Pilgrims from Sardinia to visit Israel
Menachem Gantz
Published: 23.03.08, 08:33
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1. Traveling to Israel is always an excelent option,BUT
Keren ,   Israel-SP   (03.23.08)
let US not forget that "interreligious understanding"is another political word's play bs intentended to cover the real fact:church is based in the robbery of the jewish faith and for them we are an obstacle.Indeed,they are very surprised by the fullfiled profecy about our return and are YET trying to revert the fact to keep robbing us. Don't hide the head in the sand thinking otherwise. They are only to be believed in their "love"for us the day they close their churches in Israel and forget about this jesus bs and his association with us ,in the evil doctrine of them.Will they? To be and keep CONSCIENT of the facts is always very healthy!At least we know who we are dealing with and keep alert.
2. Hopefully, one of these visitors will be Caterina Murino
Jake   (03.24.08)
who was recently a Bond girl and is from Sardinia. As Ambassador Oded Ben Hur said, "Sardinia is a model and a sparkle."
3. post #1
Mattithyahu ,   Israel   (03.25.08)
You said: "their "love"for us the day they close their churches in Israel and forget about this jesus bs " You are obscene. I am not Catholic, but your hateful remarks are disgusting. This "Jesus bs" as you refer to it is the single largest religious faith in the history of the world. Whether you agree with it or not is your business, but why should they be expected to denounce their beliefs in order to please you? Christians have been in israel for 2,000 years and have been a solid, stablizing influence for the entire time. Many, perhaps most, of the world's Christians reacted to the rebirth of Israel as a Jewish state with joy and applause. They remain the most consistent non-Jewish supporters of Israel in the world today. How would you like it if Americans said that Jews in America needed to prove their love for America by eating bacon, closing their synagogues, and forgetting about that Jewish BS? When Americans do say things like that they are correctly labeled as bigots. But it is okay for Jews to say the same sort of things about Christians?
4. post #3
Keren ,   Israel-SP   (03.25.08)
It is all a matter of opinion. I consider obsene people like you who insist in forgoting progroms,cruzaders,inquisition,holocaust ,forced conversions,etc, and prefer kissing tuchus(I beg the pardon of other readers)of those who hurt you. There is nothing proving they have changed.In their masses ,they still speak about us and our "blindness". Indeed ,they are right:some jews,as you ,are blind! One of my countries is Brasil-a catholic country-and people are good, but behind, there is an indoctrination against us anywhere,ready to explode when it is convinient. Forgeting is the biggest stupidity a human being can commit.I am not saying to hate BUT NOT TO FORGET! And don't worry about the money they send to you.They will keep sending!The truth is the best policy! Shame on you for worrying not to lose the money ,because that's exactly your problem-the money!
5. #3 ah ,and about your name,Mattithyahu...
Keren ,   Israel-SP   (03.25.08)
It was exactly Mattithyahu's family who ultimately sold Israel to Romans. Yes ,Mattithyahu won;but Mattithyahu sold Israel to romans ,directly or indirectly,and did all kinds of mistakes that ended up in our dispersion. Your opinions are bad opinions!.
6. lol #3
ggg ,   fff   (03.27.08)
your suggestion is pathetic only because it has been said to the jews in various ways for 100 of years . when your hear a little of your own medicine you get upset. you have been listening to much to you r cristian churches lyes . now you can hear some truth
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