Messianic Jews: We're subjected to harassment
Roni Gal
Published: 21.03.08, 09:12
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1. theological issues aside, this type of violence is wrong
Ilan ,   Ariel   (03.21.08)
A couple of years ago, shuls were burnt by a person opposed to women wearing wigs..., as bizarre as that sounds. Some people take their ideology to extremes of violence be they anarchists against the fence, religious people or nationalists. This attack on a child disgusts me.
2. How can you tell that "Messianic Jews" are Christian?
ora ,   Jerusalem   (03.21.08)
Because if they were actually religious Jews, Ynet wouldn't be falling all over itself to present their side of the story. Of course violence is wrong when used against innocents, and this attack was terrible and unjust. However, I don't see why Ynet has to respond by fawning over members of a cult (this group is legally a cult due to a number of immoral practices) and giving them a platform to try to convince Israelis that Christianity is Judaism.
3. Messianic Jews are not too popular in Israel. I was poisoned
Rivkah   (03.21.08)
at several restaurants in Tel Aviv in 2006 and learned not to go to restaurants in Israel alone except at hotels. I shopped for food at markets anomymously and ate sach lunches or ate in the room as a precaution. Taking dried foods to Israel with me on the trip after that was also a help. It seems accepting a gift basket on Purim is as dangerous for Messianic Jews who live in Israel as it is for tourists who do not speak Hebrew. I still love Israel and the Israeli people because God loves them, not because they have my best interests at heart. The Jews have been brainwashed against their greatest Prophet, Rabbi Yeshua. I believe most followers of Rabbi Yeshua are not God's people because they teach for doctrine the commandments of men as Mark 7:7 warns. The worship of such people is in vain, the Bible also says in that verse and elsewhere. Revelation lists some categories of sins that if not repented of cause a person to go to hell. It is basically breaking Commandments of God and not repenting. That means the Sunday sabbath keepers that most so-called Christians observe will be utterly surprised at their exclusion from heaven for not repenting of breaking the Second Commandment to honor the Sabbath day (of God which is sundown Friday to sundown Saturday). I call upon Sunday so-called Christians to repent and go back to the old ways of Yeshua and the Holy Days he observed. And they should stop calling the Messiah Jesus which is a Portugese/Spanish man's name according to The Dictionary of Surnames by Oxford Press. JOSHUA is English for YESHUA. The devil got into the churches and not only corrupted the Sabbath, but also the name of the Messiah in English translations of the Bible. The Sunday churches are apostate and do not lead to heaven.
4. just like in gaza
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (03.21.08)
if you hold a different opinion than the majority, terrorize them into submission or oblivion. heck, even children are free game. yassin would be proud.
5. Fundamentalist Jews are the Jewish Hamas
Chaim   (03.21.08)
As much as some people on this site would like to deny it.
6. for enemity to Muslims, that' what they have got
observer   (03.21.08)
from brethren religious Jews!! and McCain said: Alqaidas in Iraq are getting assistance from Iran !!! may be he meant assistance from Messianic Jews.
7. yesterday it was reported that it was satanists
Dee ,   Tel Aviv   (03.21.08)
......and according to Ora in Jerusalem #2 they are legally a cult because of immoral practices. What are these immoral practices pray tell? Opposing the control of a religious system perhaps?? As if giving a child a bomb disguised as a gift is 'moral'. Christianity is NOT Jewish, but then again neither is Judaism. Before the Rabbis there was God and His Word. There is only one race - the human race. There are plenty of religions - they are all the same. Having a faith or belief system that opposes the religious authority is threatening to some evidently. Then they feel the need to defend their beliefs by destructive means. Then they say they did it in the name of God. Yeah, right, whatever........
8. I hope the kid gets better
Moshe ,   Israel   (03.21.08)
But dont fool ur self,they are not jewish and i dont think they should be staying here before they get more followers=/
THEY'RE WALKING SINS ,   ..............DACON9   (03.21.08)
10. The limits of religion...
Hiram ,   Sfat   (03.21.08)
Would we see this kind of situation in Europe ? Of course not ! When is the last time an Integrist Roman catholic organisation sent a booby trapped fruit basket to members of the Protestant reformed church ? Religious based violence - if proven that it is - would mean that we are no better than our cousins ( the shiis and the sunnis). This one and that one is claiming that He/She holds the truth, in the name of God ... Orthodox Jews, Messianic, Reformed, Haredim ....who the ....cares...The only one who can judge is NOT on this earth rendering all the rest totally useless....Just for memory, Messianic Jews were already " agitated agitators" in the days of Flavius Josephe.....remember !
11. oh well
Sam Hyman ,   Tel Aviv Israel   (03.21.08)
Bottom line, messianic Judaism is bad
12. #2: strange logic
Tobias   (03.21.08)
Ora, did I understand you right? You say that "Messianic Jews" are Christians because they aren't "Religious Jews" (dati'im) ? That's a ridiculous argument. At least more than 60%, perhaps 70%, of all Jews in Israel aren't "Religious Jews". So, does this mean that the majority of Israelis are Christians?
13. this attack disgusts me
avrom ,   bet shemesh   (03.21.08)
although i am vehemently opposed to the rubbish spouted by these messianic Jews violence is definetly not the answer .they have theier misguided beliefs but ultimately events will prove them wrong when Moshiach comes brkorov mamash
14. Messianic Jews are good people and love Israel
Giuseppe ,   Italy   (03.21.08)
I am not a Messianic Jew, but I know some who are part of this group. I have observed that they are committed to maintaining their Jewish identity and have a real committment to Israel. I really think the issue here is that no one should commit violent acts against others whom they don't agree with.
15. Christians
Dov ,   Tel Aviv   (03.21.08)
Jews that accept Christ and his teachings are by definition Christians. They are not Jews.
16. Patriots
lucas ,   krakow   (03.21.08)
Messianic Jews are whole heart with Israel they serve the army pay taxes...They are great people.
17. Christain = god appeasement through man sacrifice
John ,   USA   (03.21.08)
Some Jews believe in a much older form of Tikkun Olam (ongoing resurrection), and that a Tazzadik such as Jesus became a "Type" of Israel for his people; Follow this; 1)Israel since Sinai becomes hated because they REVEAL sin to world.\ 2)Israel sins, G-d punishes by captivity of nations. 3)Tzaddik becomes the nations SUBSTITUTE to take nations sin / guilt and (G-ds discipline punishement against Israel), upon himself. Thats what Jesus tried to do. Christainity made him the antichrist. Jesus and his followers saw the Tzaddik as a TYPE OF ISRAEL. He was supposed to put the NATIONS RACISIM against Israel to death by being their substitute instead of people Israel.. It had nothing to do with man sacrifice replacing Tanach sacrifices (false Judaism). Pagan concepts of god of hades and firey torment in underworld. Granted, many messianics are practicing false Judasim because of Christain beliefs,they have been "swindeled into believing" ; because they don't believe G-d has ever forgiven them outside of APPEASING HIM through some form of sacrifice (this is what the nations believe). When are people going to grow up and see this?
18. Rivkah, Headline; " Endtimes lost with death of Israel"
John ,   USA   (03.21.08)
There are far deeper understandings in the Holy Word, in which some people are "cursed with" (tongue and cheek). "End times lost with the death of Israel" As so the most Holy Word says in Gen. 49; Gen. 49:1 And Jacob called his sons and said 'Gather, and I will tell you, what will happen to you in the end of days " In this, Israel / Jacob can no longer tell the children what this is, The Spirit has left him, because the children of Jacob are no longer individuals, they are representative of the Nation Israel, a part of which is dying and has DIED, and gone, something was lacking in the children of Israel, repercussions are felt by the entire nation down the road. Interestingly, Jacob is identified with the merging of both the kindness of Abraham and the strength of Issac. Israel is the synthesis, the Messiah, seeing the beauty in all things. Contrary to some thought...there are not special Jewish spirits in heaven or Gentile spirits in heaven. Jesus saw himself as a NEW type of Israel (the symolism in your Christain bible is present), this Israel and his children were to die and be resurrected in a spiritual type body, later to go onto perfection with the creator (when they physically died, see extra biblical commentary in Rom. 6). His spiritual children, were to become this family on earth. Not rejecting Torah so as to be blind, or synthesizing idol worship into the community (as is now done); in this there has always been movements within Israel which attempted to "synthesize / merge" the worship of different gods. And because of this Jacobs bed is not completey made yet. Tiferet sees the beauty in many things, in their differences, and is able to make or create a harmonious synthesis (merging), sometimes this takes SACRIFICE. Instead, we got the same old story. This Israel was supposed to be the Messiah to the world. Instead some went back into their respective captive states, and make up their own fables about the end times, while they still wait to be resurrected, and to see the Messiah who was supposed to be already SEEN.
19. get real
nossontzvi ,   yerushalaim   (03.21.08)
rel;y on thr cops and judges to do their job! we jews are a "club" and we will decide who will join it! we would be out of our minds to even consider anyone who believes in jesus. too many of forebearers died because of j. our ''''''''club" doesn't and never will accept you guys.
20. Hamas style Purim gifts
kate b ,   uk   (03.21.08)
My thoughts and prayers are with the boy and his family, and for the Messianic Jewish communities. I hope he makes a full recovery and does not lose his eyesight. Actual or attempted murder is neither Judaism nor is it Christian, it is only written into Islam as the greatest goodness after love of their god. It is unfair to tar religious Jews with the same brush; I should imagine that most would just ignore them, it they think it's a cult. People are confusing Christendom (the man-made religion) with Christianity (the following of the words of Yeshua, not Jesus, in the New Testament. Rivkah, the bit in revelation is about redeemed people, the people you mention just don't get into the temple, that's all.
21. Too bad
gabriela ben ari ,   jerusalem   (03.21.08)
**Messianic "Jews" are not Jews **They are bad for the only Jewish country in the world, where you could expect less "demographic openness" to people/s who want to spread other religions. And this goes to any cult, not jus them But the bottom line is that I am utterly disgusted and annoyed to what has been done to this kid ( or anyone else who could have opened the package) . One thing is to burn trash bins as a way to vent opposition/anger to whatever situation, another thing is to kill - or to try to. As someone said, then you see Shasniks burning down wig shops, (and shulls??? didn't know that one). He did not deserve what he got.
22. #7 can you not read?
ora ,   Jerusalem   (03.21.08)
I specifically said the attack was horrible and unjust. How you twist that to make it seem I said the attack was "moral" is beyond me. The "messianic Jews" sect may not bomb people, but they are still guilty of immoral practices. And not just "according to ora," but according to the government and police. As an example, the group recently offered discount daycare that's funded by Christian groups and billed as a standard daycare center for the poor. Parents didn't realize that it was a missionary thing until their kids came home spouting nonsense about how only Yashke can save their parents' souls. Sorry, but that's just wrong. If they want to offer a cheap Christian daycare and hope that Jewish parents are willing to sell their children's souls for a few hundred extra shekels a month, fine. But they need to be honest about it.
23. #12
ora ,   Jerusalem   (03.21.08)
The "messianic Jews," aka Christians, are clearly religious. The question is, religious what? If they were actually a Jewish sect as Ynet claims to believe, they wouldn't get this kind of sympathetic coverage. Therefore the religion they follow must be something else. Whatever, it was a somewhat unclear attempt to slam Ynet. The real way to tell they are Christians is that they believe the whole "Jesus as Messiah as God" nonsense. That and the fact that most arent halachically Jewish (but of course will dismiss halacha as "the rabbis" making things up), they are outsiders trying to push their beliefs on Jews.
24. you put the quote marks around wrong word
henrik ,   szeden   (03.21.08)
should be “jews”
25. Religion
Eric ,   Europe   (03.21.08)
Religion is the cause of all evil on earth. One who truly believes in God doesn't need religion.
26. Ilan , # 1 , Avrom and Gaby , you are right
charles ,   petach tikva   (03.21.08)
We , Jews have to fight this and other sects , but to try to murder someone for his "beliefs" is wrong . We , Jews , have always been persecuted because we were Jews , did'nt some learn from this ?
27. this article
Jew ,   Israel   (03.21.08)
1) I am against violence 2) Messianic "Jews" are not Jews, they are Christians.
28. 26 Charles
rob   (03.21.08)
So you are saying violence ("fight this") is ok against sects as long as no one is murdered? What is the difference in that and the persecution you speak about?
29. The bomb should be thrown at the arabs
Mike   (03.21.08)
instead of at your own time use your brain to think thru' first
30. no messiah will come. NOT EVEN JESUS'S SECOND COMING
Atilla Karagözoğlu   (03.21.08)
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