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Russian blood libel: Jews use children's blood for matzot
Yael Branovsky
Published: 19.03.08, 20:34
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1. Russian anti-semitism ... so what else is new? (end)
Anatoly ,   Tel Aviv   (03.19.08)
2. Children blood!
Brandur Davidsen ,   Faroe Islands   (03.19.08)
This people are not only antisemitic. They are also that kind of humanbeings which are closest related to the monkeys. They are even so stubborn so they dont understand that a jew must not eat blood. This is written in the TORA. But sorry for them they can't read.
3. We are central to the world.
Keren ,   Israel-SP   (03.19.08)
Why,please? They know that,and they fear that! When cowards fear,they want to destroy the object of their fear,but sometimes they flatter before! It has been always like that.The tiny Israel and the tiny Jewish People sooner or later become the center of attention of all world. See,Merkel is here flattering us;Mackain(this one in line to be US predident)is here... Can they logicaly explain why tiny Israel is so fundamental? I want to hear a LOGICAL explanation.LOGICAL!
4. Can people believe it ?
charles ,   petach tikva   (03.19.08)
I would'nt be surprised that there are backwards people wo do believe it . It reminds me of a guy , who in 1956 said that i can't be Jewish , because Jews have horns ! [ the Moses by Michel Angelo's influence ? ]
5. Funny how we never hear of relatives of people
who's blood was used for matzot. You'd think people who's children were killed by jews will shout out against it. But nothing. *sigh*
7. Lies - Today most recipes use freeze dried childrens blood
The Hebrew Chef   (03.19.08)
8. Blood Libel
HS ,   USA   (03.19.08)
We're giving to much credit to those who believe in the blood libel. Do you really think that if they could think rationally that they would believe these lies?
10. holocaust beginning all over again
13. # 2 Brandur
Bill H. ,   Oregon, USA   (03.19.08)
Yes, and they show just how stupid they are by saying that the Jews have multiple gods. They shouldn't even have to be able to read to know that the Jews worship one God and that there is only one God.
14. blood from NovoAntiSemitsk
Alex ,   San Francisco   (03.19.08)
Hi. I'm running short on young blood from NovoAntiSemitsk. Can anyone ship me a few little dudes from over there?
15. Red Matzah?
JJ ,   Israel   (03.19.08)
16. Passover? I thought it is good for Purim
observer   (03.19.08)
17. a big ecological problem
observer   (03.19.08)
with all those bodies dumped in garbage and blood born infection spilled her and there.
18. Russians ???
Juan ,   Spain   (03.19.08)
Take no notice - they can't even get the date right - passover is really early this year - in March - not April! Ignorance, pure ignorance.
19. i keep mine in the attic
20. Ignorance Personified
Bill Foonman ,   Jacksonville, USA   (03.20.08)
The Russians never cease to amaze us with their unmitigated ignorance. In this area, they are nearly as ridiculous as the Arabs.
21. Sounds like deflection
5th generation ,   Israel   (03.20.08)
Who's in THEIR bread?
22. Christians were accused by the pagan Romans of cannibalism
Jake   (03.20.08)
due to the Eucharist (consuming the body and blood of Christ). And then in the Middle Ages, Christians displaced this accusation onto the Jews. The 'funny' thing is, the laws of Kashrut specifically forbid the Jews from consuming blood.
23. #3 -- logical reason
logic   (03.20.08)
Here is one logical perspective/explaination that centers around the religious issue. There are many issues, but this one is particularly interesting I think. Here is a logical reason to your question. Grant me that much of the history of the world is a religious history, this is at least true of the west. Religion was and has been intimately involved in political and social affairs. Two of the major religions of the west (Christianity and Islam) trace their roots to Judaism. If someone is either Christian or Islamic then reject they reject much of Judaism, much of their roots. If they reject portions of their roots, they reject the beliefs of the people who hold to Judaism. But the people who hold to Judaism think they are right--i.e. they are the chosen ones. There is evidence, some may say, that the Jews are chosen: WE ARE STILL AROUND! The wars we have fought and won, we survived the Shoah, and now we came home to Israel. But if there is evidence that the Jews are the chosen, then Christianity and Islam are possibly wrong. Here you have a classic case of cognitive dissonance. How does a Christian or Islamist who thinks his religion is right and the Jews are wrong resolve his cognitive dissonance? You either destroy yourself, or you destroys the Jews. You either destroy your personal identity, and perhaps your "self," or you try to show the world how despicable and loathsome the Jews are. What do you think, rather what do you know, most of them have done and to a certain extent still do? They attempt to show the world how loathsome Jews are, and in the worst case, they try to destroy them. Since religion has been and still is in many countries tied to politics, this manifests at the local, state, and federal level. So throughout history you get residents attacking the Jews, or whole governments trying to wipe us out. Those who have resolved this dissonance with a blending of "we are right, and yet the Jews are chosen" also find Israel and the Jews to be "fundamental." These tend to be the evangelical Christians. Those who have destroyed us in the past or represent a population that was responsible for destroying us also find us central. There is your logical reason.
24. jews in Novosibirsk,still better off then jews in sderot
chaim schonbrun ,   brooklyn n.y   (03.20.08)
jews in Novosibirsk,still better off then jews in sderot or ashkelon,where for the last two years, they are being bombarded day and night with rockets and mortars,and the children have been sleeping in underground bunkers.and this criminaly insane,traitorous government has not lifted a finger to protect them,the biggest jew haters don't reside in russia or iran,but in jerusalem,in the knesset at the head of the cabinet table
25. 21. the death of democracy is in their bread...
truth strikes again   (03.20.08)
26. The Jews have been blamed for 9/11
Mark ,   Boston   (03.20.08)
and the Iraq War. They say Zionists but mean Jews. They say the Zionists did 9/11 or the Mossad.
27. But we must use Christian children's blood!
Tahl ,   Israel   (03.20.08)
We can't just give up on using Orthodox Christian blood for the matzot. It gives them that special, extra little tanginess... We just can't do without it! We tried using Muslim blood, but it just wasn't the same, Muslim blood is not as tasty. And we don't dump the bodies in the garbage, we actually burn them as a sacrifice to our many gods, while saving the skulls to be used as decorations for our living rooms.
28. 26 Mark: The news media and the government could have
Rivkah   (03.20.08)
prevented that nonsense about the Jews attacking the WTC towers if the book "Unrestricted Warfare" had been more widely publicized and discussed. It was written in the 1990's by two Red Chinese Army Colonels about Red China's war plans against America. It does not implicate the Mossad in the attack on the WTC towers on 9/11/01. It says the first phase of RED CHINA's war plans against America is to attack the WTC towers with Moslem pilots TRAINED BY THE RED CHINESE. The second phase is to hack into American computer systems and cause havoc which is happening. The third phase is to crash the American economy. The fourth phase is nuclear war. So what do our "fearless leaders" do, knowing that in advance of 9/11? Cutting off China as a trading partner with economic sanctions is what should have been done. But instead of attacking the REAL ENEMY, it was less risky to target a smaller nation that had oil and broke an agreement to trade oil for dollars to keep the dollar afloat. America's REAL ENEMY, Red China, is still there and will attack at some point just as Germany attacked its biggest trading partner, Russia, in World War II.
29. Juan @ 18
Chris ,   Warsaw, Poland   (03.20.08)
I am sorry but you confused Western Church Easter (March 23rd this year) with Jewish Passover (in the middle off April this year). By the way, Eastern Orthodox Church (Russian) Easter is on April 27th. Be careful when calling people ignoramuses.
30. Blood Libel
Christian "Jew" ,   Durban, South Africa   (03.20.08)
Tahl, you are out of line. No wonder the world are giving the poor Jewish people such a hard time. Do not make fun of what these evil people perpetrate, it just blows the flames higher. SHAME on you !!!
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