US to help Egypt prevent smuggling on Gaza border
Roni Sofer
Published: 21.03.08, 08:27
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1. The same US that puts a border fence w/ Mexico.Please..
Taco T ,   USA   (03.21.08)
I am not a leftist, but the border of the US and Mexico is porous due to monetary gain. This is the reason for gaps and criminal infiltration with the blessing of corrupt officials. Adding that the arms race on this particular border may change the attitude of assertiveness for ending shipments, it can never end the Egyptian brotherhood from ponying up their brothers munitions. Where there is a will, there is a way, and the Egyptians are doing little to stop the increasing amount of sophisticated weaponry entering the strip and no joint task force can stop the devious intentions of the people intent on supplying such said weapons to the resistance. There is little hope in my opinion.
2. The Israelo-Arab conflict
Jean Van Daem   (03.21.08)
The Middle-East conflict is not just a regional conflict. We are all now in a much bigger game. All of us - the US, Israel and Europe are all conscripts in a war of ideas. If Israel, Heaven forbid, were to go down, then they would be next. But no one sees this. Israel doesn't see this, preoccupied as it is with the military aspects of its struggle. Moreover, many people in the US and Europe sees Israel as the principle reason why the West is under attack - instead of as it should, as the front line of the defense of the West as explained at :
3. I'm sick to death of the entire Middle East
USA   (03.21.08)
Why the freak did you want to live there???????? Don't give me that religious crap.
4. Egypt wants to..... stop tunnels&build a wall-ha ha ha ha
Alan ,   SA   (03.21.08)
5. It will be a secure as the U.S.-Mexico border!
jason white ,   afula,israel   (03.21.08)
6. US Helps Egypt control Gazans from entering...
Jack ,   San Diego, USA   (03.21.08)
...Egypt but insists thatIsrael tear down its borders with Gaza. How much more hypocritical can the Bush administration get about its intentions to protect Israel?
7. Egypt need to ask
J. Russell ,   Houston, USA   (03.21.08)
the Israeli's for help in securing this border. The Israeli's have demonstrated their expertise in border security. The US has not. It is quite possible that the only solution to the Egyptian/Gazan border smuggling problem is to push the "Gazans", i.e. "Palestinians", i.e. Arab Illegal Immigrants across the border then build a giant wall with soldiers on patrol given orders to shoot anyone attempting to cross.
8.  Israel demands aid toEgypt to be cut
lydia ,   Brisbane, Australia   (03.22.08)
So the Egyptians turn a blind eye to the smuggling into Gaza. Not only that but Hamas manage to blow the fence down. US aid payment resumes and the Egyptians will once again attempt to keep a lid on it. Those Arabs are as cunning as a fox.
9. Who will pay?
Carson ,   Fremont, California   (03.23.08)
With all of the little guys jobs being shipped out of the country and many being filled by the Revolutionaries in the government and the criminals in businesses illegal invaders, who is going to be able to pay for this? Sure for every dollar we have been losing the rich have been gaining but they seem awful cheap to me. Well, unless they are spending someone else's money.
10. Globalist Bankers
Carson ,   Fremont, California   (03.23.08)
I sure many of you in the other countries around the world have your own problems with the globalist bankers controlling your politicians like puppets. They seem to have little trouble getting their Revolutionaries in office. Have you ever wondered just why these politicians spend money in the way that they do? They spend money we don't have and charge it up to the globalist banks. That means we spend our money doing their bidding to achieve their goals. And we pay the globalist bankers interest besides. Think just where those interest payments are going!
11. Egypt's fence
englishonly ,   La Center USA   (04.03.08)
If our government can come up with the money to help build a fence the where in God's green earth is our fence.
12. Re: US to help Egypt prevent smuggling on Gaza border
Ruth ,   Guymon, USA   (04.04.08)
Why doesnt the USA finish building our fence before helping other countries build theirs? WE WANT THE US BORDER FENCE BUILT! It seems only the Minutemen will actually get that done!
13. Where's the FENCE near MEXICO?!?
April ,   Naples, FL USA   (04.04.08)
Why the hell is the US Army Corp of Engineers spending $23 million on a border fence for EGYPT?!? They haven't even built the border fence along the Mexican border that was supposed to have been built years ago! Illegal immigration from our southern borders is ruining the US! Illegals come here to have anchor babies (drop anchor and sign up for freebie social welfare programs), steal identities, take jobs from Americans, kill 25 innocent Americans a day through drunk driving, rape/murder. Not to mention the many children they molest! I hope Americans finally get angry enough to get off their asses to do something! Vote out all the idiots who keep appropriating funds for this kind of nonsense. We need to take care of OUR OWN first! Why are we helping Egypt, a country that produces terrorists?!? Where's the common sense? The world has gone mad.
14. Border Fence
Virginia Fuller ,   Contra Costa County.   (04.04.08)
The good news is that a sturdy, high Tech fence is going to get built...... The BAD News .. is that it will not be built on the US Borders and ........ YOU will pay for it......... When I first heard this, I gasped! Then I got real angry. We The People, are being screwed standing up, with our eyes wide open. We must throw all those blood sucking leeches out of office, including those 3 three that are running for the White house. -- Virginia Fuller WWW.FULLERFORCONGRESS.ORG
15. what the hell?
boozy ,   el dorado hills, ca,   (04.06.08)
why are we spending money for projects like this...our country has gone totally to the dogs...they spend like it is their is not...and look a the the stooges we have running for the highest office...each one of them are ego maniacs...the black fellow, the female and the old the best we can come up with???? signed a long time conservative taxpayer...
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