Only a Right Wing-led government can deter the dark forces from ever thinking, planning and attacking Israel.
13. 2#Attila: IL should leave Sderot to Pals.
Nora ,   Tel Aviv   (03.19.08)
Then what? Rockets over Ashkelon. Then what? Attila says that IL should leave Ashkelon to Pals. And then what?....etc....etc...etc...
Yehuda ,   ISRAEL   (03.19.08)
The Israeli government is using Sderot and alike as a poster child it brings in great cash from the Weinberg foundation as well as many many other orgs. Billions have been donated the refurbish the bomb shelters in Israel's north, it is also in the Israeli yearly budget. All the knesset members stay quiet cause they get paid off for supporting the government when Olmert needs them and it comes mostly from donations. Stop donating money blindly and the corrucption will stop but those big donors want a piece in real estate in Israel so the government gives them a great deal inturn for cash. all the stressed out footage you see on TV and specially made Jewish agency films are driected at the average mooch outside of Israel and you fall for it all the time. It is you the mooch that can stop the corruption here and really help the people if you go hand son donate material not money and directly no middle men.
15. The Pattern
Wise Man ,   USA   (03.19.08)
Sinai, south Lebanon, Gazza, Now Sedrot then Golan hights, Tel Aviv , etc......
16. israeli withdrawal
marcel   (03.19.08)
This is the first time that israelis are withdrawing from pre 67 israel. This is due to Ehud Olmert, the most gutless PM in israel's history.What do Oren, beilen say, as if hamas is going to stop. Cut off the head of Hamas, the moslem brotherhood. Haniyeh and Zohar and their fami8lies need to go their heaven right now. Olmert should be brought before a firing squad. Barak, get off your ass and install batteries of the Phalanx gun which is ready right now around sderot! Citizens of sderot should fire rockets into gaza since olmert doesn't have the guts to do it. Israelis are really stupid people to tolerate olmert.
17. mmmm
jewish religious laws require that all parts of the body be buried before sunset. at auschwitz, piles of hair are lying on floors for public inspection. apparently, these piles of hair are not from the original inhabitants of the camps, the soviets having burnt all human remains found at the place for fear of infection. nonetheless, some of the donors of the hair found at this dreary temple of death (l'haim! l'haim!) must be dead by now. what is the status of a jew who has attended at the auschwitz temple in religious terms?
18. To Wise Man: Not So Fast
Dave Levy ,   Burbank. CAUSA   (03.19.08)
Look, sooner or later Israel had to leave So. Lebanon. Over 1,000 Israelis died there. As far as Gaza, I was against the settlements to begin with. Israels simply put, cannot live with or to near the Pals. The farther the better my friend. The original Israeli enclaves I understand were to be for defensive purposes..even that has problems attached. But 9,000 IDF to guard 8,000 way, no how Israel. Greater Israel is a can never be accomplished in the M.E. The disengagement was good for Israel, but seems not to have resolved anything. Sderot is a lost cause, unless Israel wants to fight the entire Arab world, occupy the Strip permanently, and lose remaining US support (Bush is a lame duck President). The Democrats are less apt to support Israel's military. I feel for Sderot..but let's not get carried away. There just may be no answer to this conflict. just as wih the Koreas, Kosovo and Cypress. Israel needs to rethink itself. Remember, when Iran gets the bomb, Israel's will face some hard choices. It needs our (US) help more than ever. Now is not the time to cut it's nose to spite it's face, Sderot's misery notwithstanding. 1m Jews moving to Israel would be put their money where their (sometimes) big brave mouths are. Let's get real folks. If the conflict were easy to resolve, it would have been long ago.
19. Yordim
Drouch   (03.19.08)
Olmert and co. can not protect citizens living in Israel, yet they launching a campaign to bring ex-pats (yordim) home . Are they looking to replace old hostages by the new ones ?
20. Another city next
Then they would just start with the next city in. Please have some common sense.
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