Boy hurt in blast; cult involvement suspected
Raanan Ben-Zur
Published: 20.03.08, 18:15
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1. Satanic cult?
Chatich   (03.20.08)
This probably was the work of a Satanic cultist, one of about 1.5 billion, found all over the globe but mostly in proxomity to this area...
2. Let this be a warning to all of us! + Speedy recovery to the
me ,   here   (03.20.08)
3. Satanic cult?
3Jay3 ,   Israel   (03.20.08)
Does this satanic cult originate from Saudi Arabia by any chance?
4. Ariel teen gets parcel bomb
vicky ,   Ashkelon Israel   (03.20.08)
How sick is our society getting that a youth gets severly injured by a package Not from the PALS, but our own people. Its just like a tale from Soddom and Gmorah. Whats up with our parents of today that they care little of what their children get up to. I wish him a speedy recovery and all my sympathy. I hope the people responsible will be severly punished whatever their age.
5. we're praying for this generous/loving family
concerned believer ,   frmly Ariel, Israel   (03.20.08)
We know this family personally. This breaks our heart. They are very kind people! They have tried to reach out to and help many people, including their enemies. I pray that their attackers are caught and punished! I also pray for their son to recover quickly and miraculously!
6. Jpost has a different take on this event
Jake   (03.21.08)
says that the family of this boy were receiving death threats from Moslem groups in the West Bank for alleged missionizing of Palestinians.
7. Cult?
David   (03.21.08)
What a load of garbage. They were obviously targeted by either Muslims or Jews because they were Messianic Jews. Trying to imply that they deserved it because of their beliefs or ties with a suppossed "cult" group is garbage Messianic Jews have been targets in Israel for many years, and everytime they are attacked the police do nothing, and even imprison the victims, and the media goes along with it. Messianic Jews are loyal to Israel, serve in the IDF, follow the laws of this country, but are treated like criminals by the police just because they believe in Jesus. Last I checked Israel was a free country, and they could believe what they wanted. This boy was and his family were targeted in a terrorist attack, but the police are going to say that because the vistims are Messianic Jews.
8. Fanatic Jews are obviously behind this terror act
Elejah ,   Nazareth   (03.21.08)
From the story: the teen nor his family have a criminal record of any kind but they are messianic Jews!! Then it is done most probably by a terroristic Jewish organization that MUST be discovered quickly.
9. Careful people
Leah Katz ,   Miami, Florida USA   (03.21.08)
I am seeing people who claim to be Jews spreading false rumors, maybe even slander, about other Jews, without any scrap of evidence. This is a violation of Lev. 19:16. This is talebearing. If you really claim to be loyal to Israel, then you won't say these things about Israeli Jews. Such things as this should never be said about fellow Jews. I've read that Al Aqsa Martyr's brigade has taken credit. This is not the kind of thing that religious Jews would do, not to apikoros, not to anyone. Leah
10. where is the condemnation of the prime minister?
jossi ,   jerusalem   (03.22.08)
In what country are we living that we don't hear any reaction on this "outrage". Only silence crying out to heaven that testifies in how far our country is dark and ignorant. "Light to the nations" and everybody doing what he wants. There is no law or justice and no judge.... And shouldn't western countries react and condemn it as they did on the attack on the merkaz ha'rav committed by the Hamas?--- I hope that the media will follow up.
11. Who are they kidding??
Max ,   Canada   (03.22.08)
12. Rfuah Shlemah to Ami & justice for him
Max ,   Canada   (03.22.08)
To Ami: may the Lord bring you swift & complete healing in Yeshua's name, and shalom to your family in this trying time... To the authorities: PLS STOP dishing out to us this "Satanic cult" stuff, or suggesting a Jew would desecrate the mitzvah of misloah manot (by making a Purim bomb), BUT ADMIT that a terrorist infiltrated Ariel to plant that bomb!! Then investigate properly & bring justice soon..!
13. irresponsible reporting
Ron ,   Raanana   (03.22.08)
Dear Mr. Ben Zur, The title of your article "Cult Involvement Suspected" is highly irresponsible. You neither explained who the cult is nor their motives. The young boy is a Messianic Jew, who is not part of a cult as they are often accused. Cults by nature are closed communities with lots of control, manipulation and guilt, all used to trap the followers. The leader of the community and father of the victim has a close relatinship with the Ariel mayor. Do you think the mayor would hang out with cultists? Nevertheless, if you were referring to Messianic Jews, why would they bomb themselves? You are right however, a cult was most likely involved, and that would be the cult of radical orthodox Jews (not all religious Jews by any means) who do use all of the methods of manipulation to control their young followers. In the past they have burned down buildings of Messianic Jews (Haifa), fire bombed apartments of Jewish believers (jerusalem) slashed the tires of Messianics during meetings (Haifa, Arad) and printed posters with pictures of Messianics and had their youth distributing them (all over the country) was a radical Islamic group who hate the Ortiz's for reaching out to Palestinians. In other words, it is not the Messianics who are the cult, people who love Israel, are zionists, serve in the IDF (all the victims siblings have serve in elite units) and raise funds for the country. Before you so freely label people or groups a cult maybe you should, as any good reporter would, get to know some of them. There is still if you wish to dialogue. Ron
14. For 7
Keren ,   J-lem   (03.23.08)
You don't understand.. the cult that is talked aobut here, as the writer means- the cult is the jewisj extremists.. not the messianc jews.. they means good here for the believers.. Thanks for standing with us.
15. Sympathy for Messianic Family
C.L. Davis ,   Alberta, Canada   (04.20.08)
What an absolute tragic shame for this to have been done to this innocent boy and his family. I was shocked and very dissapointed to learn that Messianic believers are mistreated and persecuted regularly, by their own country men. The level of hatred and violence shown, makes me wonder if the Israeli government and police have been taking this issue seriously in the past.
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